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  1. General help on a brick forge/ needing info

    Usually, you run something BY people to get their opinion. Running them through is an entirely different process, and generally won't get you a favorable opinion. It's one thing to cast aluminum or brass. It's another several levels higher to get into casting steel. Not really a backyard process.
  2. Crazy idea?

    Yeah, it's a crazy idea. Probably a good reason brush hog blades are designed the way they are considering what they hit in use. If you still want to be crazy and try to put a buzz saw blade on a brush hog, just find one that fits - and stand back while it's running...WAY BACK. Making a circular saw blade would involve some fine degree of precision and balancing, I'd think.
  3. Area specific fiscal inquiry.

    Online: New Jersey Steel Baron - high carbon, alloys Hudson - high carbon, alloys Brick and mortar store: Interwest Metals - Tacoma, WA - Mild steel, scrap yard finds, aluminum
  4. Blademithing series on History channel

    Congratulations on the win Theo! Crazy challenges they come up with. Liked the forge welded guard and pommel on the sword too. Now you can start that "new life".
  5. Collaboration blanks round 4

    Thanks! It was no hunk a junk, but a solidly forged knife blank. Hope I can do it justice, and I apologize for how slow I am going - my only excuse, single dad with two teenage boys and all kinds of projects. Looking forward to seeing you on FIF tonight.
  6. I wish I could afford a shop

    You're welcome. Guess I left out an "s". Specie does migrate by, but just not in the herd sizes I'd like to see. Never seems to linger either.
  7. I wish I could afford a shop

    Time - way back at the beginning, humans had lots of time and not much else. I was told the tile roofed hut took this guy over 100 days. Don't know if that was all day every day. You gotta take time out to eat once in a while. This is an interesting exercise, but as Thomas pointed out, we have an abundance of scrap material lying around. If civilization fell apart, it would be decades, maybe centuries before we'd have to create completely from scratch. "Staying put is a problem as you exhaust game in your area" And that's why nature developed migration. The next specie will be along shortly. LOL
  8. Collaboration blanks round 4

    Progress on #4 chef's knife. Finally getting time to put more work into this. Having all kinds of fun grinding the blade. 80 grit, 120 grit, 220 grit, back to 120 'cuz some 80 grit scratches hadn't been removed. Work up to 320, back to 220 'cuz 2 120 scratches still showing on one side. But I'm learning blade grinding. And learning I need some 180 grit belts. The jump from 120 to 220 is just too much. Here are some pics of the blade. A piece of birdseye maple roughed out for the main part of the handle. And a sketch I did at the start of the project as to what I envisioned creating. We'll see if I can actually pull it off. Thanks again Theo for the opportunity. I'm having fun with it, and learning a lot.
  9. I'm on the bus!

    That's too cool Aus! Nice bit of advertising.
  10. Good News

    A chip off the ol' block! Congrats to you and your family!
  11. I wish I could afford a shop

    Pretty amazing what can be done with basically "nothing" as a starting point. But I guess it shouldn't be so amazing, that's where humans were way back at the beginning.
  12. Help in Cincinnati Ohio Building a Forge

    If I was in Cincinnati, I'd give you a hand building it. I even have extra 20lb. propane tanks lying around - and tools. But I'm in Oly, WA. I'd bet there's someone near Cincinnati that would help. Are there any blacksmithing groups in your area? You might try contacting them.
  13. Anvil Identification (help)

    Are you looking at the horizontal crack, or separation line I'm seeing about 1/2" - 3/4" down the side from the face? Thinking possible delamination? Aside from the anvil, the stand is pretty nifty.
  14. Hello from Washington State

    That makes sense. I've only visited Hawaii once and I kept wondering how anyone made a living there that wasn't connected with the tourist industry.
  15. Raleigh, NC checking in!

    Welcome to the forum. You've got some great BBQ in your part of the world!