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  1. With a serial number like that, it would not be A&H. Most likely Trenton. Take a closeup pic of the serial number. different companies used different character styles for their number stamps.
  2. Scrub the front foot under the horn for a serial number.
  3. No serial # on Soderfors, all cast steel, top notch anvil and one of the best. I don't know the dates for Soderfors making them for Belknap, but I'm guessing early 1900's. There may be a year date on the Soderfors somwhere, many times they stamped it
  4. Incorrect, Belknap was made by several anvil makers, A&H being the main one. (several incorrect items in AIA...) Yours is a Soderfors, made in Sweden. You can see the casting line going up the center of the anvil below the horn and heel.
  5. Can you post a closeup picture of the logo stamp on the other side of the anvil?
  6. No doubt this is a very early Columbus Trenton. Only a few thousand were made like this before switching to cast bases.
  7. Please post pictures of condition, the side logo stamp, and the serial number on the front foot!
  8. Fantastic looking later model Fisher anvil, congrats.
  9. Can you post a picture of the logo stamp and serial number?
  10. Sisco Superior, made by Soderfors. All cast steel imported for sale in the U.S.
  11. Early HB made for Kimbark supply.
  12. No. Trenton used an A-prefix from the first US-production anvils on up to their middle era, then dropped it. Didn't matter if it was ACME stamped, Trenton, or any other hardware brand.
  13. That is not a HB.. Very different SN styles, location placement, and character font. Not to mention overall construction lines.
  14. I know that is what you read it as, but i can assure you that is not the correct vintage. there were times when the left off numbers, mistakes happen. That is the incorrect base style for 1899, and that is not the correct number stamping style for 1899. 11k serial number fonts look very different.