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Show me your anvil stands

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Out here large timber is rare save for cotton wood and large cracks are common in it. I make hand forged staples to bridge the cracks---some of which I can even store tools in!

Actually most of my "stumps" come from old mining timbers. Softwood and creosoted a passel of years ago so I don't worry about the termites----very aggressive out here where there is so little wood for them to find!

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Put this together earlier today for my 2ft section of rail I am making into an anvil, based on the anvilfire drawings. I used two 2x10x10 treated boards from lowes, cut 5, 10 inch pieces and 4, 34 inch pieces and a few other pieces on the side and back from what was left over.

Still more to do... sand surfaces, weld a plate to the bottom of the rail, drill holes in the rail, mount a hardy hole block on the upper wood surface, side tool holders.... and maybe cut and grind a piece of another rail to weld on top of the big one for a better working area as on one of the anvilfire drawings.


I need a mig welder and a chop saw....and warm weather....and my shop to be finished being built...



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I did something similar for my first anvil. One thing I'd suggest is cutting the wood down a little shorter than the RR rail. Gets the wood out of the way.

That was my intention and I just realized that I cut the long pieces to 36" instead of 34" like I had planned... I should have referred to my drawing more when I was measuring. 34" would make it level with the anvil and when I weld a plate to the bottom with will raise it a little above.
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This is the one that I use in my shop now. I have a farrier background and had one simular to this but lighter to go in back of truck. I retained my old step vise as you can see and it is handy. So far it hasn't gotten in the way. The anvil is a Peter Wright about 120 lbs. Picked it up in the early 70's for 40 bucks.


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Totally necro-posting, but found this at the local foundry today for $26. (Overlook the mess)031212172806.jpg

Neither this thread nor that anvil are dead. That is a pretty cool machine base you found there.

Now that smells like Photoshop! LOL

LOL Yea, but it is so obvious it is funny!

3 leg anvil stand

Nicely done. Does the lifting tail get in the way? Do you use an extension bar in it, or something else?

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Greens, I wouldn't even try to mount a post vise on that stand. You don't want your anvil in such close proximity to another tool or you'll always be fighting with it. From the forge, you should be able to turn and take a step to reach the anvil. Or, turn and take a step to reach the vise. But having the vice and anvil actually sharing the same stand would be a disaster because one will always be in the way of the other. You can do a ton of work on an anvil and never need use the post vise.

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