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  1. I really like that Nihil. Good job, I'd say. Bet she was tickled!!!!!
  2. I don't intend to weld inside, Glen. I made a 25' extension cord for moving the welder outside. The "extra" I mentioned was only about 18" so we can go back and wire up a sub-panel.
  3. My electrician came by today to address a problem with our Heat and Air unit. Asked him to show me how to hook up this 220 wiring "all legal and proper". We discussed leaving a whole lot of extra wire on the outlet end so we could come back later (when I have the funds) to put in a sub panel as you suggested Steve. But this will work fine until that time comes. Checked it out and my Tombstone turns on, no problem. Thanks for all the help, i.e. suggestions/comments/insults and kindly curmudgeon-ing.
  4. No sub panel, Steve. I don't have the money for that luxury. I basically live on a Social Security check. The line runs from the breaker box in my wood working shop to the forge where the outlet will be. When I win the lottery, I'll have an electrician out to wire everything all fancy like. For right now, I need the 220v outlet working so I can run my welder. I'm going to pay him to hook up the new outlet............and I can't even really afford that.
  5. Okay, guys, I get it. Will pay my electrician to do the work. The Lighting and outlets are on the same circuits, so when I have an overload, I lose the lights..........................but I've a safety light that comes on and puts out enough light in the shop so I don't stumble over everything to get to the breaker box.
  6. 1950 Studebaker for me, IFC. Starter button on the floor. What a hoot! Dad had owned a paint and body shop in his younger years, so he took all the chrome off the body, leaded everything, put a beautiful paint job on it, had all new interior naugahyde installed and it was my Mother's car. I learned how to drive in that car..........and took my girlfriend on our first "alone" car date on my 16th B-day. Oh, those were surely shinin' times, shinin' times.
  7. So Steve, if I hook the Neutral (White) and bare copper wires together in the Green (ground) terminal of my outlet, and the Red and Black wires in the other two holes, is the outlet hooked up correctly? And if that is correct should I hook the Red and Black wires into the two terminals on the 50 amp breaker and the White and copper to the bundle of ground wires in the box?
  8. Thanks for the info. Only I don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about. That's why I'm probably going to have to pay my electrician to hook it up. I've got 3 wires: White, Black and Red, along with a copper ground. I don't even know which is the "common" and which are the Hots. I'm okay with 110V. (well, I haven't electrocuted myself yet!) But 220V might as well be Greek to me. On the back of my wall outlet there are 3 connection points. One of them is marked Green, the other two unmarked as to color. On the breaker, there are only two points of connection. (3 wires and a ground and only two connections) With #6 wire, there's no way I'm going to be able to hook two wires into one of those connection points.
  9. I got my 6-3 Romex run from the breaker box, up to the attic, stapled to the rafter all the way over to the other side of my forging room for my welder. About 65 1/2 feet of Romex. Now to figure out how to hook 6-3 with a ground to an outlet that only has three connectors! Oh, and the 50 amp breaker only has two! So I'm fumbuzzled. Looks as if I'm going to have to pay my electrician $200 to hook it up!
  10. Cool, thanks. I like the deeper sound. It's so much easier on the ears in comparison to the twangy higher pitched triangles I've heard in my life time.
  11. Well, in my personal case, it has nothing to do with tough..................more to do with just plain lazy. Too much trouble to go get a respirator, full-faced mask, safety glasses, hearing protection or gloves from their respective hiding places in my shop when "I'm just making a quick cut" on something. I know full well I should wear a respirator when sanding handles of knives on my belt sander and yet, more often than not, I realize half-way through the job I don't have one on......................then I think "oh well, I'll be finished in a minute". My own laziness. I know full well it's just a bad habit that has to be replaced with a good one.