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  1. Is this worth the money

    There are, and have been, a number of drills which are all but identical. You will find for 10mm holes in mild steel this drill will be adequate and vastly more accurate then the hand drill type accessory press or hand drilling. I have a Rexon version, the motor is whisper quiet. which is a bonus, and the lowest speed is near the 550rpm mark. There is little to go wrong with them and most only ever get to collect dust during their working life with an owner so a second hand buy is well worth considering at maybe as little as a third of the new retail price. They are not a professional/industrial tool therefore as long as one doesn't expect it to drill holes all day or work to "engineer's" tollerances, they are good to go! A budget tool that does the basic work.
  2. Good News

    At last! Congratulations to yourself and yours TP, especially mum and dad. And a huge welcome to young Finnegan.
  3. long handrail join

    I would have made such a mechanical joint at least three times the width of the rail with six fixings. I think you need to weld that on site, dress and apply suitable coatings. Spray or brush on galv paint is available here in the UK and will accept a finish coat on top.
  4. Keep digging through the series Glenn, you'll eventually find the one where he makes a forge blower from mud and sticks....handy for those as wish they could afford a blower.
  5. Need to change my name

    Just Blades.....!
  6. What is this?

    Unable to comprehend how this tool worked....I googled....found this>>>>>
  7. What Did You Learn Today?

    Tried that TP, don't seem to make much difference, and then it's worse when I do have to lower it. As far as I know I'm not allergic to anythng other than garlic. I have prescription painkillers for my fibromyalgia anyway and I think have some ibruprofen somewhere I can take to relieve the swelling. Watching another thread for a news of an imminent arrival reminded me how good gas and air is and how reletively insignificant my discomfort is likely to be compared to others!
  8. What Did You Learn Today?

    Time has passed since the incident, it is now at the throbbing stage and getting more painfull with every pulse beat. Only two doses of painkillers left for today so yes TP I will be inserting some of my medicinal loch water before bedtime. Glenn, maybe in a day or so, at the moment I'm avoiding raising either blood pressure or pulse rate.
  9. What Did You Learn Today?

    I learned how to pull my finger out of joint undoing a vice!!!!!! Fortunately I've not worn a wedding ring for some years, just as well as I now have an extrememly swollen and bruised finger.....I'll not be swnging a hammer for some time to come!
  10. What's your day job

    I'm a trainee Gentleman of Liesure, I quallify fully come November 2018.
  11. Killing Anvil noise

    No harm it trying both methods. I'd forgotten you had the matching Brooks stand!
  12. Killing Anvil noise

    Any soft material under the anvil will tend to cull the noise, it will also reduce vibrations travelling through the ground which can be heard inside buildings. Mine are on wooden stumps and can bearly be heard outside the forge. If you check out your local supermarket, they often have small rubber matts for workshop or car footwells, much chaeper and will work as effectively.
  13. Jeep & Willy's Lovers...

    I've just spent the weekend with a fully restored example that I think was once in the employ of the Airbourne Forces lateWWII era, probably the oldest motor at the show. Never owned a Jeep but do have one of it's offspring.... a 1977 series 3 Land Rover.
  14. Intermediate Projects?

    There are a lot of smaller projects that involve, or can involve, processes required for bigger builds such as rivetting and tenons depending on the designs. trivets, candle sticks, rushlight holders, etc. and many different designs to keep you from becoming bored with making them for along time to come. Many of which will also serve to keep the wife happy as they will be most usefull in kitchen or dining room.
  15. forge welding

    "...What are your opinions on charcoal made from soft wood vs charcoal made from hardwood. ..." I believe Japanese blade smiths use softwood charcoal, maybe someone could confim that. I find softwood charcoal tends to light easier, but hardwood lasts longer. As regards whch burns hotter, I don't believe there is an appreciable difference as the air flow will have a greater effect on heat in a forge. How you make and use the charcoal is likely to have as much or more of an impact on it's properties, I much prefer to use well seasoned wood simply because the process requires less heat value to achieve completion and producess a greater yield per load. I make my own charcoal from mainly Willow and a little Eucalyptus, oddments of other soft and hardwoods on occasion such as Privet, Rose, Brier, Mahogany, Ash. various conifers, Pine etc. I do have some commercial lumpwood which I have recently discovered is imported from the far east so have no idea on species. Appart from the shape of the origin material I cannot tell any one from another either in hand or fire. At the end of the day any char will suffice, some may be better than others and spit less, but what you can get locally or freely is what you will ultimately use.