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  1. Tommie Hockett

    Wooden Handles

    No we have plenty of that growing around here. It is a pain to mill though. We call it bois d'arc (bodark) around here. This stuff is actually orange colored. I will see if I can look it up and I will let yall know Padouk is the name of it.african wood. Starts out orange then dulls to a darker brown. Kinda like bodark starts out highlighter yellow then goes brown with age.
  2. Tommie Hockett

    Wooden Handles

    I have seen a few pallets made out of purple heart and a few made from an orange colored wood (I know the name but it escapes me at the moment). Sadly I wasn't able to snag any of them. Awesome thread btw
  3. Tommie Hockett

    Fire proof roof

    Make an all metal building. And Thomas hit the nail on the head it gets loud when it rains but I like the sound. Another thing is cell reception goes out the window
  4. Tommie Hockett

    My turn on the knifemaking TV show

    Dude that was awesome! Those tests were (always) rediculous
  5. Tommie Hockett

    getting better with the cobras

    Those look awesome. If I had a desk I would definetly use one
  6. Tommie Hockett

    Greetings from South Carolina.

    Howdy howdy welcome to ifi. Good job on putting your location on your profile page. And here is a link that will help you on the forum there is a lot of good folks and more knowledge than you could shake a stick at. Have fun!
  7. Tommie Hockett

    It followed me home

    Wow Hans that is awesome let us know how it tastes. A homebrewer is curious
  8. Tommie Hockett

    Wood splitter as a press

    Yeah my dad recently bought a log splitter. Before that we always used a maul... that is some work. But anyway I saw it on that show and thought it was a heckuva idea. Since you can normally pick one up for 3-5 hundred used around here. But this is all just speculation since we are a lllooonngg ways away from needing a press of a power hammer. Just thought it was an awesome idea. My dad has an old log splitter ( we dont use anymore ) that is powered by a big bottle jack. The jack itself is no good anymore but it might be worth fiddling around with. Something like Glenn was saying about the jack. Just maybe get it set to the proper thickness of the unheated metal and then pump realllllly fast once you have it to temp haha.
  9. Tommie Hockett

    Wood splitter as a press

    Of course I would.
  10. Tommie Hockett

    Wood splitter as a press

    So does anyone watch mountain men on history channel? There is a guy on there that is a bladesmith and he made a press out of a logsplitter. It seemed to work purty well. But then again everything works on tv. Also if this should have been in the press/powerhammer section that's my bad. I thought it might belong here since it was an idea from a tv show.
  11. Tommie Hockett

    Just showing off something (picture heavy)

    That is really beautiful. Definetly a piece to pass down!
  12. Tommie Hockett

    It followed me home

    Awesome grinder! HF is hit and miss. Sometimes you get great things that hold up for a long time and then you buy a drill and it catches fire 15 minutes into the project you're doing(literally). I think that they have spotty quality procedures in whatever factory there stuff is built in, that's why its hit and miss.
  13. Tommie Hockett

    My turn on the knifemaking TV show

    Heck yeah the wife and I will definitely tune in!
  14. Tommie Hockett

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Shots fired, shots fired !!! Good one sir
  15. Tommie Hockett

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Appreciate it yall!!! And that is just what I plan to do frosty Das, I figure that I have made one heart so now I must be an expert smith so onto sword smithing I go...