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    blacksmithing, playing any instrument i can get my hands on, shooting, arguing with c1toolsteel about anvils, going way too fast on a 4 wheeler, shoeing, riding, and getting beat up by horses. (not all at the same time.) (usually.)

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  1. Watch your step...

    I am 6'5 and change in my boots, so i have to watch my head even when i am not wearing a hat. needless to say i have had my share of head bonkers.
  2. Watch your step...

    glad you are OK.
  3. my first was 10x10 with no walls, dirt floor. my second was 16x14 with 3 walls, gravel floor. my third and current one is 25x45 with 4 walls, concrete floor, and insulation. Neither of my first shops were at all bad for the amount of equipment i had at the time, but as your skills grow, your tooling grows, and it sure is nice to have more space. as a general rule, i think bigger is better. i have never heard of anyone complaining of too much shop space.
  4. Speaking of cast iron...

    That could be my mom talking.
  5. The Temple Boxer

    I can't get enough of your work and this one is my favorite so far. Super unique. keep um comin.
  6. Tiger the cattle dog

    nice work. the top one looks like my blue heeler. what breed was tiger?
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    sweet job for a firsty. Welcome to the world of smithing!
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    that sounds like my last shop day.
  9. Good News

    nope. it was actually a kiddy pool in our living room it a drafty old stone farmhouse in PA.
  10. Killing Anvil noise

    silicone all the way. that and secure it TIGHTLY to the stand. i killed the ring on my soderfors entirely that way.
  11. Good News

    I was born in a swimming pool. no I'm not joking.
  12. Good News

    Just cook them first, please. Eating raw human flesh is a bit gross.
  13. Good News

    you barbarian! congrats mr powers.
  14. Las Vegas

    You're right Tommy. God's the judge not me, and i'm sure glad of it too. I get carried away by my indignation sometimes, and it's something i need to work on curbing. I don't know if forgiveness is possible after death, but if it is i hope he finds it. God bless our troubled country
  15. Las Vegas

    we all know where that man's going. don't even get me started on the gun "issue". definitely praying for all those involved. we had a smaller shooting at a local church a week or so ago. hard to believe people can be so messed up as to do stuff like that. i'm starting to smoke so i better stop typing before i break forum rules.