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  1. Really nice work! I would comment more, but my phone is about to die so I wanted to get a comment in real quick befor it does!
  2. I don't know. Probably not much better than the expletives that came out of my mouth when I started seeing them! I ran one over with my truck and I thought it probably didn't kill it. But I found it a couple days later. That thing was about 2 ft. long. From what I read, that's pretty big for a copperhead. And yes sir. I have high boots. I wear them more often now than I ever have. Chimaera, I found a frog in the conex box where we keep the feed at this morning. Looked like the frogs in your picture. Sort of greenish gray. I saw what I thought was chicken poop. Weird since no chickens hav
  3. Frosty, you're supposed to yell, "Hey bear!" real loud. That's what they do on tv. We have copperheads here at the new place. And tons of oak leaves that are perfect cover for them. I hardly ever saw a snake at the old place. Let alone poisonous ones like that. I was mowing trying to clean up the wild overgrowth. Came back and parked the mower. Next day, I was walking up to the mower and about had heart failure. There lay about a 14" long copperhead. Then realized it was dead and cut up. I guess it got caught up in the mower. I hope we can get this all maintained enough to cut down on tho
  4. BillyBones, congratulations on the new edition! She's precious. I was cleaning out the loafing shed I'm thinking of using for my smithy the other day and I found a mummified rat in a plastic bag... made me think of your awesome little mouse. My rat would not be as cute as your mouse though Nice work from all you guys. Y'all are getting better and better all the time
  5. I hear you. I don't know what I'd do without my critters. I might wither and die. Very nice knives. I envy you being able to forge yourself a matching set of kitchen knives. I don't think I have what it takes even though Jennifer in particular and other generous IFI'ers have gone to great lengths to try to help me. I like your work very much. I look forward to seeing your progress on the knives and all the other wonderful things you'll post here
  6. Justin, it is a joy to follow your work. I wish I was half as good a smith as you are. The barbecue fork is killer.
  7. Unfortunately I don't have that much shop stuff, so mine wasn't that big of a deal to move. My tools pretty much fit in a few buckets and my hammers and files and things like that are in a box. My anvil and propane tank were the only two bigger things. All my material was unwieldy because I have a lot of 10' lengths of different steel and some odd shaped stuff. And the goats haven't found any escape routes thankfully. Although one day I was going out to feed and one goat shot out of the gate along with about half of the 53 chickens. Then another goat and another goat... and I was home by mysel
  8. Sorry I haven't been on but it's heartwarming y'all missed me. Moving was not fun, easy or smooth. God forbid we ever rent again, but I'd never get so entrenched in a rented place ever again. We had help from a few guys in a group that Tommie is in that are dedicated to helping others out and that was great. They volunteered some time when they could and these guys live a good distance away. Other than that, it was mostly about 4 of us. I'll make a thread about the new place if y'all are interested. Congratulations on your new place as well Frazer. I'm glad it wasn't winter when we were moving
  9. Aw, thank you Dan and George. I haven't even had time to lurk very much. But had a bit of time last night and saw Frazers' post and wanted to let him know that he's doing great. He's been kind to me and I had to compliment him And yes, it's been a good and bad year both. Definitely the strangest of my life. Hope all of you are doing well
  10. Right on. I know you have to be careful with RR property. I bought spikes I think for around 38 cents (US) a pound. Can't remember. I have more spikes than I'll probably ever use in my lifetime. Don't know what I was thinking
  11. Do you know of any scrapyards near a train station? We have two and both are full of spikes, track and track plate and probably other rail parts and pieces that I have no idea what they are. That may be an option to check out
  12. I'm a right hander when it comes to writing and things like that, but I do most everything else left handed. Counting money and operating a fishing pole, which is set left handed comes to mind right off the top. I tend to use my left leg more. I can write left handed and it's legible, but feels odd. My Dad was ambidextrous and could write beautifully with either hand. He had the prettiest handwriting of any man I've every seen
  13. I have read this many times. I must be fortunate because my steel supplier doesn't charge me to cut. I generally buy a 20' stick and have it cut in half. Any other cutting I do myself with a hacksaw or the chop saw, depending on size
  14. I love the trivet also Justin. Really good stuff as I've come to expect from ýou. Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. But I've been keeping up with your progress. You're really good
  15. That is great news. So nice to hear good things especially in the times we are living in. Prayers won't stop
  16. I think I got burned and cauterized all at once. Neat looking scar from it though. Kinda looks like a bird
  17. I have several little scars from burns. Mostly scale landing somewhere. Including on the back of my neck. I thought it was a mosquito until it kept getting more intense. The best one however, is on my upper thigh. It is the perfect outline of the boss and rivet from a pair of tongs... I don't suggest wearing jeans with holes in them while forging
  18. I'm so happy that you are posting pictures of your work. I know you're particular about things just like I am and you think sometimes it's not good enough to show. I encourage everyone to show their work. Wherever you are on your journey is, well, where you're at at the time. I show the good, the bad and the ugly with few exceptions. Those are right nice looking little tongs. You're doing great
  19. I used to hate filing and felt that if I were a better smith, I wouldn't have to file. Over time though, I came to actually enjoy filing. Especially in artistic pieces. Don't get me wrong, I avoid it if I can because it's time consuming and I have very little of that to spare. But it can sure refine a piece very nicely and no shame in it
  20. Nice assortment of hammers. I didn't know Nordic Forge made hammers. Nordic Forge branded horseshoes are my favorite ones to forge out of all the old shoes I have. I set those aside when I come across them. May have to check out one of their hammers now.
  21. It's looking real good Jennifer. Long time coming, but it's taking shape nicely. You'll be teaching befor you know it
  22. Er, no. I am definitely not THAT committed. Thomas must be one tough hombre
  23. Thank you. I'll try to get a picture for scale next time I'm there. It won't need to move far. There is a private road up to the house that it sits beside. Just needs to be closer to the county road to be seen better
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