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  1. Any use for forge scale?

    Sprinkle some in your beer to boost hemoglobin?
  2. Bonus points for the diamond pickaxe!
  3. Mark III JABOD forge

    Butting bricks... That's an excellent typo! Got me thinking about the air gaps left between the bricks, creating "heat bridges". For added safety, you could try putting a ~1" layer of litter under the bricks as well?
  4. Cat litter forge help

    But overthinking it is soooo much fun! I started on my JABOD last august and finished it just a few weeks ago. I spent the winter planning and overthinking every aspect despite doing a ton of reading here prior to and during the build stages... Once I started mixing the filler I felt quite silly, since I was basically making a huge mud pie. If you don't have straw, use wood shavings, drier lint, anything fibrous that won't turn into a breathing hazard when heated. I used coarse wood shavings(made with 35mm forstner bit) from a past project. They seem to hold up well.
  5. Mixed metaphors, or just misused

    Circling around like a cat before apocalypse. You have to sharpen when the iron is hot. Forge a new worm on the hook. Screaming like a hot dog on a roof. Too many curtains in the fire. Better to have a cook in your hat than ten in the soup.
  6. What did you do in the shop today?

    Tuyere found its place... About 2" lower than intended. I got too excited about getting to work on the project and my hamsters escaped! Also noticed my angle grinder has walked off somewhere. Had to use a hacksaw... I cut a notch in the pipe and stomped on it, deforming the pipe end in the process. Now the accursed thing whistles every time I pump air in the forge. EDIT: tiles are only temporary and won't be around when forging. Ran out of cat litter and wanted to confine the test fire in a small spot.
  7. It followed me home

    If it's a touch screen type, try holding your finger on the text for a second or so. When you see the highlight appear, the "quote" button should show up too. Works at least on Android phones.
  8. What did you do in the shop today?

    I finally started with the dirt-y work on my sideblast JABOD. And forgot to put in the tueyre, it seems! Looking at the frame it seems a bit odd shaped... Was I going to build the other side blast wall against the raised part? And if so, what's the point in doing that? Who knows. It must've been the idea of the century back when I slapped the frame together last August. The ground is still frozen here, so I mixed some bentonite with ash and wood shavings . Made a nice enough mix. Maybe. The mix felt like it was up to specs when squeezed and broken in hand, but once I started compacting the stuff I was in for a muddy ordeal. Probably too much water in total mass. Made a dirt tamper, too. Took a whole of five minutes to make, and it shows in professional quality smoothed finish... Don't worry, I wouldn't allow anyone to handle it without gloves. Noob tip: smoothing and dressing the tamper's work face makes a big difference on efficiency and gives some clue on what to do when you start dressing a hammer for the first time.
  9. What did you do in the shop today?

    Yesterday I finally, after a way too long hiatus, started forging a leaf. A friend had set up a GFSO(gas forge shaped object), an incredible construction of inefficient decisions; small weed burner for heat, oven mortar+crushed firebrick lining, you get my drift. At least we had proper PPE! I did try to nudge him to the gas forges section here and warned him about the peril that is king of randumb(and youtube in general), we'll see how it goes. You can lead man to knowledge... Well, results were as expected. I was drawing out the stem when the leaf broke off due severe cold shuts and oxidation. The guy had a pristine 5 kg anvil with razor sharp edges, so I wasn't exactly surprised to see this happen. The surprise was when instead. I was around 15 cm away from the leaf part when it just -plöp- fell off. I think I might start building a workspace tomorrow if life allows it. I feel somewhat stunted working on someone else's space. My shop, my rules after all. Today was busy making food, building siege engines from Duplo and playing hide and seek with the kid. Forging a stronger father-daughter bond counts too, right?
  10. I've seen one or two pop up at huuto and tori. Finnish anvil market is heavy with our national jewel Lokomo around the country, Dalsbruk in the western part of the country and USSR random quality stuff in the east. Of course throngs of I-beams and railroad pieces cut to resemble a London pattern anvil are everywhere, for 10€/kg and up! EDIT: I just remembered a recent "treasure" I saw at a flea market. There was this tiny, ~0.5kg piece of railroad sold as a "professional knifemaking anvil". The asking price was a modest 23€!
  11. Old Swedish anvil

    Sweet deal on that anvil. I found a Lokomo 50A from a nearby flea market for 250€(5€/kg), too bad I didn't have the cash at the moment... What part of Finland are you located in, Jouni?
  12. Old Swedish anvil

    Terveeksi! Jokos tämän kävit lukemassa? READ THIS FIRST! Kivaa vaihtelua ainaisen Lokomotarjonnan seassa. Och samma på engelska, Welcome! Nice to see an anvil that's not a Lokomo for a change (Lokomo anvils are quite common in Finland). More pics!
  13. Less harmful alternative to Kaowool?

    If I'm reading the safety sheet correctly, AES wool is exempted from hazard classification based on short term study in a simulated environment. Not sure if REACH demands any other classifications than what the manufacturer provides... Asbestos used to be "safe", too!
  14. Cat litter forge help

    So longer fibers are the key. Time to put all that junk mail to good use. Should I worry about the additives? Most ads are coated with a PE film and the paper itself has kaolin added to it during the forming. That's why burning junk mail gives you a lot of ash. I could be overthinking it of course.
  15. Cat litter forge help

    Had to go shopping today so I picked up some bentonite while at it(Cheap even in Finland, what is this witchcraft) Have to see about mixing the stuff next monday when I have some home alone time. Could I use wood shavings instead of straw etc.? I have a small mountain after making a kantele body a while back. Of course logic dictates someone would have mentioned using wood shavings before if they were any good for the purpose...