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  1. Running out of excuses

    Let's try to keep this thread jolly and light-hearted, even if the underlying reasons are serious. The moment we stop poking humour out of it, the big D wins! --- Didn't fill my JAB today 'cause it was already full... Of snow
  2. beginner shop

    Egor, you win the most affordable JABOD prize!
  3. Running out of excuses

    Stress eats away creativity, loss of creativity eats away happiness, depression causes even more stress... It can get lethal if you can't get out of the loop.
  4. Running out of excuses

    Your excuses are waaaay too valid, more like... actual reasons! Yesterday I couldn't work on my JABOD because I had stacked some stuff on it and "didn't know" where to put the random scrap. Today I managed to put said stuff in the garage, but the JAB still lacks the OD, because it's "freezing out there". Temps at -2°C, I had to laugh at myself. Most winters I still check the mailbox barefoot when it's -25°C It's truly wondrous how one's head can get wrapped around a thought one knows is false...
  5. Running out of excuses

    I'm slowly coming to a point where I can't blame anything else but myself for not getting anything done blacksmithing wise(honestly everything else too, but this is a smithing forum). Please help me avoid looking into the mirror and tell some of the BEST and most ridiculous "Yes, but.." excuses you've encountered along the years. I'm sure there are many! --- This is a lousy attempt at humor, don't take it too seriously.
  6. It followed me home

    Thank you for the valuable info, Hans. I will leave the piece untouched until I find a real use for it. I will also curse myself for not taking all four of the things when I had the chance :S
  7. It followed me home

    Something I've gathered from work over the last month or so... All kinds of random steel from the factory scrap bin. Some discarded axle heads from a winder unit. A pipe flange, long bolts and heavy steel blocks from a PE extrusion unit. Some small rollers and a smallish axle shaft of unknown origin. A bigger roller from a roll core assembling machine, this might make a nice anvil, as would those blocks in the upper left... I need to apply some degreaser to this slide bearing(?). It's just icky! I had to pack it in a metric poop-ton of paper to not make a mess. The 20mm bearing balls are a nice bonus...
  8. Hello from Oklahoma

    That's the highest rank I've ever achieved in Elite. Milk runs between Ararus and Ensoreus don't raise your kill count a bit! Yeah, and welcome!
  9. Sounds like a crowdsourcing project for IFI.
  10. Another day, another piddler. Super lucky no one(barring taxpayers' wallets)was badly hurt. These things really should not even happen in the information age. Nothing is idiot-proof though. What really surprised me was the felon's age... I don't know anyone in their 50s who doesn't know how to treat fire.
  11. Hello From Alabama (Picture heavy)

    Exemplar first post! This should be stickied for reference. It's great to see someone who's clearly done his homework concerning the art. Also, you look just like a friend of mine... Any relatives in Finland?
  12. My New Old Anvil

    I bet this guy doesn't let us touch anything in his shop!
  13. Ideas for Christmas 2017

    Last I checked LibreOffice was pretty light on the requirements. What are your specs?
  14. Ideas for Christmas 2017

    Thomas was saying you could try LibreOffice. If you're using a smartphone search for a pptx reader app.
  15. Sorry if I seemed blunt. Your knife looks prerty rad, much better than anything I've come up with. Just wanted to point you to the thread, some golden advice there.