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  1. That information is not in the book. I wouldn't sell that anvil, it will only go up in value. And someday you may want a bigger anvil. Since you got it for FREE, you don't have anything to lose by hanging on to it except storing it.
  2. Lots of A&H's are not stamped very deep, and most can be quite faint. Yours the 4th style of logo stamp that A&H used in their production history. Thanks for the pictures! Beautiful anvil
  3. AIA indicates 197-1918 ballpark for that serial number. Could you please post a closeup picture of your side logo stamp?
  4. It is a Columbian anvil. The smaller circle logo down low between the feet is the reverse "FB" mark for Fagersta Bruks.
  5. ...that's a beautiful anvil FF.
  6. Budget unlimited? You can do little work on a big anvil, but tough to do big work on a little anvil. Or just a reasonable average best fit for all occasions by most users? A 250-400# German double horn with upset block and side shelf would be tough to beat for all occasions Large enough to do some striking on it, versatile enough for just about anything you could throw at it. Unlike normal London pattern anvils which act like almost a diving board at the hardy hole area, the German anvils have great mass under the hardy area for heavy forging. I'd need some pretty heavy convincing and evidence to sway me from saying that a decent-sized German double horn is all-around tops.
  7. At $2k, that is a steal of a deal.
  8. If you're not going to buy it, I'd love to know where it is....
  9. Yes, cast steel, made in Sweden. VERY good stuff!! Worth a lot of money here in the U.S. Where are you located? Also the anvils looks to be sitting atop of a Blacker hammer anvil base. Interesting.
  10. Lovely Soderfors anvil! That is part of the shield logo you see, and Dannemora was part of the Swedish mining district where the high quality iron-ore was known for. The double-hardy hole pattern like yours was not a very common one. The year stamp is partly visible, maybe 1922? Here's a better look at the shield logo on a sign that I have:
  11. By the anvil make and your last word signing off, I'll assume you're in Australia? Not JUNK at all, quite valuable, especially in Australia... I think the guys working for you were licking their chops at getting a valuable item snuck out of your garden. Value will depend on condition and size. Can't quite tell the size from the picture. Some BK anvils will have the number cast into the side. If not, take overall measurements of total length, height, and top face width.
  12. According to AIA, 38143 is 1903.
  13. ....the "MADE BY" is followed by HB''s smaller logo stamp you can't see very well. Here's a rare HB hardware brand that no one had seen before that I found a couple of years ago, but same small HB stamp (double stamped on this one):
  14. That is a Hay-Budden hardware brand anvil.
  15. Have a close-up picture of the side logo stamp?