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  1. Well, you've got mine Randy. You keep hangin' in there and fight like heck. Prayers headed your way.
  2. Even independents can operate like bureaucrats! Still say they just don't "get" that you are just trying to make a living.
  3. Your facility is looking great Jennifer. Happy for you. I can feel you frustration. When we installed a Rotational Molding machine in our business, it required a 10" Gas Main be brought to our building. If a very close friend hadn't been a 40+ year employee and a true "higher-up" at our local gas company, we'd have never gotten it approved. Hate it when bureaucrats don't "get" that you have to make a living!
  4. "On-line reviews..........................paper they are written on" You're a hoot, Thomas.
  5. There's a big difference between the stamping work done on a granite surface vs wood. It's an amazing comparison. Didn't believe it myself until I saw it with my own eyes. So much for leather working. I've got to get back to work on the knife I've been working on. Customer is going to be hollering in the next week or two.
  6. Nope.............that's not me getting electrocuted ! It's my wife "thinking" I'm going to be electrocuted ! Cut my 12" x 24" piece of granite today............with water. Came out a whole lot smoother than the installers did with my cooktop opening. No chips to speak of. Took a piece of 180 wet/dry carbide sandpaper and gently eased the edges and corners and I've got myself a great work surface to stamp leather for my knife sheaths.
  7. Will do. You've helped me a lot....................................(all kidding aside)
  8. GFI? NAW, I was figuring on a SIW outlet.............................................(stand in water)
  9. Why not........................"worry" is my middle name. (after "overthinking")
  10. Well, the blade doesn't actually say "for Granite", but I'm sure I will be able to make the few cuts I need. Not worried about it...............and DEFINITELY will be cutting with water to saturate the dust.
  11. I went ahead and bought a blade similar to this one at Home Depot. (different brand) I think it will work well for the 3 short cuts I have to make. Problem solved. Thanks for all the input, guys.
  12. Okay, thanks for your input. I'll need to find a second pair of hands unless I set up that siphoning rig shown in that video. I definitely want to keep the dust down. Granite dust in lungs isn't a purdy thing. (I'll be wearing my industrial mask for sure)
  13. Thanks, I didn't realize that. Do you mean like those grinder blades I use on my right-angle grinder...........only designed for concrete?
  14. Oh, I fully understand that............and the reasoning behind it. But thanks for mentioning it.
  15. Thanks, George. I'm confident I can do it. Just need to find an affordable but decent blade to do the job. I'm not about to spend $60 to 70 for a blade to do a job that I can have done for $100. That just doesn't make sense to me.
  16. Jennifer I know you already know this, but that building is REALLY looking good. You're doing a great job on it. (no surprise to me, though)
  17. Thanks, Steve. That's my plan................only I can't spring for that high a quality blade. I just need to make two cuts and I don't care if the blade is shot at the end of the process. Any suggestions as to one I might buy? I saw a solid rim blade on Amazon for $20. There are lots of brands in that general price range. I know to use an edge guide and to keep both sides completely supported.
  18. Canutillo is too many Klicks from my place, Thomas. Countertop folks didn't have any drop offs that would work. I just need to cut a piece out of mine. Two short cuts is all I need. My wood stove is incased in two layers of bricks, so I'm fixed there.
  19. Easy to do.................I've seen many on videos. Besides, granite doesn't really require water. Here ya go, Steve. Just did a search and easy-peasy, this popped up. It's the same method the countertop company used except they used a right-angle grinder.
  20. I know most/many of you guys have done just about everything in the world, so I'll ask this question here. I'm working on making sheaths for my knives. In that quest I'm doing some leatherwork, i.e. stamping and tooling. When I rebuilt my kitchen 7 years ago I had the countertop people leave behind the large slab they cut out of one of the tops for our glass-topped stove-top. Wife durned near killed me for "hoarding" yet once again! I "knew" I'd need in someday. Now is the time. I need a granite slab to use when I'm stamping designs in my sheaths. However, I don't need a piece as large as I have. I checked to see what it would cost to cut out a piece from my material the size I need and it was $100 !!!!! Not about to waste that kind of money. I'll just buy a diamond blade for my Skil-saw and do it myself. But I have no knowledge of diamond blades like that....................so I don't know which one (of the multitudes available) to buy. If anyone has done this before, I'd appreciate a tip in the right direction to a blade that won't break the bank but will do the job.
  21. There's a plethora of knowledge from the folks on this forum.........all it takes for access is intelligent questioning. I've not been turned down by anyone when asking for help. No "smart-Alec's" here on the forum.
  22. Well said, my friend, well said. Words can't accurately convey what the fingers and hands can feel in finely handcrafted creations. There's something about well crafted "anything" that machine-made can't replace. I've seen it in the eyes of many artists when they put on those final touches and stand back to take a look...................and know what is in my mind when I do the same myself.
  23. Thanks, Chellie. I'll keep practicing, for sure. Thanks, IFC. I was going to round them, but as soon as I hammered in the chamfer I found they felt quite nice in the hand. Besides, I'll be wearing a glove on that hand anyway.
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