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  1. The Temple Boxer

    That piece of art would make the durian smell amazing by virtue of association. I think it's called proximity aesthetics. Maybe I just made that up. I'm out of superlatives for your work.
  2. The 4"x4" stump/stake anvil is $140. I imagine you could get something much bigger for almost free. Their anvil is 4140 steel but even mild is plenty good for a "beginner anvil". Spend your money on tongs!
  3. Ever See One Of These?

    It would be on the floor at my anvil stand as an upsetting block for sure. In fact, it might be sitting on my old tree stump for the same purpose. If I didn't have an anvil it would be my anvil.
  4. Blademithing series on History channel

    Nice win, Theo! I have to admit, I was torn because I absolutely love and respect Kelly. I wish she was a member here too! If you were going against her in the final round I would have been torn. I was shocked they didn't test the temper with a flexibility test. Tai Chi swords are supposed to be supple and flexible. Your approach to forge welding the handle section was brilliant. Lou
  5. Hello, how you making out on the san mai? 

  6. Show me your anvil

    It must be nice having anvils delivered to your door for good prices!
  7. Need to change my name

    Journeyman Blades (I like Marc's suggestion of JB handmade knives)
  8. Holdfast

    I totally saw a couple dancing the Tango. Welcome to postmodernism....
  9. Pain, Pain, and did I mention Pain

    If the numbness is in just the pinky and ring finger then it is the ulnar nerve, which passes through the elbow joint. That wouldn't normally account for the grip pain. It could also be a blood flow issue for the shoulder down that is exacerbated by your hobbies. Both are from my own personal experience, not internet medicine. I point them out just to highlight the importance of looking at the whole arm and not just the hand. Orthopedic surgeons tend to cut first and ask questions later. It's important to go with an orthopedist who specializes in sports medicine. They are used to dealing with people who plan to push themselves and work through injuries. Doctors who aren't used to that type of patient tend to just tell you to stay off it for six months then come back because most patients are comfortable with that. Good luck!
  10. Good News

    Frosty's congrats wins. All others henceforth are doomed to be formulaic issuance of praise. Accept my meager addition of praise, Thomas. Congrats!
  11. Bathroom fan blower

    I'm assuming he meant "gable vent"...which would make more sense. I've interchanged the two words accidentally before so I just went with it. Also, I'm planning on venting through a gable vent as well!
  12. Holdfast

    @TechnicusJoe recently took over an amazing blacksmith shop in France and is awash in new gear and tooling. His video on those French anvils with the side exit hardy holes is worth the watch. I've begged him to get back here and give us a walk through of his shop but he is busy with the new business and has slow internet as well. His first question was, "Do they have the chat working yet?" Watch the videos for sure,; he has fallen upon an amazing opportunity.
  13. Anvil brand?

    That anvil appears to be in excellent shape. A close picture of the other side may prove useful. If you have looked and see nothing try doing a rubbing of the sides. A wire wheel could also reveal information that was hidden. Truth is, though, if it performs well it's pedigree as a great English anvil is solid already. Enjoy it.
  14. It followed me home

    Just cut some metal randomly and savagely for pure pleasure. It feels good.
  15. Food Safe Bronze?

    Which shop are you going to visit? I have only met a few of the guys from NH but they are all quite nice. The NEB training facility is quite well stocked with equipment and is in Brentwood, NH. Members can go to the open forge sessions there every month and get support/ideas from the experienced people there. Either way, you have a lot of talented NEB membership in your area and should be tapping it. Good luck! Lou