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  1. Oh boy! I'll agree with you John - Carolina has some good BBQ. At least North Carolina. Nothing like a pulled pork sandwich with Eastern vinegar sauce and cole slaw on it. Don't know about that South Carolina stuff though - what's with the mustard sauce?! And a good Texas brisket - oh boy! Or Kansas City ribs. Oh I'm gettin' hungry. But then being up here in the Pacific Northwest - we are a bit "Q"less. LOL
  2. I bought one of the Zeny vacuum pumps, then picked up a large heavy walled pot from the Goodwill store and a piece of 1/2" x 12" x 12" acrylic sheet off eBay for the chamber. A vacuum gauge, a couple of ball valves and plumbing fittings, rubber hose and a piece of rubber sheet for a gasket and I had the whole set up. Works really well for wood stabilizing and bubbling out investment for metal casting. I think it was about $120 for everything.
  3. Read the anvil section on what to look for and what to avoid in finding a decent anvil. Just because one has been sitting for decades doesn't mean it's no good. Although there could be other reasons other than age or idleness that might make it not suitable. But if you know how to tell what to look for and what to avoid, you'll be prepared to look it over. And FREE is always a good price for a decent anvil. I have an anvil that's 109 years old - it sat idle for many decades, but it's in great shape and works just fine AND it was free too. Good luck.
  4. Couldn't resist slipping that in there. lol
  5. Pardon my rather sketchy drawing, but if you needed something to protect the bulb (probably too obvious), you could go with a spider web kind of look.
  6. You might even say you got a great bargain. 150 year old Fisher anvil in like new condition. What else can you think of that's a 150 years old and in like new condition? You can work on that the rest of your life, pass it on to your kids, they use it all their lives and pass it on to their kids. And it could still look like new a 150 years from now. It becomes the family heirloom "Grampa's anvil" with stories to go with it. Priceless.
  7. I'm not doubting you at all. It's just one of those funny optical illusions. If I squint just right I can see that it's stamped. Or if it was turned upside down, then the light would be hitting it as my "calcified" brain expects and it would look stamped.
  8. That's great! Like the retro style bulb too. And the title - I was expecting a flashlight or one of those railroad style lanterns. LOL
  9. That's a good theory IF&C, I like it! I can't look at that picture of the "stamped" logo without it looking raised. The lighting is coming from the opposite direction than my brain is expecting.
  10. Beautiful work! I like the simple, yet effective treatment of the bolt heads on the doors.
  11. Thanks Theo! Will do.
  12. The fault is two-fold. Us for voting them in, but them for trying to pass off that they can. I mean, I'd never go into a nuclear powered steam plant and try to pass off that I knew how to run it. They shouldn't be doing anything like that either.
  13. I would be interested in the #4 blade if it hasn't been spoken for yet.
  14. I guess I won't be parting out my mini van then (Kia Sedona). LOL
  15. I'd have a big ol' empty shop is what I'd have. Maybe have to be my forge press or belt grinder.