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Going Through a Rough Patch


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IFI Family,

I mentioned in passing that my Homeowners Insurance got cancelled, due to the new California Wildland-Urban Interface Maps drawn by the State.

I will make the statement that this is "Just Business", and it is perfectly legal for 23 years of premiums to vanish into "thin air", with narry a a claim made against it.

Please, let us not cast aspersion upon the apparent unfairness of the System.  That is why we should "VOTE".

the ice cream of the situation is that I must abate my property in order to pass a property inspection in order to be underwritten for the new, ultra expensive policy.

I always like a cherry on top of my sundae, that cherry being that I have had to apply for Disability. Sorry, I can not speak Publicly about the nature of same, for Cause.

Jesus and his Myriad Friends Know the details, so suffice it to say that all prayer, thought, intentions, wishes, encouragement, and advice will be heard by all Cognizant Parties.

Currently, I am between a giant Rock,  and a Very Hard Place, that Hard Place, of course, being my Söderfors, one of the hardest things on Earth, Frosty and JHCC. :rolleyes:

Robert and Sheila Taylor

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We have yet to have that happen. There is talks to pay out the houses that burned down and not allow to rebuild. Have yet to see how this pans out. 

i would like to see those decision makers that allowed building in dangerous areas go to gaol. 

California must be the worst possible state to live in if you need to work for a living and you are not a politician .

Sorry mate for the insurance scam. Eventually someone will step in to plug the vacuum, at what price it remains to be seen. I read that some of you have gone to Lloyds for insurance but paying 5k plus a year. 

Move to Texas or Colorado? :)

God bless

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Thanks all, for your kindness. It is worth more than you can know. I knew responses were coming in, as the sun set and we turned on the lights.

Took a tremendous bite out of the main woodpile - air is cool and dry, and the black widows are slow on their feet.

My oldest friend is commisioning a cook tripod for her new fire pit, and several loads of choice wood will be going to her place. Fifteen cubic feet of mixed wood is queued up in front of the charcoal maker.

The dumpster is receiving its max allotment, and will be stashing half of my shop down at the Kid's place.

Right now, lumber and curing logs are my biggest liability - hope that I do not end up discarding too much of the good stuff.

Thanks all,

Robert and Sheila Taylor

15 minutes ago, CrazyGoatLady said:

You could move to Texas and be my neighbor.


51 minutes ago, Marc1 said:

Move to Texas or Colorado? :)

Haha! Got plenty of kin to the west of you CGL! The hospitality is appreciated, would put me within driving distance of more forum family.

Charles, is Oklahoma still north of Texas?



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Good Morning,

Hedley BC had 2 mines, Mascot Mine and Nickle Plate Mine. Mainly Gold, but other minerals as well. The hammer mill was on the hill, near town. The ore from Mascot had to come down the mountain side by aerial skyline buckets. People weren't supposed to ride in a bucket, but.......... you never will know the truth!! Hedley is between Princeton and Keremeos. My dad's side of the family had a Fox and Cattle Ranch, outside of Princeton. My Mom's side left the Dust Bowl of Saskatchewan, during the Depression. Sold a section of prairie homestead to a cousin for $100.00 and moved to Keremeos to start up an Orchard. My uncle drove truck from Princeton to Penticton. The switchbacks up the side of the mountain near Hedley, had to be done in reverse gear. Yes, there were some trucks that "fell" off the road.

The tailings have been reworked 5 times now, each time it was worthwhile.


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That sucks man but as the wife said we are praying for you. I remember when I was about 16 and all of cooke, grayson and Montague county was ablaze. It got so bad that it didnt even get dark at night we thought we were going to have to evacuate but thankfully they got it put out in time. But no fires here in a loong time. And just as the wife said you would be most welcome, Im no blacksmith but I can talk your ear off about building things and farming.

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That is terrible. If your property isn't suited to the use it was sold to you for would that leave room for you and other homeowners to enter a class action lawsuit against the developer/realtor or is it a buyer beware situation? 

I wish you all the best in your endeavors to get the gov. to release your disability benefits to you in a timely manner. I have had dealings with the SS dept and they can be quite difficult to deal with on your own. I hope you've retained legal representation. I made the mistake of going it alone for nearly three years before I called anyone to help and they basically postponed and delayed until I had no money whatsoever and had to try to work or starve while homeless. It worked out for the best because as soon as I dropped my claim I was diagnosed and treated and got back to work. While I was applying I couldn't find a doctor to diagnose what was wrong with me. As soon as I told a doctor I was trying to get disability they didn't want to be the person to diagnose the condition and the docs the SS dept sent me to were a joke. I spent nearly four years barely able to walk. I still have to sleep in a recliner but my quality of life has increased tenfold.  I hope it works out for you. It's very stressful being in limbo. You and your family are in my thoughts. 


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11 hours ago, swedefiddle said:

People weren't supposed to ride in a bucket,

Enough said, Neil.  Not too terribly far from Seattle, so on my list. Quite a bit steeper terrain than the Texas Hedley, for sure.

9 hours ago, Tommie Hockett said:

I can talk your ear off about building things and farming.

Thanks much, Tommie. Uncle Jim is in the middle of stories that he started years ago. And on exactly the same subjects you mentioned. He and his Dad were Crop dusters, as well.

7 hours ago, pnut said:

If your property isn't suited to the use it was sold to you for

We are one mile inside inside the western edge of the Cleveland National Forest.  The town proper is down the hill outside the forest boundary. this is one of the earliest settlements in the area. in the '40's, my house was a 500 sq. ft. Lodge Cabin.  I bought my home in a "blighted" neighborhood, so that I might be left alone.

All of this trouble is simply a response by Underwriters to the Government's recent designation of much of California as "High Fire Risk".  Always has been. Californians have resided within the "wildlands" for scores of years.  Under this new paradigm, we should never have developed Malibu, and countless hundreds of other communities.

As upsetting as this subject may be, Please note that the Forum Rules serve a purpose.  The ballot box serves a purpose as well.

'Tis not You, 'Tis not Me, 'Tis that Fellow behind the Tree.

Thanks, All.

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