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    Into ornamental iron since I was 12. I own my own business and am now setting up my smithy
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    I have worked for the Montgomery Al fire department for 22 years and am now a Fire Investigator

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  1. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the cornerstone to your smithing, hammer swing. I have studied under Master Hofi while taking his classes in North Carolina and New York many times. I also went to his smithy in Israel and studied one on one with him for two weeks so I am speaking from experience here. Once while attending the hand hammer class in New York there was a German Master Blacksmith attending the same class. To be a Master Blacksmith in Germany you must attend a Blacksmithing College basically, for around 4-5 years. Along with about 4 years of apprenticeship. There are tests along the way as well. You cannot own your own blacksmith shop unless you are a Master Blacksmith in Germany. So to say this guy was a well educated blacksmith is putting it lightly. He and I were going to lunch on break and he is speaking in his accent, Master Hofi is traumatizing me. I said what do you mean? He said everything that Hofi was teaching us was exactly opposite of what he was taught, but it worked better. So here is this very well educated German Master Blacksmith saying the Hofi method worked better than what he was taught. By attending classes with Master Hofi my blacksmithing capabilities have ALWAYS surpassed my experience.
  2. I bought an 8" about 2 years ago for 450.00. That was a fair price in my opinion. I like it and would buy another if the price is right. Like anything they are only worth what people are willing to pay. Sometimes emotions get involved and the price of things go up. If someone wants to give me 1600.00 for mine I will even pay for half of the shipping.
  3. Yes let us know how it works out. If you don't mind let us know how much you had to pay for it in the end. I have the Phoenix 150B model and like it very much.
  4. That is what I told him. I said that the economy is the reason no one has bidded on the hammer with a beginning bid of 10,000.00. I hate it for him but it ain't gonna happen. The one and only hope he has is that someone that is going to buy a new Phoenix anyway just happens upon his add. The odds of that in this economy are none to none.
  5. The 150A Phoenix air hammer has been listed again on Ebay. I think this is about the 3rd time it was listed. I offered him 5,500.00 for the hammer if it didn't sell. He said I wasted my time. His opening bid is 10,000.00. I paid 7,500.00 for my Phoenix 150B delivered new. I personally like the B model better because you have better clearance around the anvil. The anvil on my 150B weighes 2500 pounds alone. The anvil on the A model is part of the flame cut 3" frame which does not weigh near as much as mine plus the one peace has much less room to work odd shaped material on. I like my Phoenix but have to believe that at 20,000.00 the 150A is way over priced. I just paid 8,500.00 for a Sahinler 50 that is just a little over 1 year old and has already been converted to single phase, has the optional metal base and an extra pair of dies as well as some other toooling for it. With it I do not need a compressor.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I have bought a Sahinler that is a little over a year old. It has been coverted to single phase power with a 10 horse motor. It has the steel base and extra dies. I gave 8,500.00 for it. Considering the above would cost about 14,000.00 plus shipping new I don't think that 8,500.00 was that bad. It will be nice to have it setting next to my Phoenix 150B. I will now be able to have two seperate hammers with different dies set up and will be able to forge complete leaves or other shapes requiring different dies in one heat. The other advantage it that if one hammer goes down I will have another to work on. Also, one is self contained and the other requires an air compressor, each with their own characteristics.
  7. I am looking for a used self contained hammer in good shape. Looking for a Anyang, Sayha, Sahinler etc. Don't really wnat a Nazel type. If anyone hears of one please respond to this post, I am "watching" this forum. Thanks for ya'lls help.
  8. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while: means even an idiot can learn something. Useless as tits on a bore hog: means whatever the subject of the conversation is, is useless. Country as a butter bean: means, well you know. That head has wore out 3 bodies: means really ugly person, has been said about me. Blind in one eye, can't see out the other: means can't see. I feel like a stump whooped chitlin (pig intestine):means I am extremely tired and beat. They used to sling the chitlins against stumps to clean them out. His face could hold a two day rain: means a really wrinkled face. I would rather be down here wishing I was up there, than up there wishing I was down here: means don't go flying if you think the weather ain't good. Even though flying has made the world a smaller place it is still hard to miss when you crash. It didn't take long to look at that: means something was very hot and you through it down right after picking it up. You can't ride two horses with one a##: means make up your mind. Full as a tick: means I ate too much. If you are going to be stupid you got to be tuff. When it is brown it is cooking, when it is black it is done. That one was said around the fire station a lot. You can't polish a piece of dung. Having retired from the fire service I could go on all night.
  9. In the fire department we have hook like devices on the fly sections called ladder dogs. As the ladder is raised to the right height the man at the foot of the ladder facing the building will tell the man extending the fly sections with his back to the building to "dog" the ladder. Once the hooks "dogs" are set the man raising or extending the fly sections will say "ladder dogged"
  10. Thanks, after I finished hammerng them out I had to spend a few minutes smoothing them and breaking the corners.
  11. Here are a few photos of my new dishing tools I made this morning while I had a couple hours of playtime. Of course I used the Phoenix Power Hammer with the Hofi fullering dies. They turned out purdy. Now I just need to make some candle cups.
  12. I think that people are trying to get as much of their body weight into the strike as possible. They are throwing their body at the steel. It may create more force but I feel you are expending a lot of energy. Your body only has so much reserve energy, some more than others. I guess the question would be two fold. Are you getting enough extra work done to justify the extra expended energy and is it hurting you in the long run. The first one, I don't have an opinion on. The second one I do, it is just my opinion. By getting up on your tippy toes and swinging from heaven as well as throwing your body into the strike in an exaggerated manner is probably going to cause problems down the road. I have literally seen smiths strike like this. If they want to do it fine, I am not condemning them for it but in the long run they may suffer. They are still my friends.