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  1. Less harmful alternative to Kaowool?

    If I'm reading the safety sheet correctly, AES wool is exempted from hazard classification based on short term study in a simulated environment. Not sure if REACH demands any other classifications than what the manufacturer provides... Asbestos used to be "safe", too!
  2. Cat litter forge help

    So longer fibers are the key. Time to put all that junk mail to good use. Should I worry about the additives? Most ads are coated with a PE film and the paper itself has kaolin added to it during the forming. That's why burning junk mail gives you a lot of ash. I could be overthinking it of course.
  3. Cat litter forge help

    Had to go shopping today so I picked up some bentonite while at it(Cheap even in Finland, what is this witchcraft) Have to see about mixing the stuff next monday when I have some home alone time. Could I use wood shavings instead of straw etc.? I have a small mountain after making a kantele body a while back. Of course logic dictates someone would have mentioned using wood shavings before if they were any good for the purpose...
  4. Cat litter forge help

    Let's say a person procrastinated enough to let the ground freeze and can't get to the ample reserves of clay and dirt right under their feet. Only things readily available are water, ash and kitty litter. What sort of percentage(by volume) of components would be ideal to mix? 4/10 clay, 6/10 ash, gentle spritz of water? If only the weather would be above freezing...
  5. It followed me home

    Use the bearings as water analogue for a waterfall simulator. Kind of like a heavy duty marble run. Would look pretty cool to have the flow bounce off an anvil...
  6. How to build a fire in a solid fuel forge

    Molded pulp works well, too. Just put your kindling on an egg carton and walla.
  7. Worst I have seen

    Found on an internet flea market. This high quality handcrafted anvil can be yours for mere 35€, or 8.75€/kg!
  8. Words of Wisdom

    I've heard a version of that. "When the voices start screaming at you, choose wisely which ones to listen"
  9. Running out of excuses

    What an awful situation. My workshop has electricity once again so excused are going to get even more stupid than before! I was going to work on my anvil for a bit, but... I forgot where I but the hunk-o-steel the last time. By the time I located it again it was "too dark" to do anything... It's like I deliberately forgot the power's running again!
  10. is this an anvil?

    Am I the only one who's seeing a seal? Looks at those legs, or flippers more so!
  11. is this an anvil?

    Try to do a rebound test on that, betcha it would balance the bearing ball on its nose.
  12. Running out of excuses

    Oh no! Looks like I ran out and had to work on my anvil for a bit.
  13. Running out of excuses

    Let's try to keep this thread jolly and light-hearted, even if the underlying reasons are serious. The moment we stop poking humour out of it, the big D wins! --- Didn't fill my JAB today 'cause it was already full... Of snow
  14. beginner shop

    Egor, you win the most affordable JABOD prize!
  15. Running out of excuses

    Stress eats away creativity, loss of creativity eats away happiness, depression causes even more stress... It can get lethal if you can't get out of the loop.