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  1. Do you know what the pressure setting is for the regulator on the top of the tank? I'm assuming it's not adjustable. What do you mean it just pops on and off? Does it remove and leave the hose connected to the tank and functioning? If so, is it just a protective cap and not a regulator at all?
  2. I don't have a multi-burner forge, so no experience to speak from, but could you make that second burner removable and cap off the holder tube when you're not using both burners?
  3. That's okay, I didn't either til I started putting gas pipe together to build my forge.
  4. On a side note: Get the yellow Teflon tape, it's made for gas. The white stuff is made for water.
  5. Nice list of tools to have made. I'm on the other side of that list - starting to think about making some of those. LOL
  6. Beautiful knife. I like the woods you chose for the handle.
  7. I like the shape of the scales. You attached the scales just using epoxy?
  8. Nice! Looking good.What a fun use for an old file. I've only made one knife in my life. I made it years ago in shop class in high school. It was from a thick old file. Had to hammer it thinner to start with - a lot of hammering. I quenched it in water - mainly because I had no idea what I was doing and was just following the shop teachers instructions.
  9. Very cool videos. Thanks for posting those. That class looked great! What a lot of tools made in four days. What kind of steel was your hammer made of?
  10. And some of the worst YouTube videos are ones similar to the description above where the person starts the video with something like, "I'm making this video to show people how to do..."
  11. Very nice Theo! Unique look to it. On your 3D printing, could you describe that process briefly? Like what kind of filament you use? How well it burns out - at what temp? What resolution your printer gets?
  12. Ah, Emma Peel. The Allies (local Seattle band) song Emma Peel on youtube - Not sure if a link to YouTube is okay. If not, I apologize and please remove.
  13. I'm not familiar with Diver Dan. Did he have a Lambchop character too? I remember watching Lloyd Bridges and Sea Hunt
  14. Thanks for that info Rogue. I just checked my phone - it's old, doesn't have that feature. I'll check my son's phone tonight and see if it has that feature.
  15. You mean Sherry Lewis and Lambchop? Yeah, old enough to have watched them too. But I won't mention Wanda Wanda or JP Patches (local TV personalities).