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  1. Along with my Miller 304 xmt I recently purchased TWECO 141I Fabricator 3 in 1 110V machine. It is made by Thermal Dynamics recently purchased by TWECO. I have been very pleased so far with the quality of this machine!
  2. Hi Grem, Welcome! I live here in Tucson. We have open forges through the AABA first Sat. of the month during the fall, winter, and spring. If you want more info, or want to just stop by the shop PM me.
  3. Frank, as always I respect you above all others! But I hate making tongs and I like buying tools! When I first got started in all this the biggest mistake I made was not coming to see you and taking my first class. Then maybe I would like to make tongs!
  4. Welcome to Iforgeiron and AZ Travis! Look us up ( AABA ) we are a pretty active group and help of young men like you get started in smithing. We have a club shop in Glendale at Saguaro Ranch and it will start to open now the weather is starting to cool.
  5. I generally do not supply hardware unless I do the installation. Using the hardware you mentioned I use a tool called a Gator socket. They come in 2 sizes a cover a range up to 1". They have harden pins inside the socket to adjust to the shape of the head of the fastener
  6. I have tongs from Centaur, Kayne and Son, Pieh Tool ( Billy Tongs) same as Centaur, OCP, Quick and Dirty, and Peddinghaus wolf jaws. For me they have all been good quality tongs. It's hard to beat the complete set price of Quick and Dirty, but the Peddinghaus I have had the longest 16 years, and I seem to use the most.
  7. So after finishing up a season working in a museum as a blacksmith historical interpreter. I can tell you with out a doubt the vast amount of the public thinks all a blacksmith does or did is shoe horses! It was fun to educate them what a blacksmith actually did do and what kind of work we do today!
  8. I tend to wear a glove on my none hammer hand when punching or slitting or when I am working in the propane forge. No gloves in a coal, or charcoal except when punching or slitting. I wear gloves when running the power hammer. I think it helps with vibration. Gloves always when welding.
  9. After 7 years of running my own business I grown tired of chasing work, dealing with picky home owners, contractors who want it tomorrow, who also found a better price and want you to cut yours, and the over head. In my case has been very low as I work from a home base business with no employees. So this year I decided to shake things up a bit, let my business set and go to work for someone else for 6 months and think about it. I am working as a blacksmith, historical interpreter but the pay is little better than minimum wage and seasonal. Love the job though, but it is 40 hrs a week so I miss the freedom being self-employed. Looking ahead I am planing on starting a product line like Ric has suggested and see where this leads me. Also thinking about moving my business base to Northern MI to lower my overall overhead costs. I have watch Larry business for several years now and have been empressed by what he has accomplished but his overhead is staggering. His tong line seems to be doing well which goes back to a product line theory. One could look at Grant Sarver's business model and come to the same conclusion. I have another friend who has a internet based business and product line but has grown to the point where he is having growing pains. Lots to think about in your business plans.
  10. When I go to work in the morning, I great my shop and anvil with a " GOOD MORNING! " and brush the face of my anvil with my hand.
  11. Try 1/4" 1018 cold rolled or A36 hot rolled in square or round solid stock.
  12. Nick, did you solve your problem yet? Haven't been on in a bit. I have had a awful time learning to forge weld with charcoal. Like others have said deep fire. I made this u shaped piece for the forge I have been using and it made all the difference. When I am running this full above which is 4" tall 1" bellow and 1" above for a 6" deep pile. A charcoal fire to me can be tempermental. You can have a good welding heat and the next heat in the same spot not.
  13. Wish him all the best!
  14. I will have to go back and reread it ? Thanks for the correction!
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