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  1. AIA indicates 1911 for the year. .....some things about your anvil not in AIA. That was the second style of Trenton logo stamp that CF&I used in production. Both HB and CF&I had contracts with Sears to brand ACME anvils for sale. But Trenton had a vastly larger contract, and there are far more Trenton Acme's out there vs. HB Acme's. Also notice the oddly shaped "9" character in the serial number. There was a narrow range of Trenton serial numbers that used this character, roughly 30,000 anvils from what I can document so far.
  2. thanks, a closeup of the logo stamp area would be great to see if there are any remnants of the original stamp visible. This area:
  3. For that logo stamp style, 182013 serial would be correct. AIA indicates 1922.
  4. This is not a HB, this is a Trenton (Columbus Forge & Iron). Please post a closeup picture of the side of the anvil, horn facing right.
  5. thanks for the serial number. Notice the odd shaped "9" character. For a short while during production they used this oddly shaped number stamp during this period.
  6. Please post a pic of the serial number on the front foot under the horn!
  7. Please post pics of the side logo stamp, and the serial number on the front foot if it is a real (forged) A&H.
  8. General shape, serial number number style, serial number location, upper numbers on near heel on opposite side, the style of the ACME stamp. No question.
  9. Hardwear, from Australia, they pop up from time to time.
  10. Very interesting weight stamp, the deeper markings are "81", and the lighter ones are "79'. A&H would often have their weight number spread out to each side of the logo, so 81 or 79 would be appropriate spacing.