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Looks like my 8th and probably last grand child (and my youngest daughter's 4th and last son) may be arriving sooner than expected. My wife is scrambling for a flight. (she had planned to leave on the 14th, the Dr says within the next week is likely).  Meanwhile I get to add the wife's dog to my two cats at my casita. (and keep going to work as usual.)

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Daswulf, if your youngun is really going to be born with a hammer in his/her/their  hand(s)  I strongly suggest you start marathon training NOW.  It will get you a fighting chance to get out ahead of your spouse after the birth and you may gain several days extra of life that way.  Our first born was a 9 pound baby girl and I could feel my life hang in the balance for quite a long time.  Thankfully our second was a more "normal" weight even if my wife was 43 at the time...

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We planned our family and with the age thing; the deal was "2 healthy babies and the joint venture shuts down"  I had the minor operation.   I got two girls and never regretted it.  We have friends that we were talking about our plans and their reply was "If we had planned our children we would never had had any!" There were on kid 3 or 4 as I recall.

Being at the birth of my children is some of my peak experiences. 

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