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  1. I have read posts that you are looking for A&H logo pics. This is a 114# serial 47167. It has four holes in the corners and have not seen that on others wondering if that was done by owner. 



  2. That is an early A&H logo stamp, see if you can clean up the front foot with a wire wheel and post a pic.
  3. take a closeup picture of the side of the anvil, horn facing right. Sometimes remnants of a logo stamp can be seen.
  4. If you clean the side with the horn facing right, you might be able to locate some remnants of the A&H logo stamp.
  5. Hello

    I just picked up my first anvil.

    Understand you are keeping a data base of sorts. 

    1913 100# Trenton made Acme.






  6. Can you post a pic of the side logo stamp? I'd like to add it to the logo database for A&H.
  7. Gzeus, how about a serial number picture?
  8. First one is an early Arm & Hammer logo. Please post a picture of the serial number on the front foot.
  9. Can you post a picture of the side Trenton logo stamp too?
  10. Pictures would certainly help, also picture of the serial number on the front foot.
  11. Can you post a picture of the side logo stamp and another of the serial number ?
  12. According to AIA, the year of production is 1900. thanks for the pics!
  13. You have a Hay Budden anvil that was marked for a hardware brand.
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