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  1. John in Oly, WA

    More New Stuff from an Old Man's Front Yard

    They may not have "worked", but they sure look good! Only a mistake in your eyes cuz you know what you were wanting to get out of them. The wavy feather pattern is especially beautiful!
  2. John in Oly, WA

    Andromeda Galaxy Astrophotography

    Beautiful shots! In the Orion Nebula shot it looks like a large, light purple, planet-like sphere just above (about 11 o'clock) the bright white "center" of the nebula. Could be just my imagination running away.
  3. John in Oly, WA

    I think I’m in love...

    Hey, I was only sympathizing with the man! Really! I mean it. That's all. LOL
  4. John in Oly, WA

    Mystery Anvil

    Looks like the top's had a bit of surfacing done to it. Depending on how much and how it was done, might not be a problem, but would definitely reduce the value to me.
  5. John in Oly, WA

    Just for a laugh anvil

    Interesting look. I wouldn't imagine it hurt the usefulness of it except the chrome might flake off the face with use. Might start a trend of people chrome plating anvils. That would be one way of keeping it from rusting.
  6. John in Oly, WA

    I think I’m in love...

    I can sympathize with you FivePoints! Nothing more attractive than a beautiful woman who is also capable! And, well, has a nice personality too.
  7. John in Oly, WA

    Anchorage Ak. Earthquake 2018

    Yes indeed! Very fortunate for that. Disasters can happen so fast. Sounds like a country song. One of my favs! What a voice -
  8. John in Oly, WA

    Farewell. At least for a couple years.

    Good luck with all you do. I enjoyed seeing all your excellent work.
  9. John in Oly, WA


    Then there's an ice fishing saw, which looks completely different. Ad said it was made of "durable, abrasion resistant steel".
  10. John in Oly, WA

    Anchorage Ak. Earthquake 2018

    Glad to hear you're doing okay up there Frosty! My neighbor's son and his family lived in Paradise, California. They lost everything to the fires - their house and their business. Just got out with the clothes on their backs and the car they were driving.
  11. John in Oly, WA

    Total Beginner to Forging Ready to Learn

    While your steel goes cold. LOL I've heard somewhere it's a good mental exercise to read backwards text, so I guess you'd get something out of it.
  12. John in Oly, WA

    Total Beginner to Forging Ready to Learn

    But would this reflecting back at you be all that helpful? LOL, just joking with ya.
  13. John in Oly, WA

    integral bolster pattern-welded chef knife

    Very nice. Really like the handle shape.
  14. John in Oly, WA

    Trenton Serial Number Question

    It would be difficult to put a new face on it. The face does look thin, but I wouldn't worry so much about that. If it works, it works and that's what matters. But like MC suggests, don't go sledge hammering on it and it should last a long time.
  15. John in Oly, WA

    Trenton Serial Number Question

    I would guess someone ground (milled, surfaced) the horn. I've never seen a Trenton with a flattened horn. Hopefully they just did the horn and not the face along with it.