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  1. I will check it out. Woodworking and blacksmithing seem to go hand in hand
  2. In general, I liked the video. But he asked about music. I just don't like it very much in any kind of video like that. He was speedy and worked faster than I do. I'm sure it takes courage to put yourself out there. And I envy his anvil. It's very nice
  3. Ah you reload and cast projectiles too? Another reason for me to like you We actually have a sizable shop but a lot of stuff in it. Drill press, table saw, wood lathe etc. Two chicken brooders in the corner and my lawnmower. I can't even think of everything. So my smithy is located in the far corner away from everything else. I use the table saw to rack my hammers on because the frame around it is perfect for holding them
  4. Looks nice. I'm not an expert on building a forge or a stand for it, so I have no real input. Mine is on an old barbecue grill stand and a piece of sheet metal. Looks like a good size shop. My space is probably a quarter of that. Hope your still having fun with it!
  5. I didn't think of that. Thanks for pointing that out. Hopefully this will prevent someone from getting burned altogether
  6. That would certainly stop me . I hot shoed myself once. Had a horseshoe in the vice and wasn't thinking and grabbed it. Took a microsecond to let it go. Reiterating a safety lesson, kids: Treat all metal in the shop like it's still hot. Even a black heat can be incredibly hot. Glenn had just told me how to treat burns on your fingers or hands a couple days before this. Put them in water and leave it. Not just until it feels better, but long enough to dissipate the heat. Even if you have to go to the hospital, keep soaking it. It works. I had my hand in a cup for probably an hour. Burned the inside of my thumb, index and middle finger. It hardly hurt at all. It barely blistered and healed quickly. Don't touch anything unless you are positive it's cool enough to touch. No touchy!
  7. No truer words have ever been spoken... thank you for the run down on making those shoes Steve. I agree with Frosty and Thomas although I didn't know how to state it as well as they did. You said it's on you tube and so it needs some music. That depends on if it's entertainment or meant to be instructional. If meant purely for entertainment the music is probably good. If not, music bad. At least for those of us who are viewing to learn. Thomas put it better though
  8. I can handle it if it's more muted. I know not everybody can talk while forging, but I like that also. I'm always in my shop alone so I never have anyone to talk to. Don't know how hard it would be to do that
  9. Oh my...your work is stunning. It definitely needs to be seen everywhere. Soldier at the motorcycle is my favorite, but they are all equally incredible to look at
  10. I personally don't like any kind of music in an instructional video. It makes it harder for me to concentrate on what's being taught. I don't play music in my own shop either. I used to, but then decided that was too distracting also.
  11. Beloved it or not, I haven't tried a horse head yet. But I think I'll give it a go
  12. No. I think everybody around came to think it was just normal for me. Or just being polite? I had what I called my" goat clothes". Also good for for the holes they chewed in them
  13. Thank you Glenn. I remember having a conversation with you about how to move heavy objects like an anvil easily. Good information to have. Irondragon I think I need to hang out with your wife. She sounds like a pretty cool chic
  14. I always just scrubbed the visible and very sticky stuff off my hands with hot water first, then a good scrubbing with dawn detergent. I think it worked. But I was probably nose blind to it. I may have still smelled bucky . I had a buck who was real lovable (he's my avatar picture) and he would walk up and rub away on me. Hard to get it out off your clothes also
  15. Thank you Billy and Chris. That's what I figure is they probably appeal more ro women. I made some with darker colors and camo patterns for the guys. They seemed to like them
  16. Thank you. I know it's not a new idea or anything but I enjoy making them
  17. Thank you for the valuable information Jennifer. I'll have to check more closely about what may be around here. And thanks to you too Chris. For fear of hijacking this thread, I'll post something that I have done and am currently in the process of making more. And my hearts look better now so I have hope that maybe they can be marketable. I gave several as Christmas presents and they were well recieved. Any critiques or suggestions welcome
  18. Good job Billy Bones. I've not attempted weapons unless you count a horseshoe "letter opener" Jennifer: I don't know anyone who does this and the closest association to me is The Salt Fork Craftsmen I think. Still a bit of distance from me. I'm thankful for IFI and excellent teaching videos by generous people like yourself. It'll help me to post projects on What Did You Do On The Shop Today without being too embarrassed
  19. I wish I had been a lot younger when I started. Those hinges are beautiful. I'm going to watch the video tonight and get the wheels of progress going. I have a box full of stuff because I'm never satisfied with what I make either. But with help like yours maybe that will change
  20. Ironpp It's good you're getting out there and doing something. I have no hands on teaching. Mostly what I've learned is from here on IFI and from select videos and some book learning. But it doesn't really kick in until ýou do it with your own hands. And you might figure out some things that you didn't read or see first. Enjoy it and nice tongs.
  21. Gave me a good chuckle! Thanks Frosty