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  1. 4elements

    What did you do in the shop today?

    The coloring was with Testors model paint followed with 2 coats of clear coat. I tried to do a dry brush job so it wouldn't be boldly overpowering colors. Now my wife wants more towel bars
  2. 4elements

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I confess my faults and submit to my punishment. I'm sorry.
  3. 4elements

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I finally proved to my wife that I CAN finish a project, then she mentions cleaning out the gutters!
  4. 4elements

    I purchased an antique bellows to restore.

    I made my own bellows. I didn't use leather due to cost. What I got was the vinyl coated fabric that is used for awnings, the kind that are used on store fronts and are stretched over a frame. I went to a place that makes them for businesses and bought the yardage I needed. They have held up for years.
  5. 4elements

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Glenn, thanks for the comments. The towel bar is going over a sink where the is no possibility to run against it. There aren't any catch points and it's getting painted then an automotive clear coat. I like the vinyl tube idea but I'll see how the finish holds up first
  6. 4elements

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I finally finished a towel bar for my wife. It will go above the sink in our laundry room. It has taken me months to figure out all the elements and bring it all together. I don't get enough forge time. I'll finish it with paint and a clear coat. I don't want rust on the towels.
  7. 4elements

    Repousse Pitch

    Try asking a brick Mason for the residue from his brick saw. You'll have to dry it out
  8. 4elements

    First time forging copper.

    There are a lot of us close to you. I'm in Granite Falls, WA. There are at least a couple of other smiths I know of in Olympia. Are you acquainted with the North West Blacksmith Association?
  9. 4elements

    Top tool? For what?

    I have a similar tool, bought at an antique store but I've never used it. I believe they are "veiners", top tools for making a raised linear bead
  10. 4elements

    Chisel made of Titanium

    I work in the aircraft industry. Titanium has flammability characteristics similar to magnesium (not identical). I have had drill chips spontaneously ignite from too high of a drilling RPM. It has its uses, and limitations.
  11. 4elements

    my secound forge

    I notice you have only the one cutout in the front to allow the stock to enter the fire level but there isn't one opposite that one to allow you to heat the middle of a bar. That might be a good thing to consider. Glad to see your progress.
  12. 4elements

    my secound forge

    How do you control and vary your air input?
  13. 4elements

    Complete Beginner

    In a pinch you can use tongs to break it, just a little squeeze will do. That's especially useful if the piece is already in the fire. Also a large piece on the top of the fire can create a chamber which is sometimes useful. As the fire burns that piece will spontaneously break up into smaller bits without your intervention.
  14. 4elements

    Doming discs

    Theoretically a disc with the same area as the intended 1/2 sphere would work, but that doesn't take into account stretching and forming