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    blacksmithing, playing any instrument i can get my hands on, shooting, arguing with c1toolsteel about anvils, going way too fast on a 4 wheeler, shoeing, riding, and getting beat up by horses. (not all at the same time.) (usually.)

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  1. soderfors, for example.
  2. yup, i strike him all the time.
  3. with a bit of modification, you could put one on a drill and have a powerized spaghetti fork.
  4. Hey Dennis, quick question for ya. I recently bought  one of your 2 burner blacksmith forges from you, and an older one of the same type from a man who had it sitting.  The old one is identical  to my new one in all respects but the front  and back doors are much larger.  My plan is to sell one and keep the other. I like the bigger doors, but are there any disadvantages to them? If so, I would naturally wish to keep the better one. also, I could not get either one to reach welding temp, even when running at 15 Psi. What could I be doing wrong?





  5. i LOVE it!
  6. what C-1 said. i think they are great.
  7. your so right. i've never noticed them before.
  8. yup. just cause they have fancy tools don't mean they know what they are doing. that's not even the worst "repair job" i've seen.
  9. that anvil is in superb shape. worth a grand easy in some places.
  10. congrats on your new anvil! if it is real grungy you can try wd40 and a wire brush on an angle grinder. of course don't ever use a grinding disk, that is one of the fastest ways to ruin it. can we have a few pics? that would be very helpful in giving ID and dating.
  11. it is my experience that liver travels best in the deer.
  12. Nice piece of bent rebar! keep at it you're off to a good start.
  13. definitely a medical tool. just like the one i use to amputate livers.
  14. that is pretty big for a farrier's style anvil. super find.
  15. i'm with you, John.