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  1. Thanks for posting this George. It is a fascinating and educational read. Farriers spend so much time with these animals that they learn them even closer. Like having any animal you are around and handle constantly, you get a feel that others don't. Vets are important, but a farrier will come to know nuances that a vet may not unless they themselves spend a lot of time with them one on one. Good relationship between the two should make for happy, healthy horses I would think. But anyway, thanks again for posting
  2. I'll do that sometimes and think, why didn't you do that before?! But now that it's done, I'm sure you'll be turning them out even faster. Love seeing your updates
  3. That's a great looking eye. You're building up quite the collection of hammers you've forged. I like the tools you've got posted above. Your really cranking out good stuff.
  4. Haha I figured you just misread it. But I'm glad you're always in a good mood!
  5. I think she's referring to the picture you posted of the snow and is asking what altitude your place is sitting at
  6. My biggest dog is like that. She is a Cane Corso ( Italian mastiff) and she tries to take over the little bed that belongs to my doxie. And she can barely fit in it. I don't get it
  7. I agree with irondragon. Be proud of it as you should be
  8. That is a beautiful piece to me Chris. Congratulations on your first forged blade. Keep them coming
  9. We call osage orange, Bois' Darc here. It makes for a very tough handle and turns a beautiful color with a boiled linseed oil rub. It will stain your hands though
  10. No and not easy to cut down either. I have one we started trying to cut and it's still sitting there intact