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  1. I work in the hotel industry. It's completely upended my life. I went from gainfully employed and getting ready for the slog through the busy season to preparing to apply for unemployment benefits today. We've not had enough guests at either hotels owned by the company I work for to justify me coming to work for the last 11 or twelve days. Fortunately I am a compulsive saver in order to make it through the off season. I managed to stash enough money to make it through the slow season, buy a used car and still have a bit of a cushion. One good thing is that looming destitution has finally motivated me to file my taxes lol. I'll be fine due to the fact that I live like a monk and don't have much overheard. Providing this state of emergency doesn't linger on for much more than six months I should be okay except I'll be going into the slow season again without a savings so next winter could be lean but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I hope everyone else is doing okay. Staying sane and safe and enjoying Coronacation 2020. Pnut
  2. Be careful. The hardware rabbit hole is a deep one. Good work. Pnut
  3. pnut


    I throw an occasional mettwurst on the charcoal forge as I'm cleaning up and waiting for it to go out. Toss a grate over the jabod and make a snack with the last of the burning embers so yes I have to agree, blacksmiths like food especially smoky food. Pnut
  4. Go to the main forum menu and click on tailgating under feedback and support then when you are taken to the tailgating section read the rules and then click make a new post. Pnut
  5. You can engrave a d design in a plate and heat the stock you want to make the touchmark out of and give it a sharp blow at a high heat and then HT it. Pnut
  6. I have links to a few different companies that make custom touchmarks. Let me know and I'll PM them to you. Buckeye engraving is one of them. You can buy off the shelf letter stamps for pretty cheap that will last a little while. Pnut
  7. You should post it in the tailgating section or report it to the mods and ask them to move it. You'll need more details though. Pnut
  8. If you search: improving heat treating bamsite. You will find a very informative free PDF about break testing. I can't seem to save a link to the PDF or I would just post that. Pnut
  9. That's the size I was thinking. Are you planning on making your own or sending it out? I've been looking into it for a while and have found a couple places. It's not cheap though. I'm going to give making one a go before I even consider spending time money. Actually if I have to spend the money it probably won't happen for quite a while. Pnut
  10. There's also a video by Mark Aspery titled scarf theory that might help. Pnut
  11. What I found funny was how complicated I made something that's as simple as it gets. After I got the first jabod working though I figured out how simple the concept really is. I had a hard time believing it could really be that easy but to my amazement it was. I think that's the problem a lot of people have. They assume it can't be thaaaaaat easy. Yep,it can. ;-) Pnut
  12. It's just making do really. I can't bring myself to rehandle a hammer with a perfectly good handle. It looks a bit janky but it works, I guess. I've never had to test it IRL. Pnut
  13. I've seen some pretty big dinosaurs er uh I mean paddlefish pulled out of the rivers here in KY. Pnut
  14. Yep, side blast. And just get a 3/4 in. pipe to use for the air supply. Pnut