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Due to crazy acualy being an inherited thing on both sides of my family, I had the "minor surgery" as TP puts it. As I was 20 and unmarried I had to get a note from my mom (not kidding). Despite this I still had the privlage, if not the pleasure of raising two lovely ladies. 

I know the evil glee I get of sending grand babies home filthy, loaded up on red koolaid with a chocholet bar on a hot day! Lol. 

Das, you will undergo a radical change in thinking. Taking unnecessary risks will stop, because who will take care of your family if you get killed? May I suggest identifies good and fixing any bad habits you have? You can't guarantee your child will inherit any of your good habits, but they will dang sure inherit any of your bad ones! 

I find my self now, as a grandparent treating all the young women as one of my daughters, and all the little kids as my grand kids. I like kids a lot more now as a grand parent that I ever did as a parent. When ever I thought my kids were unrepeatable little brats I just went to Wallmart... 

you get a reset as to how good your kids are!   

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Charles, my worst habit is a hard one for me to kick. I have stopped smoking in the house ( pretty much) so far. I'll be fighting the rest of that battle as best I can. Being 38 I'm more patient then I would have been younger. I've already lessened the risk taking over the years. Just need to keep my crazy in check. 

Went for the sonogram this morning and it was amazing to see the little one. ( sorry Richard, no twins.) 

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the name Finnegan. I am generally strongly attracted to little kids in the good way. Al my nieces took to calling me "Weird Uncle Jerry." A moniker I cherish, I'm the jolly Grandpaw type who's just fun to be around, even when I'm saying NO. 

One of the few real regrets I have in life is not having kids of my own to warp. One of the upsides is making it 65 years and only changing a diaper twice!

Cherish your kids, grandkids and friend's kids, they all deserve love and good guidance, the straight path isn't the easy one but it's worth it.

Frosty The Lucky.

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5 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

8 total; 5 Boys and 3 Girls and we don't expect any more.  What I need is a "carry my purchases at Quad-State Team!"

But...but have you had "the talk with the parents" about what's causing them.

I threatened my boys that if they made me a grandpa before I was 40 I would kick their butts. I now have 5 grandkids yea.

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On 10/16/2017 at 8:43 AM, ThomasPowers said:

Another week or so and I can start making Finnegan's Awake jokes!  (memo to self buy less life insurance!)

Yeah, keep their cuts just a bit lower than child care and you should be okay. What kind of books are you going to read to him?

Frosty The Lucky.

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T.P., & Frosty,

May I recommend the classic bedtime story book "Goodnight Moon". 

It has been continuously in print since 1947. And with good reason. It is soothing, almost hypnotic for young children and someadults too. (me included).

Some parents/grandparents found that it can settle an infant with a full-blown bout of colic!

I found that I could meditate whilst reading it to both our kids ages ago.



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Thommas, looks like you need to build a blacksmiths themed play set with your copius free time! Somthing loud! 

Das, my Dad stopped, so has Sandy, heck even Bob stoped (a week in the hospital with heart problems scared him strait!) time to cultivate habits that will benifit you and your child for years to come. Get up those few miners early so you can have breakfast with your lovely lady. Make it home for dinner. Go places fun and educational on the weekends... Nothing expensive. 

Be their for your family. Crazy will take care of its self, the biggest problem my kids had was I was the voice of reason in the home... Scared yet? Lol. Never lay hands on your child angree or punish them when you are mad. Time out and being sent to a room with no vidio games, toyes ect create fear in them and gives you time to make a cup of coffee, calm down and plan their negitive reinforcement behavior modification... Revenge is so much sweeter sever cold and with your grand children as accomplishes! Make sure they see you reading, learning, loving their mother and taking time to check the locks on the Caine you have fettered your demons with. They learn from watching us. And don't forget chores! No one should have to pay $20 to a school for "adulting" classes.  

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