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  1. If I remember right Samuel Yellin stamped his work YELLIN. Nothing clever about that. I think Sam did okay too. Just saying.
  2. http://home.tallships.ca/mspencer/shop/alldays2.html
  3. check out your local machine shops. they always have short ends in a pile. if not they will know where to get what you want. it's always a good idea to build up a relationship with them.
  4. a little damage now when you are young will really expand when you are 69yo. it's not worth it. think about it. time flies.
  5. could be a Kohlswa. They are well regarded anvils these days but some in the 70's were somewhat soft.
  6. thanks Frosty. sorry I am so late to reply but I have a heck of a time reading the current ifi. hit and miss mostly. Bob...
  7. ran across this anvil a while back on CL. Not sure if it's a repair? or what?
  8. looks like a long reach to the bottom if you have to fish something out...
  9. "many are cold but few are frozen" unk. minnesota Bob
  10. try shimming your clutch blocks out a bit. I cut up a coke can for shims. it doesn't take much to make a difference.
  11. ​If we had some bacon, we could have bacon and eggs, if we had some eggs
  12. ​When I got out of the army, 'Thank Yous' were few and far between, let alone a 'welcome home'. Now, vets from my day wear hats or pins or put bumper stickers on their cars to announce our service and unit to each other so that we can tell each other 'Welcome Home'. Even after all the years gone by. I'm pretty sure we are not "sociopaths". Well not all of us anyway. Besides that it makes some of the oldsters feel good to thank you for your service. They came up in a time when it mattered. If for no other reason give them a good grip and a few good pumps. Look them in the eye and say "Thank you Sir". I guarantee you won't feel like a sociopath.
  13. no matter what it can't hurt to stick it in the fire and fool around with it. you've got nothing to lose and when you get done with it you will know what it's like to forge stainless.... at least somewhat. give it a try. report back. a picture would be okay too.
  14. three year old thread. enuf already with the crosses.
  15. ...many are cold, but few are frozen... Bob in Minnesota.... where it is -5 below zero Fahrenheit.
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