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  1. Mailbox

    nice job. years ago I was a parttime rural mailman. kids had knocked downs one customers mailbox a bunch of times so he made a new one out of well casing, 6 and 8 inch. its still standing tho a few kids got sore arms from using the bat and a few dents in vehicles when bats didn't work.
  2. Anyone near me (South Shore, MA)?

    Cavpilot2k, there a few near the south shore. I am in attleboro for the time being, getting ready to buy a place out there. right now half of my shop is in new York the other half is in mass. jplservice is in rutland mass. she does some really nice work and is putting out some instructional videos. arftist is in the taunton area for now. I haven't met either one of the mentioned folks yet but they are on my list. I have gotten involved with the historical society in freetown, mass and we are working on having a hammer-in this coming spring. end of april or into may. I know where Pembroke is tho I haven't been there in 20 years or so. dick
  3. Trivets Historical sources and Modern Examples

    those look really neat. cant wait to get a place to put my shop back together so I can do something.
  4. It followed me home

    Its a toy that you don't use every day but when you need it its irreplaceable. Enjoy, I love mine.
  5. Need some info.

    arftist, right now I am at home in ny till the13 th and start back to work on the 14th. we can sure meet up. most of my work right now is in east taunton. I work for mass coastal railroad and my days start at 0500 and on the job site 0700. while like you I cant leave job site but we can sure hook up after work. I'm usually done between 3 and 5. just a lot of depends upon. my phone is PM me dick
  6. Perils of joining a blacksmithing group

    go dan. that was great
  7. Spirit of the Land Festival - Lockhart Australia

    the pics are awesome. I have followed scrapart a while ago and was highly impressed with his attention to detail. this looks like the kind of show that could possibly get me in an airplane again.
  8. What's your day job

    came back out of retirement to work on a railroad as a safety guy. keeping trains and contractors separated.
  9. Need some info.

    aww come on frosty, hook up the dog team. if you leave now you can get here in time.
  10. Need some info.

    I have just gotten involved with a historical society in Assonet Ma., its a small village in the town of Freetown. They are wanting to increase the traffic there. They have an active blacksmith shop that represents the two shops they had in their town. I suggested a hammer-in to kinda help put the place on the map and so far they are acceptable to that. The question I have now, Is there any one that would be willing to demo for a hammer-in there? I think we are looking at some time in the late April/May area. They have 16 acres of land and I was thinking perhaps a two day event with folks able to camp there if it went that way. they have water, rest rooms and electric . Also what would the cost be for the demo. I have a meeting with the president and a board member on this coming Sat, so if there is any interest I would appreciate hearing before then. In the mean time I hope to be able to visit some of the local members shops to introduce my self. At the present I am living in Attleboro, Ma. Thanks
  11. New PBS Documentary on Armor making

    watched this show last night and thought it was pretty well done.
  12. Need some info.

    thanks Glenn. got it and paid my dues dick
  13. Need some info.

    Good morning everybody, Looking for info to join the organization. Looked at new web site and didn't find anything to move in that direction. I am in the process of moving to Mass. from NY. Kinda like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I'm a current member of the New York State Designer Blacksmiths. Right now my shop is pretty well torn apart, half here in Mass and half in NY. Dick Renker
  14. SOFA Quadstate 22-24 Sept 2017

    Although I have only been to Q-S once, my feeling about it is if you cant find it there, you dont need it. Hope to back again.
  15. It followed me home

    the scrapper looked very familiar when I saw it. used them a ton of times when I was in the navy on deck winches. they had bronze bearings and every bearing job was a hand scrape deal with them.