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  1. I've been in manufacturing and fabrication most of my adult life. I can usually sort out the chaff. When I'm not quite sure, I do a lot of searches, reading and asking questions..............lots of them. I research most everything I get into until I'm almost sick of it because I just plain can't afford to have a "closet full of slightly used holsters", as they say. Easier to sort out the various suppliers, ask questions, make decisions and then make a purchase. I'm pretty sure I''m headed in the right direction on this build.
  2. Thanks, Frosty. I think I'm on the right track. Gathering materials for my forge build.
  3. Fair enough. But is there anything wrong with choosing a soft brick interior?
  4. I've only used a forge for three evenings. I can only state an uneducated opinion. I noticed the interior of the forges were torn/tattered and the floors (being of the same material) were pretty much destroyed. I would prefer a hard firebrick floor that could easily be removed and the rest of the forge insulated with soft brick coated with a higher heat refractory. The forges I've seen on Youtube presentations that had such a setup made more sense to me. Once again, an uneducated opinion.
  5. That's a great idea. I'll write that down.
  6. I'm listening. Remember, I'm a total newbie. What (little) I know comes only from what I've read because I've no personal experience. I've only attended 3 of the Thursday night open forge events our group holds. What I have learned from those visits is I do not want the batten type insulation. I definitely want the soft bricks. I'd really like the K28 bricks if I can find/afford them. (I know the K26 will work, but I think "bigger is better", in this case) But I hope some day to perform forge welding and have read enough to know the flux used does damage. That's why I'm wanting to coat the bricks. Any comments are appreciated.
  7. Ouch! I bet Gram-paw felt bad. I know how I feel about my grand-kids..............I'd probably cry more than the injured!
  8. Verrrrry nice. I'm hoping, as my skills increase, to be able to make top tools some day. Other than knife making, that's my real interest in forging. I'd be tickled pink to be able to make an eye punch as nice as that one some day.
  9. I'm still in the planning stages on my forge. I've asked a lot of questions on different forums and have done searches until I'm blue in the face. (yes, I'd done the off-site site search here) I'm planning on using soft brick on my square forge. While I may not ever get to the point of doing forge welding of billets, I don't want to build a forge that's not capable of it. So I'm thinking of coating the soft brick with refractory material. Good plan....................or not?
  10. Well, Mikey, I'll defer to your experience. I just thought it made sense................but hey, I"m a newbie, what do I know!
  11. Chris C

    Universal tong clip

    Good idea. I've only one pair of tongs at this point, but I'll do that asap. Thanks.
  12. Chris C

    Universal tong clip

    Very interesting concept. I'm missing the ring finger of my left hand. I hammer right-handed, so have to hold tongs with my left. At the end of a couple of hours, my left hand starts cramping so bad my fingers try to touch my wrist. I've been thinking about some way of locking the tongs so I don't have to maintain the grip. I'll be interested to see how this works for you.
  13. Very interesting..............thanks for the link. Stick with Frosty.................he won't lead you astray. My questions was more about having both type burners installed in one forge at the same time and just connecting the propane via quick connectors as needed. Lots of newbie questions running around in my old head. Maybe one burner would be a ribbon and the other a forced air. I've been reading too much I guess. Seems a lot of experienced blacksmiths and knife makers have several forges in their shops for different purposes. I'm just wondering if one forge could house more than one burner to keep from having several different forges.