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  1. Thanks Slag, that may be even better
  2. Thanks for the idea. That might get me his name but at this length of time (about 46yrs) who knows what could have transpired? I know my own life has had plenty of twists and turns. It was from him that I first heard of ABANA, but I don't know if he was a member. I've never joined so I'm putting it out to the broadest group I can (I know international is VERY broad) because I don't remember enough specifics, such as addresses, shop name, other people, etc.
  3. When I was an 18YO kid I went to school briefly in Kansas city. I there I first met a working blacksmith. He had a shop in an area called The River Quay, a craft and art district. He shared space with a silversmith and a glass blower in the basement. I long ago forgot his name, but that short acquaintance left me with a lingering desire which I didn't see realized until I was in my 50s. Now i remember that time and inspiring Smith and i wonder if anyone knows who he is/ was, and if he's still around?
  4. When I started I had no assurance of success but I went ahead anyway. Risk is part of learning. When I got them shaped, they were still flat. I then had to bend and twist them. With them so thin at that point it didn't take much to heat, but they also didn't hold that heat long. I had to keep careful watch so I didn't work too cold and break them.
  5. I refined them with a dremel tool using a reinforced abrasive cutoff disk, and yes patience.
  6. This is my very first attempt at an animal head. I need to work on the head proportion on the next one. This was just practice to see what I could do. I like how the antlers worked out.
  7. Hi Rashelle. Wow what a history, and thank you for your law enforcement and military service. I met you once about 3 years ago at NWBA spring conference. We talked about Bloomery smelting, which is something I'm still interested in doing. I don't think Frosty needs to worry. Disaster and injury were not following you around like harpies. Stay healthy and maybe we can do some smelting in the near future.
  8. Hello Lightmeatness, I'm glad to see another smith in my neighborhood. I'm in Granite Falls. I'm sure you have realized the immense wealth of knowledge, skill and info that is available on this forum, but since it's limited to text, videos and pictures, joining up with a local smithing group adds the hands on component. The Northwest Blacksmiths Association is worth joining. Gotta get to work now...
  9. Sorry, I thought I read it all. Now I have to see what I missed.
  10. Wow! All this time and nobody has said how y'all have swallowed it hook, line and sinker
  11. They are no longer selling coal, and you wouldn't want it anyway. I still have some but it's terrible with clinker. There is a fellow in the NWBA who sells coal, charcoal and coke. He can get it close to you if you are in the region. His name is James von Mosch. NWBA web site is blacksmith.org
  12. Why are you carping about fish puns, and meanwhile reeling them in?
  13. This is a wonderful forum with an amazing amount of info. For engaging with other smiths consider joining the NWBA. We are a regional org and Oregon is in our region. By the way, where in Oregon are you?
  14. First a disclaimer, I have limited experience and my comments may need correcting by those who know more. My understanding is that nickle passivates easily and forms an oxide layer which contributes to its stainless nature. When you work with the power hammer you are working hot and drawing out and so breaking the surface layer which exposes the fresh hot surface to oxygen. When grinding, you are working cold. The passivated layer can reform and interfere with regaining the finish you are looking for. I hope those who are more knowledgeable will either validate or refute this.
  15. If you want further details just ask. The hanging design was to keep the planter away from the window trim so as not to create a moisture trap. Or previous box contributed to some rot.