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  1. Well half of the face plate is missing as you say, but it looks like you have a Hay-Budden anvil that was made for a hardware chain. Scrub for a serial number on the front foot under the horn! With dimensions like that I would say around a ballpark weight of 150 pounds.
  2. If she has a tape measure, getting the overall length, top face width, and height can give a good ballpark of estimated weight. I'd get that info before putting a value on it. Some people are wildly inaccurate in weight estimations....
  3. Columbian anvil, cast steel, good stuff.
  4. DJmahon, I believe there was online bidding available. That's the piece!
  5. This is a home-made anvil from a piece of railroad track. This can be used as an anvil, but I would pass on this, you'd be better off finding a more suitable anvil.
  6. I saw that same piece and was going to go. it had my interest as well... good for you!
  7. ....that's a beauty!
  8. I believe so, but I have not been to THE collection of HB's to see all the oddities and unique ones there. I can't say for sure.
  9. Yes, same hardware brand that early Trenton made anvils for. The backwards "B" is simply someone put the stamp in the holder upside down. Can't change it once it is whacked into the side of the anvil!
  10. I'd be scrubbing around looking for a serial number. A good coat of WD-40 and a cup wire wheel can reveal more.
  11. Here's another extremely early Trenton Derby, with the backwards B
  12. Not an import. Very early U.S. Trentons had this imported construction style before switching to the cast base style. First year production is 1898.
  13. That is a first year production Trenton anvil, no doubt.. .
  14. I can see the leading "2" digit of the weight stamp on the side....
  15. Those dimensions might put you in the mid-400# range. I have a similar double hardy that is 38" x 5-7/8" and 15-1/4" tall. It is 465#. Beautiful anvil, congrats!