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  1. Good News

    CONGRATULATIONS!! from me and mine to you and yours
  2. need prayers

    Our family will be praying for him.
  3. My first JABOD forge

    Lmbo. We will all just learn together then. Also I am not sure if this is fact so just take it as opinion please. I found with personal experience that if you add some wood ash and saw dust the clay doesnt crack quiet as much. Also don't make my mistake... stay away from perlite
  4. My first JABOD forge

    Good luck buddy. I trued using a paint mixer on a drill... it worked but i had a heck of a mess to clean up. Just add some water till it is pliable.
  5. Church sign

    That is very beautiful.
  6. What's your day job

    Oilfield... janitor of the oilfield. I do containments for all the liquids. Acid friction reducer oil and whatever else might be there. We also do restraints. Big honking ropes wrapped around iron pipes sk that if anything does go wrong it doesn't swing around and kill a bunch of people.
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    That is a purty shoe horn. I really like the wire (inlay).... i reckon is what it would be called
  8. Las Vegas

    I agree whole heartedly with you Tubalcain2.
  9. Another Whippit Knife

    Loving the bowie! I really like the pins or rivets? In your handles.
  10. Las Vegas

    While I understand where Tubalcaun2 is coming from and I agree with him. I also agree with Frosty, somewhere in the bible it states that we should pray for our enemies. I'm sorry I don't know the chapter or the verse. So please we all have very raw feelings on this subject and until more evedince comes out maybe we as humans should leave it up to the Almighty. We can all rest assured that he will no doubt sort it out. Remeber evil can never tear us apart if we stand unified as one nation under God!
  11. Las Vegas

    Please pray for the victims and the families affected by this act of evil. I don't even know what to say here yall some xxxxxxxx xxxx has shot our fellow Americans and it seems that he then killed himself. The talking heads on the media want to turn it into a gun debate. All I ask is that we don't politicize this the man was sick in his heart and he was evil that is all there is to the matter. I am so saddened by this that I don't know how to properly convey my words so please just pray for everyone that was effected by this and pray for the country to turn itself around and get back to where we started from.
  12. Time for a new apron!

    Hmm i wonder where one could get ahold of a horse hide. That would be fun to tan
  13. Time for a new apron!

    Yes sir no problem! It is what I use to get the oil out of the hair on my pelts.
  14. Time for a new apron!

    If it doesn't soak up all of the oil put some corn starch on it and rub it it will take away the oily feel and soak up the excess oil.
  15. Anatomy and a brief history of simple side blast forges

    That Is great! Made me laugh but I don't think the kids would like the idea plus Chellie would skin me alive