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  1. The Canadian office of essential skills in industrial arts program has a blacksmithing course. I found the PDF for the facilitators guide by searching blacksmith and essential skills. Maybe get in contact with the office I mentioned above and you may be able to purchase the curriculum since your not in Canada or maybe with some creative digging with search terms from the facilitators guide you can find it on PDF. Pnut
  2. This was an old rusty burn barrel that half was already burned off and both ends were open. No chance of fire. It's a metal hoop now that got cut about eight inches down on the end that was still intact and not rusted or burned through. I have a couple plastic ones but don't want to bump a piece of hot steel against it so when I noticed the old steel one being thrown out I spied the new container for my next jabod. Now just have to fill it up and cut the legs down on the steel prep table I also rescued from the garbage. Pnut
  3. The only drawback is that they charge a premium price for them which kind of defeats the purpose but the upside of paying more thorough them is you could maybe exchange it if you got one that wasn't up to scratch. I don't know if you'd have any recourse if you ordered one from Amazon or wherever and weren't satisfied. Pnut
  4. In my area if I paid $275-$300 I'd feel like I didn't get beat and I didn't take advantage of anyone. Pnut
  5. Don't do anything to it. It looks great. Wipe it down with a rag with some light oil on it if you can't help but do something to it. The surface is good. Price depends on where you're at. Some places $2.50lb other places $5 or $6 a pound. Here in northern Kentucky between $3-$4 per pound. That's why we suggest putting your general location in your profile as so many answers are location dependent. Just a general idea of where you are is all such as Northern Kentucky. Pnut
  6. My luck with those things has been hit or miss. I've gotten bolts out with them but usually have had to drill them out. You may have better luck with a drill press. I've always used hand drills with them and I think that may have been part of the problem. Pnut
  7. I have a friend who owns a H-D dealership/custom bike shop and I get to test drive bikes whenever I want but haven't taken him up on his offer since last spring. We took a ride to Red River Gorge for a camping trip. Got to ride a 77FLH bobber. Shovelheads are one of my favorites. Pnut
  8. It looks like it to me but I have been wrong more often than not in cases like this. Progressively larger bits is my suggestion. Pnut
  9. Something like this is what I've used to drag logs. These are small but they make much larger. They look pretty straightforward to make yourself but the stock sizes you'd need would be better suited to using a power hammer. About the rebar texture. No only the points grip the log. Pnut
  10. I'll have to check for some pics of my bike before it met a deer. It was one of three things my father left me when he died. I've had it since I was 2. I've had a lot of bikes over my life but the panhead has always been there and i can't bring myself to sell it even though I'll probably never fix it. Pnut
  11. I'm not Mikey, but my name is Mike so here goes. One T burner will get a well built forge with an inner volume of 300-350ci. Up to welding temperatures. Don't get caught up in thinking you will build a better mousetrap. Find a proven forge and burner design and follow them exactly. Later on you can tinker after you know what a good forge is and what you want to do out of it. Pnut
  12. I got a drum cut off for me today. It was sitting in a yard by the trash for about a week so I asked about it and he gave it to me. He even offered to cut it off. The guy nearly gave me a nervous breakdown the way he was using the angle grinder. I couldn't stop him after he got going though, I tried to tell him I could take care of it when I got home and I didn't want to inconvenience him, but he wasn't having it. He made a mess of the cut but at least he didn't hurt himself even though he seemed dead set on it. Pnut
  13. The library is your friend. I've read everything Blacksmith related except the weird Amish romance novels my local library has and have Ill'd anything I was curious about that they didn't have. Pnut
  14. Does your ash dump have a cap of some sort or is it open with a bucket under it? Without a cap it will act like a waste gate for the air supply which shouldn't be a problem using anthracite and a hair dryer but might not be as good for bituminous. Pnut
  15. Do you have access to a planer? The boards will take a bit of finishing. Pnut