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  1. John in Oly, WA

    Propane Bottle Forge Build

    So, you get two new 1/8" pipe nipples and drill new orifices in them with a #60 drill bit, dead center on the pipe, and replace the existing pipe nipples with these new ones. Make sure the orifices are dead center inside the reducer fitting, pointing straight down the mixing tubes (if you can connect a garden hose to your gas intake, you can shoot a jet of water out of the orifices and use that to align them properly). If you use the water jet method of aligning the orifices, once done, blast out the water with an air compressor, then connect the propane hose. Leave the choke plates off the burners. Fire it up and see how it burns. Take pics and let us see how it burns. Simple, cheap fix. After your burners are working, you can think about how they're mounted in the forge.
  2. My guess on the serial number would be A, a poorly struck 9, 587, and either another 8 or 3. And on the anvil, a Trenton.
  3. John in Oly, WA

    Propane Bottle Forge Build

    Nothing wrong with the forge at this point. Burners at an angle are good. A few minor mods to your burners to get them in a functional range and you're good. Even making a couple of T burners from scratch is...what? $30? Definitely not $200 or $450. Slow down, fix the burners. Replace the two pipe nipples with the orifices in them. Drill smaller holes for the orifices and take the chokes off completely until you get a decent flame. Then a little tuning and you're good.
  4. John in Oly, WA

    Coolest thing I’ve ever made!

    Nothing like that first one and having the layers all stick together like they should. Way to go awrkiron!
  5. You're welcome Spanky, I just couldn't resist (thinking of being helpful, that is). Charles, I've always heard "Safety is job #1," and I'm always prepared to jump in and do my job. I could be wrong, but I just can't imagine a lady being anything but most appreciative for looking out for her safety and well being. LOL
  6. You're right, I've never given that topic much (any) thought, but now that you brought it up, if I was ever near a situation like that, I would definitely practice fire safety and help her put it out. I'm just helpful that way. Just for the sake of safety, of course.
  7. John in Oly, WA

    Knife Class Log 107, Sharpening

    Grinding and shaping, putting in the bevels, I like the ceramic belts.
  8. John in Oly, WA

    Horrible anvil joke

    At least the chicken wasn't crossing the road.
  9. John in Oly, WA

    Pictish Anvil Picture

    Could be. Or perhaps he was just resting his hand on Domingo's anvil while he haggled over the price of the sword he'd had him make.
  10. John in Oly, WA

    Pictish Anvil Picture

    Yes, but would he lower himself to such a sooty, begriming task as making his own sword? Inconceivable!
  11. John in Oly, WA

    Pictish Anvil Picture

    Could be an alien smithy - I'm seeing five fingers and a thumb in the print.
  12. John in Oly, WA

    Mini-fridge massacre

    I guess that's one way to open a fridge. Very nice chopper, but is it a bush sword or an appliance sword now?
  13. John in Oly, WA

    275-layer laddered chef's knife

    A beauty, for sure!
  14. John in Oly, WA

    Burners 101

    A pic of the CAD drawing of the white plastic cylinder (vortex generator).
  15. John in Oly, WA

    Burners 101

    AnotherCurtis, you've got it. The white plastic cylinder is just six vanes distributed around the inside of a cylinder. The vanes each span 120 degrees of the 360 of the cylinder. Fourth video a very short cylinder. Fifth video the same cylinder stretched. I'll post a pic of the white plastic piece. Frosty, the third video is the squirrel cage fan blowing into a spiral tunnel shaped piece of plastic. It has what I think is the best flame. But I think it falls into the category of blown burner. Not that that matters necessarily. Certainly a lot of tuning and tweaking could be done to arrive at a better flame.