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  1. After talking to my sister it sounded more like an invasion. I was under the impression we bought them but I was only about five yrs old and was mistaken. The memory is hazy for me but my sister remembers them well. From the sound of it they weren't pets more something that was tolerated. Thinking back on it I don't know why they were never dinner. Pnut (Mike)
  2. I talked to my oldest sister last night. She told me how we ended up with the birds. Four or five guineafowl showed up on our property one day out of the blue. When Mom finally figured out who their owners were and tried to return them they wouldn't take them back. They were as close to wild as a guineafowl can be and apparently took over the dooryard and tried to chase everyone away that came around, so the neighbors were happy when the birds made their way to our property. Pnut (Mike)
  3. That's why we got them when I was growing up. They are voracious bug eaters but don't tear up the garden like chickens will. Pnut (Mike)
  4. Glenn ,the Fibonacci sequence is fascinating. It's related to so many different things you could study for ever and still keep making connections. I read your post about the pyramids and Pi,Phi,and phi yesterday. Interesting stuff even though I needed a piece of scratch paper to keep it straight. ;-) Pnut (Mike) The Fibonacci sequence shows up in theseeds of sunflowers, pine cones ,shells of sea life, spider webs of certain spiders, and countless other things and that's just the natural world.
  5. ausfire , we had some when I was a young kid. Are your guineafowl aggressive? it seems like I remember them being fairly aggro. They didn't much like people if memory serves me right , but it's been a long time and I may be thinking of the pea-hens we had. Pnut (Mike)
  6. Donkoti, compliments on the anvil and asking for advice before killing it. Good luck, welcome to ifi,and remember have fun. Pnut (Mike)
  7. Read, " My consolidated notes for new forge builders" , posted by Lou L it has most of the info you may need. Good luck Pnut (Mike) It doesn't however have any info on particle size.
  8. Materman a four and a half inch shaft will work fine. How long is it? Remember don't get bogged down trying to make everything perfect. Just get started. It doesn't take a lot of equipment to learn the basic blacksmithing operations. Time forging is far more important to building your skills than anything else. Good luck and remember this is supposed to be fun. Pnut (Mike)
  9. If you wait until you get everything perfect before you get started you will be waiting a long time indeed.
  10. No Siree, my sweet bippy is much too valuable to be bet on such a thing! ;-)
  11. jlpservices, I think that's a good idea. You should look into the offer Steve made to introduce you to his editor. You have a lot to teach and I for one would buy a book or video series written or made by you. Think about it. Pnut(Mike)
  12. I know this post is about a month old but I was wondering if you meant a simple machine like an inclined plane or a simplistic machine like a treadle lathe or bellows? Pnut (Mike)
  13. Jlpservices, I agree. I haven't quenched an anvil personally but I've seen it done on video. They used fire hoses, iirc they used four of them. Something with that much mass 55 gals. wouldnt do it. Too much residual heat. I think it would just draw temper from the leftover heat if only 55gals. were used. Temper may be the wrong term. Anneal may be a better description of what I'm trying to say.
  14. Obsidian is still in use for scalpels for certain medical procedures. Eye surgery and a few other things. Frosty, I don't blameyou. The Gray Bar hotel has poor service and many bad reviews. May have good fitness facilities though. ;-)
  15. you mean there's OTHER places.