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    blacksmithing, playing any instrument i can get my hands on, shooting, arguing with c1toolsteel about anvils, going way too fast on a 4 wheeler, shoeing, riding, and getting beat up by horses. (not all at the same time.) (usually.)

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  1. Yes, we musicians do it with our instruments.
  2. Hey, Das. Having recently gone through (and still coming out of) an ultra miserable period of my life, this is the best i can give you from what i have learned. Personally, I would stay away from doctors and more specifically their drugs, but that is just the way I am. The drugs might alleviate the symptom, but they cant eliminate the spiritual/mental root cause. Dave Ramsey often says that if you want to get ahead financially, you should stop taking financial advice from friends that are broke. Same applies here. if we wan't to get over depression, we can't take advise from peopl
  3. You had me excited for a moment. A forge quench would be the biggest thing since bar stock.
  4. You could do that, but you would have to forge weld it to itself, which is a much trickery skill. Your best bet would be to upset it first. upsetting means to squash it thicker by hitting it on the end.
  5. It's a mousehole. Wrought iron with a toolsteel face plate. pretty good anvil. the bottom markings are english hundredweight. first number stands for units of 112 lbs, second number stands for units of 28, third number stands for units of 1. you add all the numbers together. 1x112= 112 + 1x28= 28 + 4x1= 4 =144 pounds. it is normal for stamped weight to be a tad off from actual weight.
  6. Insanity is hereditary. You inherit it from your kids.
  7. Tubalcain2


    Not bad at alll. I usually don't like antler handles, but yours is really nice.
  8. My soderfors is too busy tossing ball bearings through the roof to do any talking.
  9. Like a bird from these prison bars I'll fly... I like it a lot.
  10. Don't ditch the bath water with the baby. A doctor a day keeps the bedbugs away. Jellied toast always lands on the wrong side of the bed.
  11. 1054 is a medium carbon steel that would, IMHO be perfectly acceptable for an anvil. 55-62 seems to me like a pretty big range, but If it has good rebound and don't dent when you smack it with a hammer, the numbers are pretty irrelevant. The proof is in the bearing.
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