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  1. First anvil

    Handling hole in the front foot was an unfair wager. Poor Jim... :-) The 125 on the left foot is the weight stamp. Can you scrub the front right of the front foot for a better view of the serial number? Is that A5266? Or A5266x?
  2. Need help aging my anvil

    Thanks for the logo picture!
  3. Fisher also produced some unmarked Blacker anvils it seems. Those would be later ones, similar to later unmarked London pattern Fishers. Guessing mid-1940s timeframe
  4. Need help aging my anvil

    152 would be the weight stamp. How about posting a close-up of the side logo stamp? Trenton had several different logo styles through their production
  5. Small anvil collection

    Mini anvils that are name brand of major manufacturers bring a premium, but most others do not.
  6. Trenton Anvil serial ID needed

    Thanks for the pictures, AIA indicates 1902 for a year.
  7. Help ID this anvil

    ...that's funny! ;-)
  8. Help ID this anvil

    Not saying the anvil here in question here is a Soderfors, but Soderfors are some of the best makes of anvils out there and many of them meet your description you mentioned.
  9. Soderfos stamp meanings

    Highly doubtful that one company bought a huge number of Soderfors anvils, over many years, to have them stamped similarly like this with numbers as we find them now. And with number stamps that are of a Swedish looking character font.
  10. Soderfos stamp meanings

    Correct, that's an old style stamp. Sometimes you see numbers like that sporadically, could very well be a serial number. or steel batch number. But they were not serialized like American manufacturers through their entire production history.
  11. Soderfos stamp meanings

    While Soderfors didn't have serial numbers, a month stamp would at least give them an indication of production timeframes after the fact if there ever was a problem with a certain batch of steel or raw iron ore.
  12. Soderfos stamp meanings

    I've had a theory for a few years now, after examining and collecting thousands of anvils stamp pictures. With Soderfors I kept seeing numbers below the year. I started keeping track of those numbers, and which ones appeared. They were always one through twelve, never higher than thirteen. I still have never seen one higher than 13. I believe the number being placed that close to the year stamp, and always being 1 through 12, this was the month stamp of the associated year.
  13. Small anvil unknown

    Yes, they are common like that. The I.I.& B. Co, then into Vulcan, and even Badgers, all had these type of feet and raised numbers at times. Vulcan bought out Badger, so there was a mish-mosh of patterns over time, can't distinguish which is which.
  14. Small anvil unknown

    Not sure about the horn, but small Vulcans are common without the raised side logo.
  15. Help to ID this anvil

    It will look like a normal Columbian pattern anvil. Some have the reverse "FB" mark on them, from Sweden.