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  1. General help on a brick forge/ needing info

    A picture book could be a good course of action. No, I'm not being a smart, ehm, donkey. Studying pictures is my preferred method of learning, a thousand words and all that. I struggle with text or talk, but a good set of pictorial instructions really helps. Wish I'd known that back when I was still in school...
  2. Swedish Blacksmithing (US Translation)

    I bought the book a few years ago when I was visiting Stockholm. Found it from a little viking themed shop in the old town that had all kinds of interesting stuff for sale. Bought a few hand forged jew's harps from there as well. The book is an excellent read, though there's a tinge of elitism seeping from some comments on how to build a forge. In page 16: "Any recommendations about forging on pieces of railroad tracks or steel girders can be left to tgose who prefer the more improvisational. Get an anvil..." I remember frowning to this so bad my glasses fell off. And next page the smith wants you to get an anvil that weighs at least 100kg or 220lbs. A blue-eyed smith wannabe taking everything at face value could be completely discouraged from even trying after reading stuff like that. Of course it could be something was just lost in translation, but I disliked some of the parts about building the forge due to those odd undertones. Maybe the advice is directed more to those who want to start a career in blacksmithing? The different techniques, drawings, everything else is just awesome and informational. The forge building part should have said only: Visit this cool website I just found...
  3. I'm on the bus!

    I would just scream hysterically and run away But hey, next time a PR person approaches you with a camera, you know exactly what to do!
  4. I'm on the bus!

    "The smith on the bus goes crank crank crank..." How does it feel to see yourself on the side of the bus?
  5. ...when you check your workplace's metal dumpsters many times a day. Or is it just hoarding?
  6. What's your day job

    Process operator at a PE coating factory. We make raw material for milk cartons, disposable cups etc.
  7. It followed me home

    Congratulations and enjoy the ride! Kids are the purest form of amazing.
  8. Anatomy and a brief history of simple side blast forges

    Great info, especially the illustrations are superb! Simple yet informative.
  9. Scrap metal question

    Sounds like zinc residue. I'd not subject it to fire. Back when I didn't know danger I "cleaned" the zinc coating off some scrap ventilation duct pieces by burning. The smoke made me pretty nauseous and the scraps had formed some unsightly yellow powder on them. Few days later I read about Paw-Paw Wilson.
  10. Puukko images

    Mist päi sie tuut, ethä Karjalast? That's a wicked cool puukko, mate. I like the texturing on the back, haven't seen that very often. I'll see if I can find my very WIP vuolupuukko(carving knife) somewhere. Just remembered I took a puukko making course some years ago... IIRC I finished the blade part, but the handle is still missing. Why, oh why did I have to get sick on the last part of the course...
  11. Do Wood Forges Need Firebricks?

    If you have an infinite supply of wood, it would be useful to build some kinda retort and make your own charcoal. Search the forum for further instructions. I think there was a pinned thread about it in the solid fuel forges section...
  12. That's what I thought. Never burned mulch, what kind of BTUs should I expect... Just kidding Iactually live in a neighborhood that's built over a dried-up swamp bed, so clay is over abundant here. Just need to find a good digging spot on the yard.
  13. Just wanted everyone to know I'm super thankful for all the advice here. If anyone of you ever visit Finland, be sure to let me know so I can buy you a beer. No further questions just yet, don't know what to ask since I'm still missing the earthen fillings for my JABOD. At least I got the basic frame together today! Wonder how badly old garden mulch would work... Wait, that counts as a question, right?
  14. It followed me home

    Sorry for double posting, but I had a real "facepalm" moment today. Ha! This one didn't exactly follow me home, it's always been here. So I've had an anvil for like six years now, meeeh! Though it's only 10-15cm long, not a whole lot of mass. Have to fix it firmly to whatever I'll use as a stand.
  15. It followed me home

    Great idea, thanks @Gergely!