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  1. Hello! And welcome. This is a great site with many experienced smiths. Just browse the forums and use the search option. Lots of great info here and plenty of helpful people. Mitch
  2. Greetings, customcutter and Ricktfl. Welcome. Glad to see there are other smiths in the Tampa area. Good luck to you both. Mitch
  3. Sweet looking little girl. Prayers sent. For her and you.
  4. Hello, and welcome to the site. It's a great place with many knowledgeable people. Yes, as a fellow Floridian, it does get a bit hot to comfortably forge.
  5. Very nice! I'm sure she will like it.
  6. Wow! Simply beautiful! The craftsmanship is top notch. Thanks for sharing. Mitch
  7. Very nice! Everything flows so well.
  8. Thank you, Rich! Even though the person posting the original question hasn't responded, there are many of us out here who do read and appreciate your answers and experience. I haven't tried soldering a guard on yet. I am working on a small dagger. I think I may try this out.
  9. And make sure you are forging at the right temperature. Don't let it get cool. Keep it hot.
  10. VERY nice!! To say the very least. Well done.
  11. You are never too late to share information and knowledge. I have been away and am back to the site. I just found this. Thank you for sharing. I have spent a while downloading some of this. Now to start reading. Thanks again, Mitch
  12. Very nice! I like the contrast between the wood and iron.
  13. Really nice design. I like it!
  14. MRobb

    My coal forge

    Very true. I didn't know about the dangers when I built it. I've only used it a couple of times. I need to change them out before I fire it up again. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  15. Very nice! Is it all one piece? Or is the handle attached/welded to the "blade"?
  16. MRobb


    Really nice details!
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