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  1. First Attempt at a Feather Pattern

    Very nice. well done.
  2. It followed me home

    she looks nice. are you going to smooth the jaws?
  3.  Machinery's Handbook

    I'm glad this one came up. recent editions are rather pricey. looked at editions from 49, 55, 65 which could be had quite reasonably. would one be missing much by getting a 55 edition? also there is a Machinery's Handbook tool box guide and floor or field guide( I don't remember for sure) which are abridged to make them more user friendly as the full monty is rather hefty. are those abridged editions worth it? As to the books section on the site. Glen probably my advance age, but not finding them. looked a few times.
  4. Thanks Jennifer, I've refined it a bit since then, it now sits on the shoulders. I've used it several times and it seems to be holding up well.
  5. Klein Lineman’s Hammer?

    Guessing the Klein must have a rubber handle, the Vaughn does not. I'd had mine unaltered for years largely unused before I took up the trade. I think they go for $30 or so. It didn't take much to round one head, don't think even one flap disc.
  6. Are Drilling Hammers Soft?

    I have a short handled 2 pound sledge I use on mine. I made my mark from an old chisel.
  7. Klein Lineman’s Hammer?

    I have a Vaughn Lineman's hammer, a 36 ouncer, that I used a flap disc to round off one of the heads. It is probably my favorite hammer. I wait to see how the pros weigh in on this one.
  8. another tool from cave man forge

    Thanks Everyone. @DavidF check out the articles here. the EZ tong write up is what I used for my first set. basically flat tongs. I made mine to hold 1/4 round stock too. the plans call for 1/4 x3/4. I used 5/16 x 3/4 and they are robust. I still use them when I need flat tongs even though I've a few sets of store bought around.
  9. another tool from cave man forge

    Thanks Shawn. That Bull pin is quite handy and much appreciated, thanks. Not as shiny as it one was.
  10. another tool from cave man forge

    I made my first set of box jaw tongs. I can say this, they work well.
  11. Frosty's under the Weather

    Get well soon.
  12. Forge insulation suggestion?

    John my forge is built from a portable air tank 10 inches x 16 I think, so the same dimenesions. I used to one inch layers of 8 pound blanket. and I used hard split brick for the floor. once installed the floor was even with the openings in my door and back wall. I calculate my volume between 315 and 325 cu inches and use a 3/4 inch Reil type burner. works for me. everything inside includeing the brick is coated with satinite and plistix If kiln shelf was more available in the area, I'd have use it for the floor.
  13. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    how did you upset it? Looks like a boat load of hammering. what are you using it for?
  14. French Leg vise

    I have no information, but just wanted to say it is a neat vise. some interesting design differences.