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  1. John in Oly, WA

    Mosaic Chef's Knife

    Nice work! Really like the pattern.
  2. John in Oly, WA

    Treadmill motor pitfalls?

    You'd make Red Green proud! The handyman's secret weapon: duct tape!
  3. John in Oly, WA

    3D printed plastic burner experiments (photo heavy)

    I have some Kerr Satincast. I understand they are out of business now. And I have some Certus Prestige Optima, which is supposed to be designed for 3D printed resins (SLA), wax based polymers and wax/plastic hybrids.
  4. John in Oly, WA

    3D printed plastic burner experiments (photo heavy)

    I used plaster of paris when I started out. Read somewhere that adding sand to it made it durable enough for casting. It doesn't. Had one plaster of paris mold crack apart while pouring the metal. Good thing I had it all in a large tray of sand, otherwise it would've been hard to contain the disaster. After that, I did my homework and switched to real casting investment.
  5. John in Oly, WA

    Treadmill motor pitfalls?

    I second the grinder dust (swarf) problem. On the grinder I built from mostly treadmill parts, I made an intake duct with a filter for the motor. The motor from my treadmill has a flywheel/pulley that has molded in fan blades to pull air through it. I put the duct on the air intakes on the other side of the motor with a filter. Here's a pic of the filter duct. It's ugly, but it works. It's been working for over two years so far.
  6. John in Oly, WA

    3D printed plastic burner experiments (photo heavy)

    Also with the molds, the plastic/wax/resin expands before it melts and eventually vaporizes. That can cause cracking as well. What are you using for investment?
  7. John in Oly, WA

    3D printed plastic burner experiments (photo heavy)

    Very cool AFB! Fun to experiment with the burners, but I got hypnotized by the flame vortex coming out of the nozzle. Don't know if it was an effective burner, but it looked great looking straight back down the center of the flame and watching the vortex swirl. I played with the wax filament on my 3D filament printer. I had to modify the filament feeder so the gear tension could be lightened up. The stock feeder gear spring was too much for the soft wax filament - would crush the filament and cause jamming. The other thing I had to modify was the firmware. It had a low temp limiter for the nozzle heater. The wax filament needs a nozzle temp of about 142C, IIRC, and the printer would only allow it to be set at a minimum of 175C. After those mods, it worked fine printing with the MachinableWax filament. On your molds cracking during cool down after burnout. How cool are you letting them get? As I've learned the lost wax(resin/plastic) process, which is just scratching the surface, you bring the mold down to about 900-1100F after the burnout, let it soak at that temp until uniform throughout the mold and then pour the metal with the mold at that temp (along with having a vacuum platform to pull the molten metal into the mold). It would be fun to print the blades of your vortex generator as separate pieces with pins down the center, so you could rotate them from lying on the diameter (don't know the proper terminology) to oriented radially(?) and everything in between.
  8. John in Oly, WA

    My latest pattern welded attempt

    Very nice pattern. I like the "ruffled feather" effect.
  9. John in Oly, WA

    Merry Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas Thomas and safe traveling! Merry Christmas and safe traveling to all! And I'd guess Santa won't be putting propane in my stocking either, not that I'd want him to.
  10. John in Oly, WA

    Nazz & Kirck Collaboration Chopper Series

    Nice collection of choppers Theo!
  11. John in Oly, WA

    Anvil ID

    Clean up the side showing in your top pic and the front edge of the foot under the horn as Thomas recommends. Take close up pics of both of those areas and post them here. Those are the most likely areas to have any markings.
  12. John in Oly, WA

    3D printing

    Thanks Brasso. It's been a steep learning curve. Not only the 3D printing, but the lost "resin" casting process as well. Still getting flaws in the cast - inclusions from small pieces of investment breaking off. But it's improving.
  13. John in Oly, WA

    3D printing

    Definitely agree with HojPoj. It's NOT plug and play by any means.
  14. John in Oly, WA

    3D printing

    I've been doing the 3D printing thing. Printed up funnels and vortex generators for propane forge burners with my filament printer (just a pic of the 3D cad model). Printing knife hardware patterns with my resin printer for casting (blade guards and pins in brass).
  15. John in Oly, WA

    The Diving Peregrino

    Gorgeous work - every detail!