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  1. You're work and work ethic is constantly impressive. I hope to one day get a chance to come up north and visit your teaching facility. Pnut
  2. Yeah, I did orient the bricks on the bottom the wrong way. I usually have them rotated ninety degrees and have another couple of bricks stacked on the tue side for banking the fuel against. Something was looking off and I couldn't remember what it was hahaha. It had me scratching my head as to why things weren't lining up the way they should. I haven't fired it up in quite a while. My shoulder is feeling better and the weather is starting cooperate so it'll be getting a workout soon. I'll post some pics of it actually running. Pnut
  3. I've been saying I'd post a picture of my MARKIII style jabod when I rebuilt it and here it js. Keep in mind I just threw it together to get the point across. If I was meaning to fire it up I'd make ever level and I still need to cut a little slot for the tuyere to enter at a shallower angle but this is the general idea. Pnut
  4. pnut

    Forges 101

    Is there a reason it's not recommended for fiberboard?Personally I think the results were better on the fiberboard than on the blanket in my forge door. Possibly due to me putting it on too thick on the ceramic blanket. I've had no problems with it on the fiberboard. Pnut
  5. Those aren't opposing opinions. Frosty said no cement and I expanded on his statement by listing the proper materials to use. Exposed ceramic blanket is a health hazard. Pnut
  6. I'll not post any here but in the past I've made some pretty inventive anti theft devices. Ranging from something that would alert the whole neighborhood, just ruin your night, or all the way up to this is your last night on earth. Usually a klaxon and a strobe light is enough to deter any but the most determined thieves. Pnut
  7. pnut

    Spoiler alert

    A sharp clean file will always make the work easier. I need to invest in some quality files. I have some mediocre ones but I'd like to upgrade soon. Pnut I use muriatic acid then a file card and some talc on all the used files I buy. You'd be surprised how many of them just needed a good acid bath to bring them back to life.
  8. Ceramic blanket under a castable refractory like Kast-o-lite or Green Patch. Might want to add a coating of plistix too. Pnut
  9. Make tenons for the joinery. You might even get an excuse to make a monkey tool. Use a solid fuel forge to heat it. Isolated heat is one benefit of solid fuel. A ground forge will work for a one off project. Pnut
  10. I can't remember if I have a 3/4 or 1in. Sch.40 pipe as a tuyere. I also made it extra long because I thought it would burn away quickly. I think after a few years it's maybe two inches shorter. The clay protected it very well in the JABOD but most of the length that has burned off is from after I started using brick as a firepot. I don't drill through the bricks I just set it between two bricks with a split firebrick to fill the gap above the pipe. Pnut
  11. I have a no. 700 and it's similar but not exactly the same. I can post some pics of both sides of the blower if you'd like. Pnut
  12. If it stops sprinkling I'm going to grind the shank on a fuller to fit my anvil's hardy hole and maybe rework the wedges that hold my anvil to the stump. Pnut Do you do mail order sales? Pnut
  13. So did I. It took me a couple hours of having mediocre results till I piled some charcoal on and it clicked in my thick head that I was wasting more fuel by running my forge inefficiently. Pnut
  14. I had a setup like that with the box filled to the top and the bricks sitting on top like a Japanese forge and it worked great. Basically two walls just like the forge in the pic you posted Frazer. Pnut
  15. My first setup cost around ten bucks and that's because I bought a mattress pump new. . Pnut
  16. I didn't do anything. My shoulder is finally feeling a little better so I decided to try to get some little jobs done like some grinding with the angle grinder and drilling a few holes with the press. I found to my dismay that the landlord's husband rewired the outlet that was outside and put it on the other side of a locked door. I'm sure I can get the maintenance person to open the door for me but I was upset and thought it would be better to calm down before I asked about it lest I lose my temper. If all else fails I have a hundred foot extension cord and can just plug it in inside my apartment and run it out the side door. Hopefully that's not going to be necessary. Pnut
  17. It's certainly cheaper to buy remnants. I do the same. Unless I need something specific I'll just buy as many different sized remnants as they have. The place I go still doesn't have any steel with a higher carbon content than 1045. I guess they haven't had any large orders for anything higher. Pnut
  18. I enjoy hardware and decorative projects like leafs most. I enjoy making tools for those projects also. I need to get another coil spring so I can finish up the tooling from The Skills of a Blacksmith vol one and attempt a wizard bottle opener and hook. Pnut The garage across the street is open so I'll be walking over there shortly to see if he has any non coated coil springs on the scrap heap yet. I don't like messing with the coated ones. I'm not sure what they're coated with.
  19. It took me a couple builds before I settled on a good set up for me. It's pretty close to the MARKIII jabod with the exception that I have bricks on both sides of the firepot sometimes instead of just the tuyere side. Pnut
  20. With charcoal there's really no need to have the tuyere raised higher than the floor. With coal you want an inch or so below the tue for clinker to collect but with a brick firepot like that it can be level with the floor. Any fuel under the tue is being wasted. Check out the MARKIII jabod thread .https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/55467-mark-iii-jabod-forge/ Pnut
  21. Always check the remnant bin too. That's where most of my stock comes from. Pnut
  22. My forge uses one inch vacuum formed ceramic board coated in plistix and it works fine. It could be more fuel efficient I suppose but I have no complaints. The question you should ask is what trade offs are you willing to make. Pnut
  23. Mine has the open ended screwbox as well. I'd have to check on the leg though. I didn't pay much attention to it. Just wire wheeled it coated it with BLO and put it to use. It was in pretty good shape when I got it. Just surface rust and I wasn't worried about getting it back into like new condition. I was just happy to be able to put it to work. Pnut
  24. Yes indeed. I bring the forge, hose, and regulator into my apartment after it cools down so there's a slim chance it'll be infested and use the plastic cap that came on the tank. Pnut
  25. The dog days are also a good time to re coat anything that needs it in BLO so it can bake in the sun. I'm keeping my eye out for some copper to give chasing, raising, and repousse a go. Pnut
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