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  1. pnut

    Hoodies, long sleeves and safety

    It's also a good idea to tuck in your shirts around moving machinery. A shirt tail can easily be caught in moving parts. Thanks and stay safe, Pnut (Mike)
  2. pnut

    BP001 Easy to make tongs

    Simple, effective,the easiest most direct solution to a first pair of tongs I've seen so far. Simplicity at it's finest.
  3. I should be the one to thank you Glenn and all the people who make this possible. It's truly appreciated. Pnut (Mike)
  4. Thomas, I have to agree. Every question I've posed has been answered honestly and thoughtfully. I believe the problems with younger folks today are no one teaches common courtesy and basic manners to kids anymore. Part of it is Young people's primary form of communication is online which promotes being rude and getting immediate results. You don't have to learn anything anymore because why take the time to read and memorize something when you can just Google and forget it. I've been taught from birth that please, thank you, excuse me, and I'm sorry will get you much farther than rudeness ever will and knowledge and skill is something to strive for and cherish. My advice for safely asking curmudgeons for advice is to try to find the answer for yourself first and if you still need help then ask a well thought out question and actually listen to the answers you get. Thanks, Pnut (Mike) and
  5. pnut

    Traditional Thai Machete

    I'm not sure if it's called a sen but the tool he was using like a draw knife was also worth noting.
  6. pnut

    Traditional Thai Machete

    No more excuses about not having the right equipment lol. I'm going to make a hold fast like he was using. Reminded me of a shaving bench for wood working. Tanglediver, thanks for posting the video I love barbones smithing and the resourcefulness of his smithy. Goes to show it's not the tools that make the blacksmith.
  7. pnut

    Permit for a forge?

    Forge Jim, is the building you are renting zoned for commercial use? You mentioned being a professional. Hobby use and commercial use is vastly different. Most residential areas consider a gas forge a heating appliance. Using a heating appliance for commerce requires permits and probably a business license not to mention insurance. You need to specify in which manner you will be using your gas forge and you May get a more helpful answer. Pnut (Mike)
  8. socrates1999 I Know this is an old thread but I see you live in Clarksville TN. When I lived there Austin peay had a metal arts. program . Whether it's still there I don't know but you could check into it.
  9. pnut

    which hammer first?

    GCKY , thanks yeah the closet flea market to me is richwood but it doesn't have as much as it used to. After the tornado damage they remodeled and it's not the same. I go about two or three times a month to check for tools. You can't get in while they're setting up anymore unless you're a vendor. That's when all the good deals are to be had. Too bad. I'm gonna get a 2# ball pien until I build up some stamina and then get the 3# cross pien that seems to be everywhere around here.thanks and let me know if you run across a two pounder. Stay dry. Hope the water isn't rising where you're at.
  10. pnut

    which hammer first?

    Glenn, my mind was made up after the first two replies confirmed what I was already thinking. Thanks for letting me know I was going the right direction.
  11. pnut

    which hammer first?

    Thomas, I've been actively looking for hammers. I ask nearly everyone I talk to. I live in a semi rural area. I can't understand why it's been so hard to come across a decent hammer. I've found many small hammers but no heavier ones. I tried using a one pounder and it was discouraging at best. Too much effort not enough results. I'm sure I'll eventually find what I need probably for free but that could be tomorrow or next month. Like I said in the original post there seems to be a shortage of heavier ball pien hammers in my neck of the woods. I'm still looking but until then I will have to buy a new hammer and I'm a cheapskate at heart but if you want to make an omelette you have to crack a couple eggs
  12. pnut

    which hammer first?

    Fowllife, same stores they just don't stock any cross pien hammers smaller than three pounds. I still need to check harbor freight. Unless I want to order one and pick it up at the store they don't stock them here. HF may have a two pounder but the last time I checked online it said zero available. I'm going to keep my eyes open for some at the flea market but that's a crap shoot at best. Eventually lll find one there but it could be a while.
  13. pnut

    which hammer first?

    Fowllife, I don't like doing monetary transactions on my current internet connection. So I have to go to a store. None of the stores around me have a cross pien lighter than 3# . A cross pien would be my first choice but I can only get what I can find. I think that's the ball pien. Unfortunately it has a round face. The engineer hammer at Walmart has a square face but weighs two and a half pounds. The synthetic handle is pretty short too. When I build up some stamina I'll get the three pound cross pien. Until then It's down to the square headed engineer hammer or round headed ball pien.
  14. pnut

    which hammer first?

    Latticino, it's an engineers hammer I was talking about but mini-sledge is the name Walmart stuck on it. Coincidentally it does have a fiberglass handle. The ball and cross piens have wood. I'm leaning towards the two# ball pien just because it's the most comfortable to swing. I haven't been able to work with it but at the store it's the most comfortable. Thanks for the advice.
  15. pnut

    which hammer first?

    Glenn , for some reason there seems to be a drought with regards to ball piens at my local flea market. I'm going to check again this weekend. I couldn't find any over a pound. Someone must have gotten there before me. I can get a two pounder at TSC today though for about ten or twelve bucks.