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  1. Meadowgrove

    While my other forge is on hold...

    Side blast info and illustrations by Charles R. Stevens I started out with a bottom blast tire rim forge, or should I say FSO. I didn't even bother to line it with anything, just filled it to the brim with wood chunks. Don't do this.
  2. Meadowgrove

    Fiskars 4lb Straight Pein Hammer

    Fiskars calls this model a "chisel hammer" (talttavasara) in Finland. Just pointing this out if the non English speaking crowd have trouble finding the hammer. It might have a completely different name in your language!
  3. Meadowgrove

    Show me your anvil

    I forgot to curse the subpar image quality! Any better? I had to tamper with contrast and colors to get the stamps to show up properly. Looks like 1-9-2. Last digit could be 1 or just random punch marks. Dunno... Edit: image looked a lot clearer on my computer but is a complete mess on my phone... Oh well.
  4. Meadowgrove

    Show me your anvil

    Got this unnamed anvil for 150€... 192 stamped on one side, no other markings. Weighs ~75 kg(165 lbs), maybe it's lost a few over the years... Some face damage, awful torch mark near the horn. Still rings beautifully, no buzz even at the damaged areas. Quick check resulted 75-80% rebound all over. Wire wheeled this thing for two hours, and it smelled like it was stored in a pigsty! The edges are a bit worrisome in places, but I'll let them be for the time being. Amassing some forging experience before modifying the poor thing is probably the wisest move.
  5. Hand forged Mbira added to ever-increasing to-do-list... Are the videos clipped from a longer piece? Hopefully it's something one can purchase.
  6. Meadowgrove

    Looking for an anvil

    Don't get stuck in the shape of the anvil. Read through the Improvised anvils thread, it's an eye-opener. Especially considering your budget you'd ve better off starting with a hunk of steel. I'm a total noob, and I made an anvil out of an old roller I found from a paper mill trash bin. Cost me about 1/8 of a 115mm cutoff disc...
  7. Meadowgrove

    Curmudgeon Bait

    Totally! My ancient draugr whatever bow has been sharpened to perfection. Corundum must be the springiest ore ever!
  8. Meadowgrove

    Curmudgeon Bait

    Are we doing memes now? Good thing I had stocked up on fire resist potions...
  9. Meadowgrove

    Cutting Plate?

    Anvil, this is how you remind me... Absolutely no "Nickle back" on a metal forum! (...I'll get me coat) I'd say a saddle is hefty important especially for us noobs. I wouldn't want to risk marring my anvil face due beginner's enthusiastic inaccuracy...
  10. Meadowgrove

    It followed me home

    MC Hammer, a few feet of garden hose(or similar tubing) split lengthwise could help with eg. the aforementioned bandsaw blade and other thin, sharp stuff. Safer to handle too. Put on some hose and the sharp edges just... Can't touch this!
  11. Meadowgrove

    It followed me home

    SLAG, I think it was "schlimmbesserung"(hope I got it right). I've been trying to add the word to our factory slang, for every upgrade seems to become one...
  12. Meadowgrove

    Worst I have seen

    There's been and influx of "old anvils" for sale on different Finnish buy/sell websites... I don't follow the brain-cooker so dunno if Forged in Flatus has started airing over here, too. Would you buy this beautiful piece of craftsmanship for 60€?
  13. Meadowgrove

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Found this sweet roller in the factory trash bin last autumn and finally got around to shape it into an anvil. After flap wheeling the top I noticed the axle is a separate piece held in place by friction. Well, I wasn't planning to do any heavy sledging on this one. I guess it will serve me well until I find an affordable, purpose-built anvil... Still a little stumped(teehee!) on how should I mount the anvil.
  14. Meadowgrove

    Any use for forge scale?

    Sprinkle some in your beer to boost hemoglobin?
  15. Bonus points for the diamond pickaxe!