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  1. The best advice I can give for working with corn as fuel is to "coke" up a good bit before you start working because it burns quickly. Pnut
  2. I think they started adding that disclaimer after a post here about an anvil they sold. Pnut
  3. Lillies are much more pleasant to gild. Pnut
  4. Is that a jiggler key on your keyring? Pnut
  5. Customer service is excellent also. It's not often you can speak with the owner or possibly the actual person that did the casting. Pnut
  6. I don't know why I didn't mention it before. Walmart has an ac mattress pump for about nine dollars that I used for my forge until I got a Buffco blower. I used a ball valve as a way to control the airflow. I've seen you have a cooling fan. I haven't tried using one so I'm out of my element in that regard. Pnut
  7. I wonder how it would perform with a downward spring assist to add a bit more force to the blow? Pnut
  8. Grainger sells a suitable one for about $45 Pnut
  9. I like the addition of the retention clip. I have an older Blackie Collins combat knife that has a sheath with a retention clip and I like it very much. Pnut
  10. Looks like you may need to adjust the depth of the firepot so it's a tad shallower and you don't have to angle the stock down into the sweet spot. Looks good else wise. Pnut.
  11. Anything other than a rivet forge is a pretty large investment for a hobby you're just starting and may not stick with, not to mention you don't really know what you'll need out of a forge. You can build a jabod for little to no money and be forging by tonight. I'm currently on my third jabod and would recommend them to anyone looking to get into smithing who wants to use solid fuel. Good luck, be safe, and remember it's supposed to be fun. Pnut
  12. Looks good. So long as you have at least two inches of clay between the wood and the fire you should be OK. Pnut
  13. The space between the two bricks where your tuyere is will hold a split firebrick put in edgewise. You're forge looks just like mine. It works great after some minor tweaking. Pnut
  14. She's in my thoughts. Pnut
  15. Hacksaw, cold chisel, hot chisel, O/A torch. I got the idea from someone here to use a bow saw with a metal cutting band saw blade to make a hacksaw on steroids. Pnut It must have been Thomas as he's describing it in the above post. Hahaha.
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