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  1. Thanks, Jennifer, but that's my forge and storage area that's adjacent to my shop. It's basically a 1 car garage that's 1 1/2 cars deep. The entire building is 36' x 40'.
  2. Hmmmmmm. Interesting, Thomas, thanks. The fellow said he gets them all the time and he'd call me next time he has some. When I asked the size, he held up his fist and the circle he indicated was about 2 to 2 1/4" in diameter. I'll check into data for both of those steels. Would I be correct in assuming those two materials would make a good choice for the type tools I mentioned?
  3. That's great, TJ, but if you don't find a way to raise than anvil, you're going to end up looking like an old sharecropper who pulls a plow all day because he can't afford a mule. You're going to destroy your back, young man.
  4. Hope I've chosen the correct forum for this quote. (hate getting scolded by moderators) I think I've found a source for axles from 18-Wheelers. Those should make nice hammer heads, flatters, hardie tools, top and bottom tools, etc., shouldn't they? Anyone know what the material in those is?
  5. Unfortunately it's a huge misconception that wax is water-proof............it's not, it's only water resistant so it's not really an outdoor finish. Galvanizing lasts the longest, but is the least attractive for what you are doing.
  6. Chellie, pretty much any finish is subject to deterioration outside and exposed to ultraviolet light. As much as you dislike paint, Rustoleum would probably last longer than most anything.
  7. Indeed. I heat my shop primarily with wood drop-offs.
  8. Not sure yet, Don. I've got so much wood here it's unreal. You have to realize, I used to be a custom furniture builder and pretty much all the wood I used was pretty fancy.
  9. Accidents happen in a split second. They are more often over before you even know they happened. I know, I've had my share. I only have three fingers on my left hand. Anyone with a strong stomach can request PM'd pictures.
  10. Well now, isn't THAT a clever idea!!!!! That all-thread makes a lot of sense.
  11. When my family owned the business that included a machine shop, all the men in the office wore clip-on ties. Nothing more pitiful looking than a guy with his tie wrapped around a chunk of steel on the lathe pulling him in to his death by his tie. If it rotates, it can kill you quickly.
  12. So today I cut an 1/8" thick "coin" and 1/2" puck off the end of the 2" bar and took it to my friend's forge. He heat treated the 1/8" piece and broke it. Had a really nice and even fine grain. Then he took the 1/2" puck and made a knife for me. Forged it to shape and heat treated it. One thing he noted while working with it was it didn't acquire any scale..............at all.................as he brought it from the forge. Said it was really clean and nice to work with. He wasn't 100% sure it was 4140, but it acted a whole lot like it or something pretty darned similar. So making hammer heads out of it will be just fine.
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