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  1. I think sometimes I'd like to forge outside. That's the only thing I don't like about being inside a shop is I still get cooped up feeling. But I'd have to build a fence or something to keep the goats and chickens out. I already have a little fence barrier in front of the doors to the shop to keep them out. I like my current stand, but I think if I build another one, I'd like to have it be adjustable.
  2. I hear you on the rain Shabumi. Same here. Your stand looks really nice. Do you forge outside?
  3. JHCC, your forge looks great. It looks like it will withstand anything you throw at it. Welshj, nice work. Door pulls were some of the very first things I forged also. It was fun wasn't it? Keep it up
  4. Texas is on stay at home orders now. From what I hear, everything is closing by 5-7 PM now. I remember when things closed early and even wal mart was closed on Sunday's. Our current state reminds me of the way things were when I was a little kid in so many ways
  5. I have small hands so with a store bought handle I have to do quite a bit of shaping and removing for it to be comfortable for me. I leave it a bit flared on the end also. It's 39 here and raining. I'm sick to death of the rain
  6. CtG, your dinner looks good. I'm not a great cook, but I'm decent. I find myself cooking a lot more than I was with everyone home in the evening now. I've been scouring my cookbooks and you tube videos for recipes using what we have on hand for nice meals for us. Some nights are sandwich nights to conserve the good stuff. I was given a sourdough bread starter a couple of weeks ago and I made the first bread I've ever made in my life as much as I hate to admit that. But there is something very satisfying about making things from scratch and using meat and eggs and produce you've raised and grown yourself. My daughter made the comment that one good thing that may come out of this is a whole generation of people that didn't know how to, wil learn to cook. Both of my kids are good cooks. It's what my son does for a living so I've learned good things from him. My bread came out good and he was proud of it. He said, " My mom can blacksmith AND bake bread! What can your mom do!?"
  7. I like the swirly looking pattern on it. That's going to look real nice
  8. I have scars and injuries from a variety of things as well as smithing But probably the weirdest one is a little knotty feeling scar on my left hand pointer finger I got when I was about 7 or 8 years old from a parakeet bite...
  9. That's a great looking hammer. I'd be proud to own it except closer to a for me! Very nice
  10. We can't hardly keep up with the demand for eggs. I only had 7 when a lady stopped by today, but she still wanted them. Our current layers aren't spring chickens anymore . They aren't quite as productive, but those girls definitely earn their keep. And nearly as soon as we post up rabbits for sale, they go. People are coming from Oklahoma a lot for them because they are saying they can't find meat rabbits near them anywhere. Got a guy coming from Norman today. Another guy who lives in Florda will be coming through this week from Colorado to pick up some. I hate the circumstances that are causing it, but business is booming. I love my chickens too, Chris. The young ones won't be laying till June or July. But hopefully, this will be at an end by then.
  11. arkie, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it very much
  12. Im glad you have a place to go and another smith to talk shop with. I don't know anybody personally that Smith's. If I talk shop, most folks have no clue what I'm talking about and I feel like it's probably boring to them. But they are usually fascinated by it so I keep jabbering away
  13. Thank you Jennifer. I've been thinking about introducing some more elaborate chisel work. I used my little HF needle files for this. The fork will get the same treatment. Admittedly, I had to do a lot more cleanup on the knife shape than I aimed for. I haven't forged anything in about 2 weeks, so I was a little off. You get a lot of credit for me learning how to do all three of the items shown as well as most work I do. I can't thank you enough. pnut, it's raining here too. I hope you get to put your forge together quickly. Im sure you're having withdrawals!
  14. I'm still tagging along Justin. You're are getting so good at what you do. I'm continually very impressed with your work and dedication
  15. I do Chris. It's been in my care for several years. And thank you JHCC. I'm glad you got some shop time in also