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  1. I angled the tuyere down a few degrees and experimented with fire depth until I figured it out. The angled tuyere made a big difference. Pnut
  2. Did anyone mention the time to forge the tools you'll need to forge the bottle opener?
  3. An auto parts store burned down about six months ago and I was looking at all of the charcoal with visions of glowing steel dancing in my head but I didn't want to ask someone who just lost their business if I could have any. I've gotten scrap auto parts from the garage they own behind the parts store but they were never overly friendly in the best of times so I didn't want to bother them in a time of stress. Pnut
  4. Truly sorry to hear that Thomas. Hopefully you'll be able to visit with her soon. My sister just had a mass removed from her lung Friday and I was concerned about her being in the hospital during this outbreak. Mythoughts are with you and your family. Pnut
  5. Condolences. You're family will be in my thoughts. Pnut
  6. I'm pretty sure that's what the doctor said I wss experiencing as a side effect of antibiotics destroying the flora in my digestive tract. . It was some sort of psedo colitis. I Icouldn't remember for the life of me what type of colitis though. I was glad to know it wasn't gall bladder issues but it's still unpleasant. Pnut
  7. I have one that looks like a reincarnated Carol Channing. I might send it your way so you can collaborate on a duet if it doesn't start pulling it's weight around here. Pnut
  8. A guy I used to work for plugged one in and didn't realize it was turned on. It ran up his pants leg doing some damage underneath. That's an extreme example but I give angle grinders the respect they deserve. I only use them if there's no equal alternative. Pnut
  9. I bet a ball hitch in the vise would work well for forming a cupping tool. As you said, attack it from where you're coming from. I just happen to have a ball hitch I've been using since I started not too long ago. Pnut
  10. I agree absolutely with the two above posts. PPE is a MUST no matter what motor you have a wire wheel or cup attached to. Pnut
  11. pnut

    Leg Vise Spring

    Well I thought I was feeling all right so I went and got some chain, 3/4in flat stock and all the other bits and pieces to get the leg vise and anvil mounted and the spring made. I wasn't feeling as up to the task as I first thought though so it looks like that's it for today. At least I gathered all the materials. The actual work will have to wait. Pnut
  12. I use my drill with a cup brush. Nice and slow and your completely out of the plane of rotation. Pnut
  13. Almost everything can be repurposed. I'm a hoarder only contained by my lack of space. I did just pay a years rent on a 10x10 storage unit though. It's only about a quarter or third full. Mwaa haha.. Pnut
  14. I thought about buying one of those but they only stock the four pounder in store and I truly hate ordering things online. The vise is coming along nicely Laynne. I've been sick so I've only managed to wire brush it and rub it with some BLO. Thanks again. Pnut
  15. For some reason the steel supplier near me hasn't had any high carbon steel in stock for a while. They've had 1045 and 1060 but nothing with higher carbon than that and don't seem to be able to say when they'll have it back in stock. Has anyone else had this problem with their local suppliers? Pnut
  16. Some people are just too laid back to lead. Plain and simple. I'm pretty soft-spoken and it took me owning my own assembly business at twenty years old to get over not wanting to be seen as "pushy". I still struggle with it at times. Pnut
  17. You can make vice grips much more useful by welding bits to the jaws of the vice grips. When I get access to a welder I'm going to weld bits on a few more pairs. I was having problems with the vise grips not making contact with the stock and creating a swivel point. The bits welded to the jaws stopped it from happening. Even with the bits welded to the jaws a pair of fitted tongs and tong ring is still preferable for me. Pnut
  18. Since you said it's substantially cheaper I hope you've already bought it. One thing I've learned the hard way is that good deals won't wait for you. I hope you get it if you haven't already done so. Pnut
  19. Buy it and look into what a ducks nest is. You can form a firepot from clay. I wouldn't sit around too long or you'll miss out. Pnut
  20. Is that a comparable price to others in your area? Just about six months ago 60-80 USD was about the going rate here. They jumped in price by double since then. Unless they usually are cheaper than that I don't see any obvious red flags. Pnut
  21. pnut

    Leg Vise Spring

    I agree. I don't know what happened to the acorn on this particular vise. It's cut cleanly at about a 45 degree angle. I have had some rather unfortunate side effects from an antibiotic I was taking for an oral infection and have been feeling terrible and haven't been able to leave the house in a few days. I think I'm feeling better but I thought the same thing yesterday until I went through the trouble of getting ready and then couldn't leave. Hopefully I'll be able to do some things I've been putting off for days. Fingers crossed. Pnut
  22. I finally bit the bullet and created a new account after a ten year divorce from Facebook. If you wouldn't mind sending me the name of your Page I'd really like to join or take a look. Thanks Pnut
  23. Bamsite has a free downloadable PDF. I think it's printable even. Pnut
  24. I'm so sorry. At least you did the unselfish thing. Time is the only salve for this wound. Take care. Pnut
  25. pnut

    Leg Vise Spring

    Just the acorn. As for whether I need it. It's not going to be in a permanent spot and I didn't want it to mushroom or degrade so if I can friction fit something on the end I will. I didn't take a real good look at the actual size but I have some acorn lugnuts that reminded me of the part that was missing. If it fits great. If not on to something else. Pnut
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