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  1. Those fuzzies go up quickly especially if you use fabric softener sheets in the dryer. Pnut
  2. I cringe whenever I see someone wearing a ring around most machinery. Not only can they get snagged they're a crushing/cutting hazard. I've witnessed a few mishaps over the years due to rings getting snagged on a conveyor. Same with pony tails and hoodie strings. Pnut
  3. The ones I wear are Lehigh six inch safety boots model number 5040. They can be resoled etc. Pnut
  4. That's a little monster. I can't wait to see it fully tuned. It kinda reminds me of the burners my friend uses for glass. Pnut
  5. One is the designer of the Frosty T burner and Michael Porter literally wrote a book about forge burners. I'd take what they have to say about forge burners seriously. Pnut
  6. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures that were taken from that time in my life. I've lost everything I've owned a couple times. Looking back things are pretty hazy. It might very well have been a dream. There were four of us actually paying rent but sometimes there'd be as many as twenty people "hanging out" for a few days to a few months. The building was eventually condemned and we had to get out. We had the third floor all to ourselves. There was even a freight elevator. I'd love to have access to a space like that now. We lovingly referred to the place as "Third Floor H*ll" I still use the address as a pin number. Pnut
  7. It synched up pretty good. We didn't watch much TV there truthfully. It was a pretty epic apartment for a bunch of teenagers. The building it was in used to be a warehouse and a Boys Club at one point. My bathroom was a locker room. We built a half pipe and a stage in the big "living" room. I had a pretty good time there. I wouldn't want to live like that again but I'm glad I got the chance to do it while I was young. Pnut
  8. I've been wearing Lehigh boots for years. Six inch safety boots. They're only about $125USD and they last a few years at least. I think I'm on year four on the pair I have and they still have some miles in them. I learned a long time ago to keep the stink down especially if you have expanded foam insoles is to take the insoles out when you take your boots off. If you leave the insoles in the boots the footbed beneath the insole never dries out. Pnut
  9. At my first apartment I had a floor model Trinitron that had sound but no picture with a small TV sitting on top that had picture but no sound At that same apartment it was so cold in the winter that I had to put my beer in the refrigerator so it wouldn't freeze if I left it sitting out. Pnut
  10. There is or least there was a five dollar bounty on nutria. You only needed to bring in the tail and yes they are pretty tasty. Pnut
  11. I have an old Beeman Rs2 that I dug out of the storage unit sitting right next to me. It's still a hard hitter after years of use. I have a .22 and .177 Lothar Walther barrel set for it as well. They need some cleaning up though. They've rusted a bit in storage. Pnut
  12. Maybe reach out to the Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths. There's some members in the Pigeon Forge area. Good luck. Pnut
  13. Hardboiled eggs make a satisfying noise when I use them for targets for my .25 air rifle. It's almost cringe inducing. When I hit them with my .45 air rifle they don't have the same wet slap they just disappear. Pnut
  14. The sculpture from the Chimei Museum instantly made me hear, "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!', in my head. Seriously though JHCC mentioning it looks like a bundle of hair perhaps he's forging his helpers. Pnut
  15. i use both but prefer charcoal. Slowly ceanking the blower is soothing to me but for some projects propane is definitely better. In the interest of getting started quickly id build a charcoal JABOD and then a propane forge. Actually thts exactly what i did and it worked out fine for me. you could build a JABOD and be forging today for little or no money. Pnut
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