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  1. The second anvil is most likely Trenton. There seems to be some numbers on the front foot, you may need to wire cup on an angle grinder to see more detail. Possibly weight stamp numbers to the left as well.
  2. Looking on my phone I can't see flats on the feet, better pics would help no doubt.... But that profile of the second one is not Swedish, and doesn't look like a PW. Looks like a cast base from what I can see?
  3. First is a HB. The second looks like it was made in Columbus OH. Please scrub the front foot under the horn for a serial number.
  4. This Columbian looks to have the Fagersta Bruk mark on it too, made in Sweden.
  5. Trenton anvil with overstamp ACME. Rather common to see that on Acme's made by Trenton. Please post a picture of the serial number on the front foot under the horn!
  6. Anvils In America indicates 1905 date for your anvil, thanks for the pictures! That is the second style of U.S.-based logo stamp that Trenton used.
  7. That isn't a leading four digit in the serial number, it is an "A" prefix. 56994 serial. Please post a close-up picture of the side logo stamp.
  8. Please post some pictures! Weight?
  9. That Trenton was not made in 1901. The last digit of the serial number is obscured by evidence of the logo stamp style. The serial number is 18179x, that would be 1922 per A.I.A. A 1901 logo style stamp is very different than a 1922 style stamp. Thank you for the pictures!
  10. That base looks Columbian-ish from that view. Have any other pictures you can post?
  11. I've seen this on Trenton, not an early A&H.
  12. Yes, A&H. Thanks for the pics, not sure I can see the full serial number. 2420? I think that may be it from that logo stamp style
  13. For that condition Hay Budden, the price was very cheap.
  14. Hay-Budden no doubt. Unmistakable base, as well as overall profile.