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  1. Laynne, it seems like I always manage to post right after Alexandr... Speaking of which, beautiful work Alexandr
  2. Ooo pictures would be great! I'd love to see what you've made
  3. Good advice pnut. Asking is a very good idea in rural country for two reasons. One, yes, lots of folks have rusty treasure laying around and two, you don't want to be perceived as trespassing in the country! That can be a bad deal. So just be careful where you go. If you know someone as pnut said, you may be loaded up with more than you can handle if you tell them you're wanting to smith. My husband mentioned to one of his coworkers that I smith and he said he's got some old farriers rasps and files he's going send my way. I'll have to make him something as a thank you. Enjoy your journey into the world of blacksmithing. It's more fun than you can even imagne
  4. It looks very good to me. Good luck and I hope you get it and at a good price. Don't let yourself get gouged though. I paid $7.70 (USD)a lb. for a new cast steel anvil and that was the second best price I could find on it. The best priced one was a company that I'd never head of and their website felt kind of off to me. Anyway, hope this helps give you an idea of new verses used prices. That's why I decided to just get a new one
  5. I just got caught up watching videos this link leads to. They are so fascinating to watch even though I don't understand a thing they are saying. The anvil and nail header set ups are great that are in some of the videos. Too bad it's so late or I'd keep watching. Just have to resume tomorrow
  6. Thanks Frosty. My interpretation of what I saw made. You put a candle in front of them and they cast a dancing shadow on the wall.
  7. Thank you Jennifer! The horseshoe S hook idea came from hearts that didn't come out quite right. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this, but I was trying to think of a use for them. So I thought I'd cut them in half and make hooks. Still working on the form though. I try to keep the nail fullers intact and it's a little tricky for me to make them curve right without closing up too much of the fuller. I am trying for forged to finish to lessen work. Probably takes me a lot more time forging though because I fiddle with things a lot. But thank you again for the compliments
  8. Sorry the weather is acting up and my signal is weak. It loaded two of the same picture and I didn't know it
  9. Great work from everybody. Ausfire, your longhorn heads are perfect! Well, here's some of what I've done over the last week. The big Halloween critter I started yesterday and finished today. Inspired by John Switzer who was inspired by Mitchell Jacobsen. Not shown are the two attempts at tong making... really bad.
  10. Church window is what I've always heard also. I have a friend who wants one of those and he's been talking about making a trip to where ( I think) Old World Anvils is located to buy one. He wants us to come along for the ride. I'd love to, but I can't get that far away
  11. Ýou showed me that picture once and that is something I'm considering, irondragon. Thanks for the idea
  12. It was a retired farrier that gave me my last big batch of shoes. I'm going to make him something nice for Christmas I think. There are a few draft horse shoes in the mix. I've never worked the big ones before so I was thinking maybe something nice out of those for him. I hope he'll like whatever I decide on. I offered to pay for them, but he didn't want the money. Just said to make something nice out of them
  13. Yeah that's a good idea Glenn. I also think the keychains would do well. My kids used to make or buy me keychains when they were little. I still have all of them. Quick and easy to make with a simple design as well
  14. What a great gift Jonnytait! I have been given a lot in my life by many people and I'm thankful for everything. If we are speaking in blacksmithing terms, I've been given so much education and advice from the good folks here on IFI and on the internet that is priceless. I'd never be able to pay it back. I've gotten things for my birthday and Christmas. A gas forge a couple of christmases ago and I've gotten tongs and a twisting wrench. I've tried making two pairs of tongs for larger stock recently and neither of them have come out very well... my birthday is next month, so if asked, probably some tongs. My mother in law is one of my biggest supporters besides my husband and she's been the recipient of lots of my work. I've been given material to work with, but most has been horseshoes. I started out buying them and they get expensive real quick. Used ones are better for their unique character anyway. But I have forged a lot of them into things and I still have probably 80 or more in the bucket. Thanks to everyone here for contributing to my growth as a smith and as a person
  15. I think the kids may like hand forged goods. My 6 year old nephew loves to look at my work and asks lots of questions about how I made things. I made him a horseshoe heart hook that he hangs his back pack on and he seems real proud of it.
  16. It made me angry to read about what's being done to you, BGD. If people would just tend to their own biscuits, these things wouldn't happen. I was thinking I wish I knew of some legal action you could take, so I'm glad George N.M. has at least some idea to offer you. I hope and pray everything goes in your favor.
  17. There are about a bajillion different kinds of chickens I think. He's pretty whatever he may be My rooster nearly became chicken and dumplings a few months back. He decided he would try to flog me when I'd go in to feed. He hit my leg so hard once, it felt like a hot nail. When I took off my muck boots, I found blood dripping down a hole in my leg and a huge bruise. It left a hole in my boot. Normally, that would be the end of the road for a rooster, but he and I came to an understanding after a few confrontations... Now, he will eat out of my hand and he looks after his hens very well.
  18. I had a Vulcan that was a lot smaller and broken on the tail and tip of the horn. It wasn't the best by any means, but it enabled me to smith and make many things. I think for that price, you did well. And I bet it will serve you just fine.
  19. MurphyD, great looking rooster. My rooster is molting and he only has one of his long tail feathers left. He looks so funny. What breed is he? We raise Buff Orpingtons currently.
  20. Well, I got started started late in the game, so I may never acquire the skill level you have. But I'll get to be the best I can be. I hear you on the gimpy thing. I've been in the shop the last two days after about a week pause. My hands aren't feeling great and my feet are fussing at me. I try to get out there more and stay in shape, but things come up a lot. But I'm thankful for whatever time I do get
  21. Jennifer When I get to be a full grown blacksmith, I wanna be just like you Congratulations ýou deserve 1st place
  22. Irondragon and JHCC, I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved pets. I have several critters who are getting on in years and I dread the prospects. All three of my dogs aren't spring chickens anymore. My sympathies to you both
  23. Right on, Das. My sentiments exactly. I used to love listening to the old timers, but most that I knew are gone now. It was like talking to my Grandpa. I haven't had grand parents in a long time. I didn't even ask him about tools. Just the shoes and told him I'd be interested in his forges. It was a very positive experience and I miss hearing stories of days gone by. My mother's memory isn't real good anymore, but I still get little bits of stories from her. I'll make him something out of the shoes he gave me. Maybe we can chat again with no time constraints