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  1. that is a SWEET anvil!
  2. its a old english style, my guess would be william foster or mousehole, but english anvils are not my thing so don't take my word for it. it would have wrought iron body with steel face plate. very decent anvils. it looks like you may have some delamination on the face. did you do a ring/rebound test?
  3. COOL!!! i never thought of using root at a handle material. very clean and well designed.
  4. oh yeah, that's important too.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Smithing is really quite simple. Just remember black steel can be hot, yellow steel is hotter. That's about all there is to it. Oh yeah, and "when in doubt use a bigger hammer". If you can remember those three things you're set.
  6. that is probably about 200 bucks over market price in our area, even with the extras. I would not pay that much, but that is just me. you can get a brand new baby rhino anvil (142 lbs) from incandescent ironworks for that much. Actually, there are a lot of good new anvils out there that are that price but bigger. to give you an idea of what 900 could buy, i got my 160lb soderfors anvil, a brand new coal forge with a 3 1/2 inch blower, a post drill, a 4 inch post vice, and 200lbs of coal for just under 900 cash, all by using TPAAT (before i knew it by that name). Shoot, i got that lead from the first guy i asked! if i were you i would hold onto my money and keep looking.
  7. neat ID, Mark . I would agree about cutting off the washers, though.
  8. Mr. meyers has had controversial statements posted on his home page for a while. he puts a new one up every week or so.
  9. NO GLOVES with rotary equipment !!!!! That goes for all grinders and power saws. it's not a joke. I know folks who have lost fingers and almost whole hands that way. those cup brushes are handy but please no gloves or loose clothing !! Shoot, i have even had those things grab my jeans and rip into my leg. they eat cloth like I eat potatoes. (and that is a lot)
  10. cool. welcome to the forum from a fellow tennessean.
  11. I must be very obtuse, but your puns failed to strike a chord with me.
  12. it is plane that these puns are beside the point. we need to get back in line to keep discussion within the circumference of the stated topic.
  13. what c-1 said. if not a vulcan than a vulcan clone. on the low end of the spectrum but not an ASO.
  14. yup. that's a colombian. real good anvils, but as TP said, mute 'um good.
  15. i have a 2 B blacksmith and I am super happy with it. I would never get anything else having owned it. I can't speak for the forge welding capabilities, as I have never used it for that, but other members have used them for that with good success. once they get warmed up they heat steel in a jiffy and are pretty efficient. I'm not a salesmen for Dennis, i'm just a happy customer.