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  1. That too. But in this instance, everyone knows who they are getting something from. It's kind of important to me this year because I went with my father in law up to Kansas about a month ago to his Grandmothers funeral. She was 105! Anyway, there had been long standing bad feelings and I never really met anyone from there. After finally meeting them for the first time, I'm really excited about being able to put a face to a name and make something with my own hands for them.
  2. I have a couple of hammer handles made from Bois' D'Arc. What Ranchmanben said about it staining your hands, he's not joking. Plus it's hard stuff to shape
  3. SLAG Of course! It's just a list where everyone in the family is randomly assigned another family member to get a gift for. My mother-in- law has tasked me with making the adults something from the Texas branch of the family. I've always heard it called "Chinese Christmas" growing up. I'm not sure why:)
  4. I learned to make these from John Switzer/ Black Bear Forge on you tube. I'm going to make several more for my husbands family in Kansas. They do a Chinese Christmas exchange and most of them love hand made items.
  5. I wanted to be a farrier to start out with. Then I messed up my knee, and that went out the window. Making knives was appealing to me. But as I started picking up on books ( and my husband found I Forge Iron), I began to really look at blacksmithing as a whole. You can make artful pieces and useful pieces as well. I can draw, with graphite being my chosen medium, but I don't like being stuck in the house for hours doing it anymore. Gets a little depressing without some sunlight and fresh air. With blacksmithing, I can have the best of both worlds. With the added bonus of putting in good, old fashioned hard work. Since I am new to this, I'm sure I wouldn't be considered a "blacksmith". When would I get that honor? I don't know. But I do know that when I am doing anything that has to do with it, I am completely immersed in it. That is a place away from all the cares of the world. And even if what I make at this moment isn't technically perfect, I'm still happy to make it. And I know the more I work at it, the better I will become at it
  6. Time management is a biggie for me. Household chores, farm chores, miscellaneous chores. And my MIL depends on me a lot as she doesn't get around very well. Now working in forge time. Seems like everything is on a time constraint, which is common to everyone I'm sure. Just figuring it out a little at a time
  7. Never underestimate a rabbit either...they aren't all cuddly, little bunny foo foo
  8. Nice work everyone! I got some time in yesterday, but wasn't vey successful. I haven't been feeling too great, and it really shows. But on to today. I made this hammer handle from some Boise' D'Arc my husband had cut out for me. Dressed the face and peen. Got some linseed oil on it. Dressed a chisel that's working better for the veins on leaves. Made a leaf keychain and showed my husband how to the best I can, not being real great at it myself. I'm sure he will be along to post his work. Anyway, good days work. Hope everyone has a good day:)
  9. As Mr. Stevens said, there are many here who deal with struggles. You can feel free to talk. We will listen. Sometimes all you need is to be able to talk. Blacksmithing has been very therapeutic for me. When I get out to the shop, the rest of the world and its worries fade away.
  10. Indeed the box stores are expensive. I just got a 72" long 3/8 "hot rolled round rod. 7 bucks. I'm going to try to utilize every bit of that. If you can find something you can use at a scrapyard, it'll be much cheaper. Plus foraging in a scrapyard is just fun. You never know what you'll find
  11. I use mostly hot rolled bars that you can get at metal yards or shorter rods you can get at places like Tractor Supply or Attwods. I'm sure you can get it at other farm and ranch stores. Those are just close to me here. Look in scrapyards also. I'm sure someone will be along soon that can tell you better than I can.
  12. I see you are fellow Texan! Welcome to IFI
  13. Welcome to IFI. I'm very new to this also. You have more of an advantage than you realize from what your grandfather has taught you. I have read and studied for a long while, but due to some unfortunate turns in life, I'm just recently actually doing something. Listen to all the great people on this site combining hundreds of years of knowledge. Dig in and read. There is so much to learn here that it will make your head spin. Don't worry about what tools you don't have. I'm learning that as well. Make do with what you do have and get there and learn by doing. As Frosty says " Welcome to the addiction!" He's right
  14. JHCC, that is a great looking design you have. Here is my work for the day. Straightened out a couple of wonky horseshoe hearts. Made some leaf key rings. These are the third and fourth ones I've made. Obviously I need to work on veining them better. I'm just happy I can do it at all. Made this giant J hook. Shouldn't do heavier pieces when you're already tired. I worked long enough that my anvil is very uncomfortably hot and my quench bucket water is super hot. A good day in the shop. Have a great day everyone:)
  15. Sorry for such a late response, but he's on the list