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  1. Not very often. I have watched those programs in the past though but the storage show especially wasn't my cup of tea. I'm not an anti television person by any means. I usually have it or music on twenty four hours a day. I'm not a fan of most reality shows but I used to watch Forged in Fire. It was a weekly tradition that I would watch it with my mother who was in her seventies. Nothing funnier than hearing a tiny little old lady say, "I'm nearly blind and can see that cold shut or that surface looks awfully dirty to try to forge weld it to anything." I would give anything to watch it with he
  2. I thought I was weird for bringing incomplete projects to ponder on with me. Looks like that's not what making me weird Pnut
  3. Since I don't have cable anymore I watch PBS channels almost exclusively. I'm fortunate that I live in a place that overlaps a few different markets. I get PBS channels from Lexington, Louisville, and Covington KY along with Cincinnati and Dayton. I think I get about 25 or 30 different PBS channels. It's on now since I haven't been able to do anything more than sit because of my back. Pnut
  4. Last time I was in a casino the slot machines only took bills and paid out in a receipt you had to take to the cashier. Hearing all the clinking when you won was a good portion of the fun. Needless to say I didn't stay long. Pnut
  5. Yes but strangely enough it's not my voice. Pnut
  6. I didn't know that either. I assumed everyone had an inner monologue that was a voice. Mine never seems to shut up. Pnut
  7. I get a kick out of the ancient aliens guy. The Von Danniken protege. I think his name is George Tsoukilas or something similar. They will grab any scrap and turn it into "irrefutable" evidence. His enthusiasm and crazy hair is endlessly entertaining to me. I haven't seen it in a few years though since I got rid of cable. Pnut
  8. Charles R Stevens has already let them know about the inaccuracies. There's a comment section at the bottom of the article. Pnut
  9. I have to buy a whole pallet of coal to get the TSC near me to order any. They got taken for a ride a few years back by some mennonites. One guy talked them into ordering a couple pallets. He didn't come back to get any but in the spring another possibly unrelated mennonite guy showed up and bought it all at a discount. Pnut
  10. Is good bituminous coal readily available in your area? Ease of access is what determined the fuel I started with which was charcoal. Pnut
  11. Either anvil would be fine as far as size goes for about anything. The 125 pound anvil is about as small as would be considered an all around shop anvil and there's nothing Short of industrial forgings you couldn't forge on the 165 pound anvil but after you get past five bucks a pound you're getting closer to the price of a new anvil. Have you considered buying new? Pnut
  12. I wonder if he was hired or sub contracted by the treehouse company or the production staff? Pnut
  13. Sounds like the same one. It was a good way to get started. Pnut
  14. I'm not artistically gifted in any way but with practice you can develop enough technique to still make pleasing artwork. It's a perishable skill though so you have to keep at it or it goes away, or at least it does for me. Pnut I started with just a little set I bought at Michaels or hobby lobby. It came in a silk covered box with a little ink stick ,a stone, a bowl, a couple of brushes, and a brush rest. I've upgraded since then but the brushes it came with were surprisingly good. I still use them from time to time.
  15. You'll have to push the coals back off the grate and poke them clean. Have you looked at the grate used in the 55 forge? It's a piece of stock shaped like a squished Z or just a couple pieces of 3/8in round stock welded across the air inlet. Holes tend to clog but yours are pretty good sized though. Are you using bituminous coal or anthracite? Pnut
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