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  1. in my area they were discussing changing daylight saving to the next day if it rained.
  2. book ends, shoe horn, candle holders, curtain hold backs. the list is endless,
  3. go to the nearest crossing. there should be a sign on the signal post the gives the name of the railroad and an emergency number to call. I wouldn't call the emergency number but the names of the railroad will start you in the right direction. it should be a blue sign about a foot square.
  4. you and your daughter should both be very proud, usnavy 58 - 62
  5. A two wheeled hand truck is almost a gotta have for a shop. makes moving anvils and other heavy things a lot easier.
  6. European farriers use a tool similar to this instead of hoof nippers. also some times used for trimming oxen feet.
  7. On the weekend of May 17/19 the New York Designer Blacksmiths are holding the spring all hands meeting, there ius also one in the fall. This is being held at the Arc and Flame center just outside of Rochester. There you can meet a lot of local folks and most likely several from the Syracuse area. The demonstrator is Kim Thomas. I would highly recommend attending this session. You will be able to join the group and watch and ask questions.
  8. on the weekend on April 19/21 the Freetown Ma., historical Society will host the second Hammer-in at the reconstructed blacksmith shop on their grounds. Our demonstrators this y ear are Brian and Candi Martens, a husband and wife tag team from Rochester, NY. Candi is a past president of the New York Designer Blacksmiths and is the Blacksmithing Director at the Arc and Flame in Rochester. Brian is an instructor at Arc and Flame and is a Past treasurer of the New York Designer Blacksmiths. We had a nice crowd last year and looking for another this year. We have room for several campers if someone wants to make a weekend out of it. There are hotels nearby and resturants and other attractions. All the buildings on the grounds will open so you can see a bit of history of the area as well. The Freetown Historical Museum is located in Assonet Ma., a small village in Freetown, just north of Fall River, Ma off rt 79. Hope to see you there.