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  1. I didn't have a concern about the handle itself. I was just thinking if the tool doesn't work the way it is, you can adjust it. If it comes apart, you've added some learning to your data base and will know more towards making a better one. That's how I've learned a lot is trial and error.
  2. Chris, that's a pretty little twist on the handle of your flatter. I don't know how it will work, but you can always modify it to suit your needs. Nice work. bobasaurus, that's about the niceset shoehorn I've ever seen.
  3. My heart and prayers go out to ýou. I'll be glad when this covid thing is done. I got to see my mother once in two months before she died because of it. Hopefully, these restrictions will relax and you can be more free to do what you need to do. Prayers going out for your mother also
  4. Well, hopefully it'll be worthy of showing A nice strop like you made would be much better than the belt I use. Especially for a straight razor. Don't own one of those as I have no need for one obviously and my husband keeps a beard
  5. That thing is in the scrap pile. I'd spend more time explaining what's wrong than what's right with it. The ring and the tab were great. But from the neck down, it has serious issues! I've got to make a run to the metal sales and get some stock better suited for it. Good work on the hardware for the strop. I need to get one of those. I use an old belt to strop knives with
  6. I'm not a knife maker or a sheath maker so I can offer no criticism. But I can sure say that's a beauty. That sheath is pretty slick also. Very good looking work
  7. alexandr, there seems to be no limit to your skills. Very nice. There is however, a limit to MY skills... Frazer, if you read this, it was a big fail in the shop today. Usually I don't mind showing anything I make, but I don't even want to show this opener. I did learn what I need to do for next time I think, so it's not a failure, but a learning experience to be more positive. Just a design change is in order.
  8. I know young goats act like 3 year olds, so you may be on to something there Frazer Until we put up a fence, I spent half my time chasing everyone out. No cats for me. My dogs aren't very nice to them...
  9. I agree with Thomas. If it works for you, that makes it a good handle. I left a bit of a bulb in the middle of my main forging hammer handle and I've used it like that for about a year and half. But I'm considering shaving that down now. The way I work has evolved and that bulb isn't working for me as well as it once did. I think that's the way it is for all blacksmithing. The more you do, the more you develop your own way so there's no one size fits all
  10. Yep, my mountain climbing days are over, but nothing wrong with admiring the view from a distance My scenery is mostly goats and chickens trying to get in the shop while I'm working. I don't know why they want in there so bad. I have two doors and the roll up door and we put removable fencing up in front of all of them to keep them out. Every now and then, a chicken will sneak in there and I all can think of is I don't want to smell fried chicken all of a sudden
  11. I saw it and I like it very much! I am doing well. Thank you. It makes me happy to have inspired someone. If you think of something else, please give it a go and show it off. I'm going to try and get out today and work out another idea and see how it goes
  12. Oh nice! Soon you'll get to put that hammer to work.
  13. Thanks Thomas. I'll have to compare it to mild
  14. Is there a way you can tell it's wrought without just cutting it up and forging it? Maybe a vinegar soak or something? I have a big wagon wheel with the spokes and the hub. If it were wrought iron, I'd be willing to disassemble it and forge it. But I'd rather leave it intact if not. I also was given a horseshoe that was found on a 100+ year old farm and I thought maybe it's wrought iron. Definitely hand forged and I don't want to ruin it either for nothing
  15. Good to know. Thanks for that information. That flint striker looks pretty cool though
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