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  1. Has anyone tried the Harbison Walker greentherm26LI bricks from DI? Pnut
  2. Corn burns fine in my trench style and brick firepot jabods. Gets a little sticky in the brick forge but not anywhere near as sticky as the slag from burning coal in it. Pnut
  3. You could always build a jabod until you decide upon what design you want and with an improvised anvil you could be forging today and building up those skills. I was looking to build a propane forge for about two years and my greatest regret when it comes to blacksmithing is all the time I spent not forging because I was waiting on the perfect forge or anvil etc. When it finally clicked I was forging within a couple a days with less than twenty dollars invested. Getting started I believe is the most important step. Welcome aboard, be safe,and remember it's supposed to be fun P
  4. I was just searching through some old bookmarks and found this blog from about a person making orishigane that you might be interested in. https://mypeculiarnature.blogspot.com/?m=1 Pnut If you can't find a chapter just search mypeculiarnature orishigane (chapter number) and you should find it. Exemple mypeculiarnature orishigane (3)
  5. That's a lot of money to spend on a hobby you've never actually done before. It would be terrible to spend that much money and then realize it's not something you really enjoy and have to go through the trouble and time to recoup your investment. Blacksmithing is hard work and might not be everyone's cup of tea. My suggestion would be to find a class or a person you could maybe visit and get the feel for blacksmithing and if it's something you would want to continue doing. Short of that there's a world full of improvised anvils for free or close to it. I might be a lone voice in the wild
  6. If you'd like to get started quickly and without much financial investment I recommend these two links. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/44842-just-a-box-of-dirt-or-a-simple-side-blast-forge/ I think I got started for about $10US. Pnut
  7. The link is for a paper. I believe you can view it for free. Pnut
  8. I believe that's used in thermite welding rails. It looks like the ones I've seen used on right of ways. Here's a link to a version used in the UK. It's a little different but it will show you the general idea. http://www.railway-fasteners.com/news/what-is-railroad-thermite-welding.html Pnut
  9. This may be helpful. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0305440310004449 This book is chock-full of good info but pricey. Maybe find it at your local public or university library. "Tales of the Iron Bloomery (Northern World) Bert Rundberget ISBN 978-9004278790 hope it helps with citations etc Pnut
  10. No problem. I just happened to see it yesterday when I checked up on new activity. Pnut
  11. I'm not Thomas, but yes there was. About inadvertently using thermite iirc. Pnut
  12. Try to remember to only make one change at a time so you'll know exactly what difference it has made. It's not as easy if you change multiple things at once to pinpoint what's responsible for what. I'd also be willing to bet that if there's any smiths close to you they might be willing to trade some hard firebrick for some of the soft ones you have. Either way you'll eventually have to replace them whether you use soft or hard firebrick. I don't have any experience with soft firebrick but the hard ones wear out pretty quick. Pnut
  13. It'll take a few wheels but you can definitely do it. If it's a long piece of rail you could probably score it with the disc and lift it at the score and it should break. Pnut
  14. Positive thoughts on their way. Pnut
  15. Looks pretty well worn right in the center like it's been striking a drill or chisel for a very long time. Pnut
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