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  1. as a general rule, most tools blacksmiths use are antiques and older tools are usually of fair quality. as far as modern power tools go, ya can't beat Bosch, and rigid is good too.
  2. what gregerly said. creepy but sweet.
  3. Awesome job. I love it.
  4. Whoa, brother, keep a leash on it. you won't get to far around here with that attitude.
  5. someone with some sense!!! jonnytait, that is one of the world's best anvils. i have it's 'lil brother, and you can't beat them. of course, you can beat on them....
  6. absolutely gorgeous.
  7. your question is very general, but depending on the circumstances, a sand blaster or pressure washer?
  8. I'ts easy to find people who want to give you advice, it's hard to find people who are qualified to.
  9. I would agree with BF. looks Wrightish to me. that stand, however, looks very wrongish......
  10. do ring/rebound tests and report results. it is obviously cast, but that will tell us if it is cast steel (good) or cast iron (bad). can we have detailed pis of both sides and feet? it looks to be a fairly modern production, but all the same.
  11. i have a big hot cut that i use in my shop to split kindling. i put the end grain of the log on it and hit the top of the log with a hammer. works wonders on small stuff.
  12. yeah, your right Mr. powers. I was on there site and couldn't find anything, but I should have called. It's fixed now. I took it apart and greased the snot out off, or in this case into, the switch. Works fine now.
  13. I'm a bit on the old side for that, Mark.
  14. thanks. that looks like it might work. never taken the welder apart. in a few days you might see a thread labeled "Can't figure out how to put my welder back together."