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  1. New trenton anvil

    Yes, Trenton anvil. Please post a close-up picture of the side logo stamp area. The side with horn facing right. There may be some remnants of the logo stamp.
  2. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Haven't done any openers in quite a while but after the passing of one of my all-time favorites a couple weeks ago, Tom Petty, I thought this would be a good project. I made the iconic Tom Petty logo of the flying-V guitar piercing through a torn heart into an opener, all one piece of steel with no welds. I thought this would be a cool way that Tom and I can always have a beer together. Very tricky to make with the guitar tapering one direction while the heart tapers the other way. Polished the heart and left some forge scale on the other parts for a nice contrast and cool look. LOTS of time into this, but worth it.... Today is Tom Petty's birthday. Happy Birthday Tom, I hope you like it.
  3. A&H 175# in Brazil

    Definitely looks like a late Trenton base. Extremely late Trenton serial number, at the very end of production. Can you take a picture of the side area logo, similar to the first one you posted of the A&H logo stamp, but a bit further away to show the 3 inches around that logo? I'm wondering if there are some remnants of the Trenton stamp still there.
  4. A&H 175# in Brazil

    Do you have more pictures of the complete anvil? My guess is that you have a Trenton anvil that was repaired by A&H, and restamped. Sometimes you see an extra number in serials now and then, but that logo style was quite late in A&H production. An extra number still wouldn't be correct for the logo stamp style.
  5. What did I buy?

    Yes, the backwards "FB" logo mark.
  6. What did I buy?

    This was not made in Cleveland. Has the Fagersta Bruk mark, made in Sweden.
  7. What did I buy?

    Columbian anvil. You sometimes see these dual horn patterns from them, come in various sizes.
  8. Is this an early arm and hammer?




  9. My anvil

    Yes indeed, first year forged Trenton. AIA indicates 1898. If you chalk higher up on the side above the USA stamp, we may see remnants of the circular "SOLID WROUGHT" stamp or Trenton diamond. Thanks for the pics!
  10. My anvil

    You most likely have a very early U.S. Trenton anvil, forged like the German ones. Scrub the front foot under the horn for remnants of a serial number. Usually just to the right of the handling hole in the foot.
  11. My anvil

    Looks like you have lots of info right in front of you. Take a wire wheel cup on an angle grinder and clean this area. I can see the 131, and part of the other stamping.
  12. Indentifying a Soderfors

    Where does that come from? totally different in almost every respect. MH was forged with steel plate, Soderfors was all cast steel. Their profile shapes were not nearly the same look either. As far as identifying a Soderfors, many times you'll see the parting cast line running up the base under the heel/horn. Some (not all) Soderfors have flats on the feet similar to Peter Wright. Once you're familiar with the "look" of Swedish anvils, it is easier to notice how the lines of feet flow upward into the waist area. Generally those lines go up higher than most other anvils.
  13. Hay Budden repair or not

    The "A" prefix for HB started in 1918..
  14. Anvil identification help?

    not the normal looking Fisher I guess....