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  1. Thanks guys. I was searching on this site. I will check those you mention. M
  2. Just getting started and looking for smiths or groups in my area. Savanna IL right on the Mississippi River in North West Illinois. Looked at the site to try to find but not having luck.. Mike
  3. another newbie

    I have set the rigidizer and have one coat of satinite on the blanket. I don't think, given the quantity of satinite I have, even with the second coat that I'll reach a quarter inch thickness. I have a pint of plistix coming from Wayne. Should I get and apply more satinite till I reach the 1/4 inch, or will I be ok?
  4. Easy Forge Burner Build

    Ezra I appreciate your passion. I too am a newbie and in the process of a build, seen here in a different thread. good luck
  5. another newbie

    Thanks very much for all the help. 2 layers of 1 inch 8pound Kaowool. rigidizer was no problem. lightly wetted with water spray before hand then put the rigidizer in a spray bottle. turns out the viscosity issue was not issue at all. in the plastic bottle when I shook it, it seemed thick, but once opened it didn't seem much more viscous than water. It sprayed fine. got a nice even saturation on the wool shaking frequently. then dried it for a while in front of my garage heater. when I'm confident it is dry, I'll fire it to vitrify. Satinite next and waiting for my order of Plistix from Wayne. wish me luck.
  6. another newbie

    thanks very much
  7. another newbie

    I have Nalco 1144 colloidal silica for my rigidizer. my concern is that it is a bit viscous to use a spray bottle to apply. does anyone know if it can be diluted slightly with water? MSDS seems to say everything that can be said but that. even it's effect on a water flea. thanks in advance. Mike
  8. Hi Glenn

    I've been having trouble with the site.  I can open the first page in a thread but when I try to go to the next it seems to lock up while loading.  


    1. jeremy k

      jeremy k

      Hit the refresh button, it's what we all have to do due to glitches.

  9. another newbie

    thanks guys. I'm on it.
  10. another newbie

    Hi Everyone. I know it has been a while since I posted my family anvil. Finally started moving towards a forge. Here is my progess so far. It is a 3/4 inch burner of the Reil design. will I have enough burner for this forge? My thoughts were to adjust the interior with Koawool to about 300 cu inches, split brick floor, rigidizer, then satinite. thought about the ITC 100 but the price of admission has me thinking I'll try it without first. Probably put a hinge and latch on the cap for future maintenance. Plan on putting porches on both ends to set bricks on to adjust the opening. Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated. Mike Mike
  11. My first hammer

    That is a very handsome hammer. have you used it yet?
  12. regarding Grandpa Brandt. It is not clear why, but he got out of the blacksmith business and tried his hand at farming. Not really making it there, he got employed by an insulation company blowing this new fangled insulation into houses. Apparently he acquired some lung affliction owed to no safety precautions at the time and suffered an early demise. Another uncle, now 77 recalls Grandpa Brandt was a good natured fellow. He recalls at one time the kids in the neighborhood attended a one room school house. During the day a big snow storm hit and the kids did not look forward to the 3 mile walk home in a foot of snow. As school was to get out, Grandpa Brand showed up in a horse drawn bobsled that he had filled with loose hay. 5 or 6 kids piled in and he took them home. seems information on him is pretty thin. Mike
  13. Survivors library

    I am sure I'm late to the gate on this, but found a source for pdf books on smithing that are directly downloadable. Not to handy on the search features so could not tell if these were here already. Mike
  14. Thanks all Thomas You are correct. big hammer marks evident under the tail and even a bit under the horn. Ethan. I've gone out and looked at it and don't perceive a downward bend. I'll lay a rule on the face hanging over the horn and see if my eyeball is telling me the truth. To me it seems beautifully proportioned and sort of a riddle. How could such a big hunk of iron, so obviously heavy, look like it could fly? Sculpture really. I don't know what I'd have had to pay for it if I'd been been looking to buy, but to get her for free makes me happy as pie.
  15. Forging a bottle opener (or two).

    I don't know much, but I know what I like. Those openers are very pleasing to my eye. They'd make me buy better beer!