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  1. My current job is an EIC, employee in charge and formerly called a flag man on a railroad. Main job is to keep contractors and trains separate and still keep both working. it is not a physical job but mental and there are nights I come home exhausted. because if the trains and contractors get together it will be ugly. often time you end up juggling like a one armed paper hanger, many moving parts.
  2. Garreck, Checking in to see how you are making out. seldom (dick renker)
  3. i used to use Forshners packed in the square tong hole under the horn. handy spot and lasts awhile.
  4. I would suggest contacting the new york designer blacksmith group. They have a chapter in the buffalo area.
  5. Was doing a demo shoeing years ago and threw a hot shoe on the ground to cool. some dad who was watching went over a picked it up and dropped in same motion. I asked him if he had seen enough. he didnt say anything.
  6. Frosty ive got too many holes in my shirts and have had a fair share of pokes from the wire brush not to take note when its being done. I finally bought an apron that covers me front from neck down to knees. prior to that i used my old farriers apron the saved my legs but not much more.
  7. just watched loneronin's video. nice anvil , cleaned up great. just wish he had a bit more protection besides shorts, dust mask and gloves.
  8. USN 58-62 2 Carriers, 1 floating drydock and 1 tanker. up and down east coast, all over the med., north atlantic and carribian. vietnam era, got out just as things really started to heat up.
  9. yesterday i started to unpack my shop. it has been packed and stored for 3 years while having a new job and moving. i wont move a shop again. had 6 boxes that were rescued out of a dumpster that were actually shelves that someone tossed, they made perfect packing boxes and yesterday i set them back up as shelves. took all afternoon but happy the way they turned out. had to unload one before could mount it so everything got handled at least twice.
  10. Due to the unforseen situation that has developed with caronavirus this event has been postponed till the fall of 2020 at the earliest.
  11. When using this particular item be aware that the slide hammer has a deffinete taste for the skin between your thumb and forefinger
  12. The third annual Hammer-in will be held at the Freetown Historical Society blacksmith in Assonet Ma.,the date is the May 2 nd weekend. Brian Martens from the Rochester, NY area will be the demonstrator again. Brian is one of the instructors at the Arc and Flame Center and a member of long standing of the New York State Designer Blacksmiths. Assonet is a village in the Town of Freetown located approx. 6 miles north of Fall River, Ma. off of Rt 24. The museum is located on Elm St. right next to the railroad tracks.There is plenty of parking space.
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