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  1. When looking at an anvil, only a true blacksmith would have this reaction. Love it!
  2. Name that tool! I'd name him Stanley! or maybe just a nickname - Spike! Sorry, I'm no help at all. Must be getting close to the weekend.
  3. Thanks ede, I didn't know that. Wasn't trying to claim it, just live by it.
  4. Yup, experience isn't what happens to a person, it's what a person DOES with what happens to them.
  5. I like your creativity Theo. Very nice!
  6. Nice forge Arkham. Now fire it up and post some action shots!
  7. Nice one Michael! I love cheap! And repurposing things. It's just too cool to come home with some "junk" and turn it into something amazingly useful like a belt grinder. Post some pics of the build, or direct me to the thread they're already posted in. Always interested in seeing people's projects.
  8. I bought a used treadmill for $50, used the metal frame parts for the stand and the motor and speed control. A small bit of square tube and some wheels, shaft and pillow blocks, a scrap piece of H beam and I had a belt grinder. Probably less than $250 into the whole thing. But then, I'm cheap.
  9. Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"?
  10. Ah, beware of Germans bearing gifts then? And I thought it was Greeks (at least from the Trojans' point of view).
  11. From my little bit of research on the subject, welding is a pretty major field of study. It makes me think the 5 day pressure vessel certification course would be something for a journeyman welder looking for extra certifications rather than a beginning course. But I'm not a welder, so I may be wrong there.
  12. You're right, I watched it again last night and saw that. So it could have gone either way between Rashelle and you then! Oops, shouldn't have said that. Thanks for telling us about the "...and sharpening oil." I think the editors missed a great comedic moment in not leaving that in.
  13. That's not bad then. It says you have to keep the inverter away from the metal bits that come off the grinder or it might stop working. Doesn't say if the motor is sealed or not. "User need to manually turn the belt a few laps, then the power can be switched on. you can adjust the knob slightly for making the wheel not to deviate." - I don't know what this means. I hope not every time you want to turn it on.
  14. It says in the ad, it uses 2" x 82" belts. I don't know how easy those are going to be to find. Never looked for any, myself. Might be a typo, but I'd definitely ask before buying.