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  1. Another tool from the Cave Man Forge

    Beware of the Pandol clips used in welded rail and higher speed apps. Some of the newer ones are now galvanized. This was submitted a year or so ago but nice to bring it up again. especially since you use a lot of rr stuff. Just a reminder to all. Thanks.
  2. Horse shoes with Borium

    Charles, couldn't agree with you more. Well said. George, that was interesting, as was noted in a side note in Indiana, nobdy saying anything about snowmobile tracks and skis doing damage as well.
  3. On the weekend of April 28/29 there will be a hammer-in at the Freetown Historical Society Blacksmith Shop. The demonstrator is Bran Martens, lead instructor at the arc and Flame in Rochester , NY. Brian will be demonstrating making wood working tools and heat treating them. There will also be a green coal area for folks to try it as well. This will be run by Dick Renker, former instructor at Arc and Flame. We are also working on having blacksmith stew for Sat. nite. For those interested in camping there is room for several campers/tents. All the buildings have electric outlets and there is running water. Early arrival and set up on Friday is fine. Assonet is part of Freetown and is located just north of Fall River, Mass. Any questions contact me at [email protected] Hope to see you there. Dick
  4. Octopus

    nice job, das
  5. Gravel Pit? Also forging curtains?

    I used stall mats from TSC and hard insoles in my shoes. makes a world of difference. haven't had mat catchon fire yet but it does stink pretty good. helps to find that lost piece as Charles said. when I was teaching on a concrete floor with no matting I could hardly walk after 3 or 4 hours.
  6. It followed me home

    Don't count on the big tire being real wrought. I have picked up several that are not. Give it a good check. Still pretty good steel though.
  7. Anvil guess?

    looks a lot like my peter wright. maybe 100 lbs.
  8. Mailbox

    nice job. years ago I was a part time rural mailman. kids had knocked down one customers mailbox a bunch of times so he made a new one out of well casing, 6 and 8 inch. its still standing tho a few kids got sore arms from using the bat and a few dents in vehicles when bats didn't work.
  9. Anyone near me (South Shore, MA)?

    Cavpilot2k, there a few near the south shore. I am in attleboro for the time being, getting ready to buy a place out there. right now half of my shop is in new York the other half is in mass. jplservice is in rutland mass. she does some really nice work and is putting out some instructional videos. arftist is in the taunton area for now. I haven't met either one of the mentioned folks yet but they are on my list. I have gotten involved with the historical society in freetown, mass and we are working on having a hammer-in this coming spring. end of april or into may. I know where Pembroke is tho I haven't been there in 20 years or so. dick
  10. Trivets Historical sources and Modern Examples

    those look really neat. cant wait to get a place to put my shop back together so I can do something.
  11. It followed me home

    Its a toy that you don't use every day but when you need it its irreplaceable. Enjoy, I love mine.
  12. Need some info.

    arftist, right now I am at home in ny till the13 th and start back to work on the 14th. we can sure meet up. most of my work right now is in east taunton. I work for mass coastal railroad and my days start at 0500 and on the job site 0700. while like you I cant leave job site but we can sure hook up after work. I'm usually done between 3 and 5. just a lot of depends upon. my phone is PM me dick
  13. Perils of joining a blacksmithing group

    go dan. that was great
  14. Spirit of the Land Festival - Lockhart Australia

    the pics are awesome. I have followed scrapart a while ago and was highly impressed with his attention to detail. this looks like the kind of show that could possibly get me in an airplane again.
  15. What's your day job

    came back out of retirement to work on a railroad as a safety guy. keeping trains and contractors separated.