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  1. John in Oly, WA

    Third times the charm?? PIC HEAVY

    When testing your burner outside a forge, you NEED a flare on the end of the mixing tube to keep the flame from blowing off the end. The flare slows the gas/air mix down and helps keep the flame attached. Just slide a larger piece of tube or pipe onto the end of the mixing tube and you'll notice an improvement. Slide another even larger piece over the first larger piece and you have a stepped flare, and should see even more improvement. Everything you have so far looks good. Just need the flare.
  2. John in Oly, WA

    1500 year old sword found at the bottom of a lake in Sweden

    I always wondered where I lost that thing. Had it the last time I left the tardis… on holiday, looking for an out of the way place/time to do a bit of hunting and gathering.
  3. John in Oly, WA

    New forge from Romania - burner issues, lots of pics

    If you can get an 1/8" brass nipple, they fit well with the MIG tips. You can just thread the inside of the 1/8" nipple to fit the MIG tip threads and it's a nice smooth transition that doesn't block air flow. But the 1/8" nipple is not easily found either.
  4. John in Oly, WA

    New forge from Romania - burner issues, lots of pics

    It seems to my non-expert eye that you have too much fuel, not enough air. In your first video when you put the grinder disk over the air intake and pull it back, you go from a large yellow secondary flame to a smaller blue secondary flame, but at full open you still have a lot of secondary flame. If you could have continued to pull the grinder disk back (if your air opening was bigger) until that secondary flame disappeared, then you'd have just a hot primary flame. The last video in the forge you have a large dragon's breath - extra fuel looking for oxygen to burn. And it looks like the fuel valve is only partially open. It would be interesting to see how the burner would perform if you made the head like a Frosty T burner with the reducing T and two air intakes. I wouldn't cut and rethread the nipples to move the flares up inside the forge. I'd just lift the burner and wedge a couple of pieces of metal between the pipes on top of the forge and the burner elbows.
  5. John in Oly, WA

    New forge from Romania - burner issues, lots of pics

    Does the burner run continuously outside the forge? If not, it might have something to do with the fuel tank or regulator. If it does, then... Do you have any ceramic blanket material you could pack around the top of the pipes on top of the forge that the burner tubes fit into to seal that off. That would eliminate one possible source of the problem. Then maybe stand up a piece of sheet metal on top of the forge between the front of the forge and the burners as a baffle to block any dragon's breath from entering the burner's air intake? Also, I would lift the burner up about 1-2cm to get the end of the flare up inside the brick. It'll help protect the end of the burner from burning up.
  6. John in Oly, WA

    Newbie Needs Help

    I second Das' suggestion - plunge line jig - good thing to have.
  7. John in Oly, WA

    Newbie Needs Help

    That's what the crushed charcoal is supposed to help with.
  8. John in Oly, WA

    Newbie Needs Help

    If it were me, I'd make an attachment to mount on the sander that put a tool rest right in front of the lower wheel, then I could steady the blade while doing the hollow grind bevels. Another thing I did was make several blade shapes out of mild (read "cheap") steel and practiced with those. I just found freehand hollow grinds without a tool rest were too difficult for me to get as clean a grind as I wanted. Thomas is talking about the heating for hardening process, not the quenching part. You heat it inside a pipe that is sitting in your forge fire to get a more uniform, controlled heating of your blade.
  9. John in Oly, WA

    New forge from Romania - burner issues, lots of pics

    I agree with your observation. I'm not one of the resident experts on burners, but the first thing I noticed, your air intake looks nearly completely blocked by fittings. Replacing the T piece with a cross (X) piece and moving the MIG tip back would certainly help. Gas won't slip out the air intake because the gas flow coming out of the MIG tip is pulling air in the intake. You notice in Frosty's T-burner the T does not have three equal diameter holes. I don't know if you can find a cross (X) piece with different sized holes. Might be better to find a reducing T and drill through it to mount the gas inlet like Frosty's T burner.
  10. John in Oly, WA

    Stump problems as an Anvil

    As has been said, the stump is for mounting your anvil on. As has also been shown, there are many things (almost all of them metal) that can be used for an anvil. And from where you are at the moment, just about any piece of metal is going to be better than the stump. So, ASK AROUND, ASK EVERYBODY YOU KNOW, and even people you don't know (Look up on this site the TPAAAT method). Someone will have a piece of metal suitable for an anvil. And you might get lucky and find someone that actually has an anvil. I found my 80lb Trenton anvil this way, and I got it for FREE. They're out there! Got any scrap yards in your area? Junkyards?
  11. John in Oly, WA

    Finished my 25 ton C frame build

    Very NICE! A high-tech forge press - bite switch! Wow! Wishing you success with it.
  12. John in Oly, WA

    Need help getting a burner running (NOT for a forge)

    It's sounding pretty good. Should heat up some stir fry or carnitas really well.
  13. John in Oly, WA

    Soft Firebrick Retailer?

    Hi Billy, Clay Arts might have the K26 bricks, I don't know. I was on my way to Seattle Pottery Supply to pick some up and tried calling Clay Arts to see if they did, but they didn't pick up the phone, so I continued on to SPS. I know Clay Arts has Kastolite 30. Edit: I just checked Clay Arts website - they do have the K26 bricks.
  14. John in Oly, WA

    Need help getting a burner running (NOT for a forge)

    I look forward to seeing the latest version. Once it's in use ya gotta post pics of what you're cooking with it too! Mmmmmm carnitas! You'll probably have everyone here making their own bbqs with fancy blacksmithing scrollwork and custom burners.
  15. John in Oly, WA

    Need help getting a burner running (NOT for a forge)

    You coined a new term for a venerable problem solving process Frosty. "I just put my InGuinnessenuity to work and look what I came up with!" As contrasted with the opposite, Guinness induced stupidity, which I am completely failing to come up with a clever new word for.