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  1. I like the smell of coal too. When I use charcoal there's not much odor good or bad. A gas forge does make heating long sections easier. I don't have much experience using a gas forge though. The little I have used one made it obvious that there's certain things a gas forge is better suited to and others where solid fuel is better. I would like to have both but it's going to be a while before I can make it happen. Pnut
  2. I can find no manufacturer info on whether the metal ring faces the machine or not. The only thing I could find is that is where the manufacturing date is located. Pnut
  3. I do agree that people can do whatever they want to do to their property and it's really no ones business. In this particular case though ,they're not living with it ,they're trying to sell it to someone who may or may not know how much damage has been done to it. Hopefully they're being honest with whomever they're trying to sell it to. I use a vertical rail and am happy to have it, but I would like to have a German or London pattern anvil ,so it does make me a little bummed to see an anvil that might have been usable turned into something unusable. Oh well there's more anvils out there. I just have to go out and look for them. Pnut
  4. Have you considered charcoal? It makes a clean fire and was the fuel for most of the history of blacksmithing. Each forge will consume propane at a different rate depending on the efficiency of construction and insulation and what you are working on not to mention how the burner is designed and constructed. Pnut
  5. Salmon ladders are used on the TV show American Ninja warrior. If you Google those search terms a lot of pictures and info comes up. Pnut
  6. Me too. I periodically use a bow and drill just to keep in practice but not for a forge fire. If I don't use the torch I loosely wad up a piece of paper bag and light it and put a couple of small pieces of charcoal on and around it with the air barely on till the charcoal catches good and then I put a few scoops of charcoal on and turn the air up some more and get going. Pnut
  7. 671jungle , good find. I'm glad it was found by someone who can use them and appreciate them. What's the odds? Pnut
  8. I can and have started fires with a bow and drill,striker and steel, magnifying glasses but I prefer to use the time and energy to work steel. There's no difference to me between using a match, lighter, or torch. I agree it is a skill that should be learned, but fire is a tool,and I use it like one. It's good to know as many ways as possible to get a fire going just like draw filing a knife is a good skill to have, but I would prefer to use a belt grinder. Just my two cents worth. Respectfully, Pnut
  9. I agree Frosty, I thought slack tub was the term and would have kept the confusion to a minimum. I have enough trouble keeping words straight in my damaged head. I unfortunately do have to substitute words frequently and it bothers me. If I want to finish a thought though it sometimes has to be done. The more tired or fatigued I get the worse it becomes. Isn't TBI fun? Pnut
  10. Indeed, the carvings do bear quite the resemblance to Phoenician vessels. I've heard this theory bandied about for at least the last ten or fifteen years. I even seen a television series about a geologist that would do analysis of stone carvings and inscriptions did an episode about it. I think that was the first I had heard about it. Very interesting. You are right it could be put to rest fairly quickly with isotope analysis. It may have been done by now, I haven't actively done any hunting for info in a long while. Pnut
  11. Yep, if you use a cut off wheels enough you're bound to have some fail. The guards are there for a reason. It didn't get you did it? Pnut
  12. The weep hole is for steam to escape during drying and use. Pnut
  13. pnut

    Sanmai Gyuto

    I haven't been able to resize pics either. I do everything I'm supposed to do and the file size never changes so I haven't been able to post any pictures. It worked the first few times but not anymore. I have an old phone that has been acting strange so it's probably the phone. Pnut
  14. I use a jumpstarter/power station to power the electric mattress pump I use for the air supply to my forge. Unfortunately the 120v outlet doesn't have enough amps to run much else. It will only power things under six amps. I found a little generator at horrible freight for 95 bucks that I've been thinking about buying. It's not much bigger than the jumpstarter. Pnut
  15. Propane or mapp torch and lump charcoal is probably the easiest way to go. Use the torch to light the charcoal and the charcoal to light the coal. At the end of the day make sure to keep some breeze (coke) to light the next fire. Pnut
  16. I thought I mentioned speculation about this very thing but going back and reading my post I did not. Oh well. Thanks for the link to the article. Pnut
  17. That's too bad. It would have been the simplest solution. Pnut
  18. I made a wind turbine in school using an ac motor from a treadmill. It was very simple and would definitely power a blower. It's been thirty years ago. I don't remember if an automobile alternator was involved. I got the plans from mother Earth news. Pnut
  19. It seems like when I'm tired the aphasia gets much more pronounced. Thanks , JHCC. Pnut
  20. Very interesting. Coincidentally I was just reading about copper mining in pre 1600 North America, in the Michigan, Minnesota, Canadian border region of modern day U.S. Pnut
  21. I haven't considered that. It's an intriguing idea though and definitely warrants some further research. Depending on location there's many options for powering your blower/shop. Wind powered generators arent very complicated but is location dependent as is water power. Solar is much more complicated than any of the other options but is worth looking into. I'm going to do some research on the system you described. Thanks for posting this as I'm unfamiliar with this method of generating power. Pnut
  22. Getting close to being done. You should have pulled everybody's leg for a while and said no it is butter, you told me to butter it first! I was just doing what you said. I spent two hours spreading country Crock on it. Pnut
  23. I see you mentioned RR timbers. If they are in fact timbers from the RR they will be coated in some nasty stuff. I'm having some word selection issues lately I want to say it's creosote but It doesn't sound right. Just be aware that the tarry substance on RR ties is carcinogenic. Pnut
  24. You can make the fire deeper with a few well placed bricks. Google ducks nest iforgeiron. Pnut
  25. That's a nice anvil. Looks bigger than 109# in the pictures. I'm a fan of this this style of anvil. Looks like drawing out would be quick on that horn. Pnut