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  1. Need some info.

    aww come on frosty, hook up the dog team. if you leave now you can get here in time.
  2. Need some info.

    I have just gotten involved with a historical society in Assonet Ma., its a small village in the town of Freetown. They are wanting to increase the traffic there. They have an active blacksmith shop that represents the two shops they had in their town. I suggested a hammer-in to kinda help put the place on the map and so far they are acceptable to that. The question I have now, Is there any one that would be willing to demo for a hammer-in there? I think we are looking at some time in the late April/May area. They have 16 acres of land and I was thinking perhaps a two day event with folks able to camp there if it went that way. they have water, rest rooms and electric . Also what would the cost be for the demo. I have a meeting with the president and a board member on this coming Sat, so if there is any interest I would appreciate hearing before then. In the mean time I hope to be able to visit some of the local members shops to introduce my self. At the present I am living in Attleboro, Ma. Thanks
  3. New PBS Documentary on Armor making

    watched this show last night and thought it was pretty well done.
  4. Need some info.

    thanks Glenn. got it and paid my dues dick
  5. Need some info.

    Good morning everybody, Looking for info to join the organization. Looked at new web site and didn't find anything to move in that direction. I am in the process of moving to Mass. from NY. Kinda like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I'm a current member of the New York State Designer Blacksmiths. Right now my shop is pretty well torn apart, half here in Mass and half in NY. Dick Renker
  6. SOFA Quadstate 22-24 Sept 2017

    Although I have only been to Q-S once, my feeling about it is if you cant find it there, you dont need it. Hope to back again.
  7. It followed me home

    the scrapper looked very familiar when I saw it. used them a ton of times when I was in the navy on deck winches. they had bronze bearings and every bearing job was a hand scrape deal with them.
  8. It followed me home

    looks like a bearing scrapper to me
  9. 1st Time shoeing solo? What was it like?

    learned on a dude ranch in the Adirondacks. first had to read the calvary manual and be quizzed by the foreman then started on only fronts then hind then whole hog. first few took about 2 hours just to do the fronts. gradually got faster and better. went out and apprenticed and then on my own for a few years then after about 10 years went to cornell university for their shoeing course. by then I had figured out what I didn't know and what I wanted to learn. by then I had a full route and territory; blew back out after about 20 years and wouldn't even trim my own. wife was not happy but I still got her.
  10. pandol clips

    frosty, good info came out so why get cranked about it. lifes to darned short.
  11. It followed me home

    well my wife would do the pickers proud. sent me an email saying the she just picked up a nice rivet forge, a dozen pair of tongs, an electric blower and a hand crank blower for said forge a half dozen hardie tools, some assorted plates and other stuff and a about 50 lbs of coal for 50.00 bucks. all from one yard sale. an anvil also there but they wouldn't price it yet, still attached to it. when I get home in sept. ill have to check it out.
  12. Quarter Cracks

    great video
  13. pandol clips

    yes the thread got hijacked, however the information the came out of the hijacking was pertinate to the subject of galvanized material and the dangers to are involved so I'm not too concerned. not the first time nor will it be the last time.
  14. pandol clips

    just a note of caution for all hands. the new pandol clips that are being used on the railroads instead of spikes are now galvanized. I know there are a lot of folks that try them some use some caution here so that you don't get more than you bargained for.
  15. How many nails in a horse shoe?

    just like blacksmiths, ask 10 smith the same question and get 15 different answers, all correct.