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is this an anvil?

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Well, I'm not a conservative on the anvil subject, but I can't consider this piece of art as an anvil. No fat at all under the face. Definately not understand the square pipe part.

Maybe a rough dog sculpture... :) But it still needs ears and the tail is kind of misplaced.

As far as the question you asked: when there is no ability for rebound I think the anvil concept is lost.




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In an anvil poor country like Australia everything goes. A light piece of rail is considered a commodity worth selling on ebay.

Then again if someone wants to beat up a bit of 1"x1/4" flat bar into something resembling a knife, who are we to object the abject object that is the object of this objection? 

After all the buyer can fill the hollow parts with concrete and add some mass this way ... right?

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I think it is a steel drum...and should produce enough volume that it would easily cut through the sound of the rest of the marching band.

If the top part happens to be solid then maybe it is an anvil that needs to have a bunch of plate steel removed.

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Is anvil snobbery an affliction or inalienable right? Someone did a fairly decent job welding this up (look closely at the welds), probably for a very specific purpose. Anvil?...maybe....absolutely if hammer was taken to hot steel successfully. Worth $40.00, now that is very debatable....not even worth $1.00 to me.

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