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  1. 4elements

    First solo Tamahagane smelt

    Sorry, I thought I read it all. Now I have to see what I missed.
  2. 4elements

    First solo Tamahagane smelt

    Wow! All this time and nobody has said how y'all have swallowed it hook, line and sinker
  3. They are no longer selling coal, and you wouldn't want it anyway. I still have some but it's terrible with clinker. There is a fellow in the NWBA who sells coal, charcoal and coke. He can get it close to you if you are in the region. His name is James von Mosch. NWBA web site is blacksmith.org
  4. 4elements

    First solo Tamahagane smelt

    Why are you carping about fish puns, and meanwhile reeling them in?
  5. 4elements

    New from Oregon

    This is a wonderful forum with an amazing amount of info. For engaging with other smiths consider joining the NWBA. We are a regional org and Oregon is in our region. By the way, where in Oregon are you?
  6. 4elements

    stainless steel fire scale

    First a disclaimer, I have limited experience and my comments may need correcting by those who know more. My understanding is that nickle passivates easily and forms an oxide layer which contributes to its stainless nature. When you work with the power hammer you are working hot and drawing out and so breaking the surface layer which exposes the fresh hot surface to oxygen. When grinding, you are working cold. The passivated layer can reform and interfere with regaining the finish you are looking for. I hope those who are more knowledgeable will either validate or refute this.
  7. 4elements

    Christmas items 2018

    If you want further details just ask. The hanging design was to keep the planter away from the window trim so as not to create a moisture trap. Or previous box contributed to some rot.
  8. Sly said "Welding temp can be anything above half it's melting temp. but low carb steels wont weld without the high heat. higher the carbon content the easier it sticks. its also important for the welded parts to be in the same phase state and relatively same temp. another trick is do a prolonged soak time in between welds to allow the steel to weld to itself from grain growth. but clean surfaces are a must, it takes a VERY long time soaking for the steel to absorb any content that gets stuck inside of it. " So I am curious if someone had a cast iron ASO with a clean flat face, and a plate of carbon steel to match it, if they were put into a furnace, say a pottery kiln, and soaked at some elevated temp would you expect an acceptable weld to form across the entire face?
  9. 4elements

    Hello from Spokane Wa!

    Thru history anvils have been used that have were lots of different shapes. Look thru the improvised anvil thread for so many ideas. Round will work too. There is a video called iron making in Africa that's amazing. The smiths at the end of the video use a round anvil and round hammers. Also you can look up an article about a pictish stone anvil that was found in Scotland
  10. 4elements

    Hello from Spokane Wa!

    To some degree mass makes more difference than weight. Look at the discussions on RR track. The same piece set with the flange up is nearly worthless. Set it flange downward it's better because there is more mass under the hammer. However set on end you maximize the mass under the hammer and it is the best, all with the same weight piece
  11. 4elements

    Christmas items 2018

    Very nice. I like the heat colors on the crosses. Are they finished to protect that?
  12. 4elements

    Christmas items 2018

    Alexandr, the iron work in the 2nd picture is amazing. Is that work you did? I've seen other posts by you and have been impressed. Merry Christmas
  13. 4elements

    Christmas items 2018

    Thank you. Now she wants more
  14. 4elements

    Christmas items 2018

    A window planter box for my wife. My son and I installed it after she went to bed last night. All the iron is forged including the nails.
  15. 4elements

    Forge Hut

    Very neat! (That is way TOO neat). Where is your resource accumulation area (scrap pile). That reminds me, I need to do some straightening up in my smithy.