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  1. I've been looking for a reasonably priced copy of Early American Wrought Iron by Albert Sonn. I thought I hit the jackpot and found a copy for $43.80 unfortunately I misread it with the decimal in the wrong place it was actually $438.00. Pnut
  2. I was thinking the same thing. And yes it does stink. I had some hammers soaking upside down in an aluminum take out dish in my tiny apartment and it wasn't pleasant. I had to relocate them to the fire escape. Pnut
  3. I've been looking at tablets etc. but for the last few years my phone has been my only means of internet access. I've seen a few cheap tablets. I might buy one if I can convince myself to spend some money. Pnut Pnut
  4. Hot rasping and a sen are probably the most efficient ways to remove material by hand that I know of. I've yet to make a sen myself but the LT. at my local fire department is also a black/bladesmith and I used the one he made. I was pretty impressed with how easily and controllably it took off material. Pnut
  5. The hasp on the lock of Davy Jones' locker. Pnut
  6. I accidentally bought multiple quarts from Wally world. I think I have three quarts of BLO now or I've discovered three so far anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple more show up. Pnut
  7. I've never considered cutting a wedge out. I guess slitting, tapering, and scrolling the ends just seemed like the way to do it. I might give it a try. Pnut
  8. Welcome, in the same boat when it comes to needing everything to be portable. After a lot of experimenting I finally settled on a MARKIII style jabod with a small modification. I stopped cutting a hole for the air pipe in the bricks and just put the pipe between two clay bricks and fill the gap with a split firebrick. It can't be beat for forging small things and you can set it up quickly. I first used a box without a bottom so I could put a bucket by the table and push the forge off the end to get the kitty litter back in the buckets but I'm now using a Webber kettle grill and just leave it a
  9. I had a land line until February of 2018. When I moved I didn't get another. I got a cursed cell phone. The bright side is I wouldn't have been noodling around on the interwebs and found IFI had I gotten a land line Pnut
  10. Looking good. I need to practice collaring. Mine still just don't look quite right. I haven't done very many though so I'm hoping to improve. Pnut
  11. Less likely to destroy your sprouts in the garden though. Pnut
  12. I was amazed when someone pointed how many times this shows up in nature. Seeds in a sunflower and ferns demonstrate it pretty well. Pnut
  13. I thought you were talking about the hot cut. That's my fault. Pnut
  14. I used a couple pieces of mitre cut wood and a wedge to hold the same anvil to the stump. It deadened the ring considerably too. I got the idea here. It was easier than the chain and bolt set up I was using because I have to take it off the stump when I'm done. If I get out I'll take a picture of it or if I can find the post on here I'll link to it. Pnut
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