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    blacksmithing, playing any instrument i can get my hands on, shooting, arguing with c1toolsteel about anvils, going way too fast on a 4 wheeler, shoeing, riding, and getting beat up by horses. (not all at the same time.) (usually.)

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  1. saxe

    Not bad at alll. I usually don't like antler handles, but yours is really nice.
  2. What Would Your Anvil Say?

    My soderfors is too busy tossing ball bearings through the roof to do any talking.
  3. freedom

    Like a bird from these prison bars I'll fly... I like it a lot.
  4. Mixed metaphors, or just misused

    Don't ditch the bath water with the baby. A doctor a day keeps the bedbugs away. Jellied toast always lands on the wrong side of the bed.
  5. To buy or not to buy?

    1054 is a medium carbon steel that would, IMHO be perfectly acceptable for an anvil. 55-62 seems to me like a pretty big range, but If it has good rebound and don't dent when you smack it with a hammer, the numbers are pretty irrelevant. The proof is in the bearing.
  6. To buy or not to buy?

    the lack of a real step is kinda odd, but other than that it looks like a serviceable anvil. Just do a rebound test to be sure it is really cast steel and not CI.
  7. Newly built gas forge (Alec Steele type)

    Man, you curmudgeons ARE mean, heartless people. C-mon folks, really?
  8. Been there, done that, got the T shirt.
  9. As far as blades go.. The devil is in the details. Finish each step 100% before you move on. take your time. Oh, and don't use and aggressively domed hammer when beveling. not from personal experience, of course.
  10. Should I mill my Anvil?

    What lyuv said. Fill it in with silicone caulk or something.
  11. The Ghost Dog

    Super nice. That sheath is amazing too.
  12. Feelin' a bit crabby

  13. I'm a dad!

    Massive congratulations!
  14. Helm/Tendick Wakizashi/Tanto Daisho Collaboration

    Super nice!
  15. traditional Nepalese blacksmiths and forges.

    Thank you very much.