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  1. Very nice Jennifer, I saw some of the other items you did at ABANA as well (I just saw the sets briefly, but I cannot remember where). Fantastic work as always!
  2. Very nice! I really like the shape.
  3. Early spring is when deer shed their antlers. If you live near the forest you can hike around and if you are lucky, you can find sheds, but as 4elements said... for all we know, you might live in the middle of Antarctica, Death Valley or on a coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Lol.
  4. Very nice. I like the shape of the blade a lot. He will love it I’m sure.
  5. Truth! I spent many a night in the scud bunkers of Camp Victory in Baghdad in 2004-05. They liked tossing mortars at us too. Keep your head down brother.
  6. A forged meat cleaver with oak scales and a thick, matching & branded cutting board would be cool. (When you are ready for that level).
  7. I agree with the statements above. Food borne illness is a serious risk in our world today. One must take care to be safer. But relying on a shiney knife alone to keep you safe is like wearing a very expensive helmet when skydiving with a hello kitty backpack for a parachute... Again, I submit the example of a cutting board (of wood, bamboo, plastic, or other typical materials used). Unless they are only a one use, disposable item, I’d like to see how they compare to a rough finish knife for the potential of trapping harmful bacteria. I look at my cutting boards (that do not get a tiny fraction of the use one might get in a commercial setting), I see hundreds of tiny cuts that could hold literally billions of bacteria. Of course I scrub my cutting boards and knives with a stiff brush, and I use bleach after cutting poultry or other meat. I don’t see the health department banning their use, but they probably do have something to say about use and cleaning. I just believe that a knife with a rough finish would be much easier to clean/sanitize than a soft and/or permeable surface of a cutting board. I understand health department rules, but they are practically overzealous. That is to say they have to be stringent, out of an abundance of caution, and because if there were little or no standards, some commercial food handlers would not practice any kind of safety or food borne illness prevention at all.
  8. Jim Dandy is just that! What a handsome little guy. I agree with Aus... he does look like he could get high centered on a bottle cap.
  9. Thank you for your service. Stay in touch with us, and stay safe in the ‘stan!
  10. Like when the skydiver was asked if he broke his leg jumping... and replied “no... landing”
  11. I wonder if the trend to launch anvils into the sky with explosives was responsible for many of the sheared off horns and heels?
  12. Oops, I just posted in the gallery. Very nice kris!
  13. HammerMonkey


    Cool dagger. Is it a kris? Is this a b&w pic or color? Very dramatic. What are you doing for the handle?
  14. My Trenton came over on the Mayflower. Before that it was used by a farrier in Napoleon's army... The guy that sold it to me told me all about it's history.
  15. Or, "As nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of Ranchmanben's rocking chairs"
  16. For heaven out loud... (Actually this one is oft used by my wife who's first language is not English. Lol)
  17. Welcome to the great Northwest. I’m in Granite Falls, (closer to you than Seattle) 4elements is a a very knowledgeable smith that lives out this way too. Navy? I worked in the safety office at Whidbey NAS for a time. Beautiful area.
  18. That is absolutely amazing Ben. Very well done!
  19. Very interesting video. You have excellent balance! I suspect having such good awareness and control of your body contributes to your excellent hammer control too.
  20. If you have an offer of $800, that would be almost enough to buy a brand new, albeit smaller, nimbus or other really good anvil. But... if you need something as big as this 345 pounder, it will cost a lot more than $800 to buy another that size. Repairing this one would make a lot of sense then. On the other hand, there is still a lot of usable face on that anvil. if there is not a delam problem and rebound is good, you could just use it as is...
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