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  1. yes it turns nicely. takes about 2 fingers even with all thats on it. be careful on the wheel that you use. some of them are pretty light weight and im not sure how they would hold up.
  2. thanks folks. the wheel cost 20 bucks and the rest i had laying around the shop. and i dont think you can overload it.
  3. i used to have my tongs hanging on a cut down 55 gallon drum. I got tired of reaching and bending so tried this. This is a steel wheel off an old wheelbarrow. I mounted it on a 1/2 inch rod and inserted it in a pipe and then welded both to a 1/4 inch plate. So far seems to work ok
  4. i dont dream about anvils or smithin but do dream a lot. the part that scares me sometimes is when i wake up at o dark thirty with the answer to a problem im having.
  5. Thanks for showing this. it is very useful Dick
  6. i see nothing to be ashamed of there. Hooks come in all sizes and shapes
  7. im with you stash
  8. lmao
  9. one of the problems with walnut sawdust, if it is used as horse stall bed it will cause the horse founder. dont know if its black walnut, white walnut or what have you type walnut. but it is a major concern.
  10. i got a 5 incher with some other stuff at an auction for$25
  11. you really have to watch out. there is a antique shop that i frequent and one of the dealers there had a spatula that was claimed to be colonial and the price matched. however on close observation you could tell that the handle was stick welded to the spatula. there was also a fire place crane that was referenced to mr yellen. it was there for at least two years and then disappeared. its really called buyer beware.
  12. mine arent
  13. good info on hammers but i really like the cow pie description
  14. i had been meaning to get prescription safety glasses for quite some time. this past summer i got some extra money ahead and did just that. wasnt as dear as i thought they would be. now wear them 24/7, well not 24 hours a day but every day weather or not im in the shop. couldnt stand the so called safety glasses that fit over regular glasses. too bulky
  15. pretty cool,sjs