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  1. Running out of excuses

    My excuses for not forging: My forge isn't getting as hot as I'd like it to and I'm thinking (read: procrastinating) I need to build a better propane forge. Which leads to the second excuse... I'm bummed that my first forge welded billet attempt didn't come out quite perfect and I'm in a funk about it (See: forge not getting hot enough - procrastinating). I have several wooden spoons that I need to make for Christmas presents (they're not exactly getting done either). I'm struggling with some warm glass work I'm doing that's not turning out as expected (Mixed two different brands of supposedly COE 90 glass that aren't liking each other's company). I'm in the middle of modifying my 3D printer to print with wax filament, so I can continue the knife collaboration project from Theo. And a red-shafted flicker got into my attic, and aside from spending some time yesterday (that I'd like to say I had set aside for forging - but I really didn't) to create a path out for him/her/it, I need to find and plug his/hers/its path in, so I don't have that problem again. Dang, It's no wonder I haven't had time to forge recently.
  2. Anyone able to ID this?

    And that's why the bidding is up to $500.
  3. Tin Roofing

    Understand completely. My comment just goes along with that general idea that you can never have too big of a shop. Although, I walk into Home Depot, take a look around and think, "yeah, this could be just about big enough" LOL
  4. To The Wall..the Last Three Weeks

    Beautiful, as always! Good luck with the move.
  5. Tin Roofing

    Me either! I didn't even know that was possible. LOL!
  6. Etching demascus

    Equal amounts of table salt and RootKill (copper sulfate pentahydrate) in water. 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of each in a quart of water.
  7. Old or New?

    Also, use the TPAAAT method to locate an anvil. It's described in a "sticky" post near the top of this Anvils topic list. You might even find one nearby for cheap or even free.
  8. Ideas for Christmas 2017

    Don't know what your family and friends are into, but candle holders, bottle openers, shoe horns, fireplace tools, trivets, steak flippers, coat and hat hooks/racks, outdoor patio candle/torch holders come to mind.
  9. Help wth upsetting

    Like Charles suggested - can you take your propane burner out of the forge and use it like an oxy/acet rosebud? Clamp it in a vise and hold the coil spring in the flame?
  10. brass/copper finish

    Zep RootKill - 99.9% copper sulfate pentahydrate - so you're paying for a little water, but it's pretty cheap.
  11. Blacksmithing gems and pearls

    But Obiwan said... LOL!
  12. Crazy "Sculpture" idea?

    If there were only the three "pendulums" would the anvil in the middle have to be the same weight to transfer the energy through? As long as there was solid contact between the resting hammer and the anvil, I'd think the energy from the striking hammer would transfer through and move the resting hammer. But then I'm not a physicist.
  13. When too much... IS too much !

    You're right Lou. We should give him some credit. He did what looks to be a fairly solid build of a forge. Just got caught up in the "bigger is better" thinking (but his whole "tube" channel seems to be dedicated to that). I've been guilty of that once or twice . Just hope people looking to build a forge don't only see this video before starting and end up with a monster gas guzzler they don't need.
  14. When too much... IS too much !

    Why did he pour flux on it at the 9:03 mark? Cast iron anvil. Noob.
  15. Crazy "Sculpture" idea?

    An anvil in the middle and a hammer on each side would be fun.