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  1. It's still an active ingredient in many OTC psoriasis treatments. I use it on occasion. Pnut
  2. Took my forge from a high orange to what appears to be an almost white incandescence. It really does make a difference. It's a lot more durable than I thought it would be too. Pnut
  3. They're excellent videos as well as having his English accent in them. Pnut
  4. Haven't done anything in the shop but im in Louisville for a concert and I'm hoping cumberland elkhorn coal and coke is open on Saturdays so I can grab a bag or two of coal. Fingers crossed because they're not answering the phone yet. Pnut
  5. Not at all. I rather enjoy it haha. Pnut
  6. We had to cut our own switch and woe betide the fool child that tried to cut an inadequate one. Pnut
  7. I bought it a few months ago and it's the best instructional text on Blacksmithing I've ran across so far. I'm ordering volume two soon. He has a bunch of YouTube videos too. Be forewarned, if you watch his videos you'll hear his accent in your head whenever you read the books.
  8. pnut

    Burners 101

    At the rubber refinery all machine operators were issued their own lock and tag. It's strange to say it because it was such a dirty and hard job but I actually miss it. Truthfully I don't think my body could handle it anymore. I think the years I spent working there have a lot to do with the state of my back and joints today. Pnut
  9. pnut

    Burners 101

    I got on people's nerves at the rubber refinery with my obsessive adherence to lock out tag out procedure. I like all my limbs attached and unsqished. I actually had an argument with one of the old timers over it and yes, he was missing two fingers on his right hand. Time passes and some folks tend to get complacent I suppose. Pnut
  10. I seemed to have missed this topic. Great idea John. I've been wanting some punch tongs and tools for them for a while so I can get my hand farther away from the hot stock. I don't like wearing a glove so I thought they would be a good alternative. I really like the cam idea. I haven't tried making any because of the problem with variation in sizes of the tools and jaws as you pointed out. You've found a pretty elegant solution. Kudos. Pnut
  11. If you connect the right side of the waist strap to the right shoulder strap in the back it should straighten it out. Might take some fiddling with it to get it right but I'm pretty sure it's doable. Pnut
  12. Hope things get better for you Charles. Although I've never actually met you I count you as a friend and I hate to see friends having a hard time. If there's anything I can do just let me know. Pnut
  13. There's an excellent description of how to dress a hammer handle and the reasons behind it in Mark Aspery's The Skills of a Blacksmith vol. 1. If you look at the shape your hand makes if it was gripping a hammer you'll see it's basically a rectangle with two diagonal corners relieved. I'd post the pictures from the book but alas they're copyrighted material so it's a no go. Pnut
  14. What this nail test doesn't take into account is that you don't only strike full face flat blows when smithing. Pnut
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