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  1. seldom (dick renker)

    It followed me home

    old co2 fire extinguishers make good bells, etc
  2. seldom (dick renker)

    What steel is railway clips

    be aware some of these clips are now galvanized. enough said.
  3. seldom (dick renker)

    white line disease

    I will get them to you at some point charles. right now the pics are in new York and I'm in mass for the foreseeable future.
  4. seldom (dick renker)

    It followed me home

    lots of trading material
  5. seldom (dick renker)

    white line disease

    Charles, i'm a bit embarassed right now. After seeing the pics myself for the first time, not anything like described. Needs to be shod to give hoof time to heal and get quarter crack under control. No drastic desease here, just a farrier that needs to do the job he is paid for. I dont normally knock another farrier but this really ticked me off. Dick
  6. seldom (dick renker)

    white line disease

    thanks Charles. so far this not anything that i have come against in the 15 years or so of shoeing. so is interesting, confirmed not white line disease or laminitus. will see if i can get pics.
  7. seldom (dick renker)

    white line disease

    Ok folks, here we go. My wife is managing a theraputic riding stable and is haveing problems with the walls separating and giving a very loose indication of white line disease. Vets confirmed or indicated it is not. At present the farrier leaves the sole untouched when trimming, no cupping and the bars full. The horses are bare foot 99 percent of the time. 45 years ago my training as a farrier said to clean and cup the sole and clean up the bars. Anybody have any ideas on how to handle this? Thanks Seldom (Dick Renker)
  8. seldom (dick renker)

    Save the dates! Spring and Fall Meets 2018

    mberghorn, there is historical museum in kent conn. that has a blacksmith shop. I know that they do some activities there. I cant recall the name of it, the train left the station and forgot to leave it. I have been there once but was a few years ago, maybe 8/9. I believe they are open most weekends dick renker (seldom)
  9. seldom (dick renker)

    Evicted Water Spout Tenant Seeks New Home

    Rashelle, Sounds like something I would have done. Loved it.
  10. seldom (dick renker)

    Save the dates! Spring and Fall Meets 2018

    Scoot, Thanks for the kind words. It was the first one we have had but not the last. Conversations already working around for next year. JPL, Was listed in up coming events on IFI. Also had it list on this site as well but didn't last long. Apparently cant double list. Oh well. We will give plenty of notice for the next one Seldom (Dick Renker)
  11. seldom (dick renker)

    Southeast Mass. Hammer-in April 28 2018

    Well its time for a report on the hammer-in even if its a bit late, two weeks. We had a good turnout. A lot of the local folks that had been attending classes but also someone from PA and someone from central MASS. It was gratifying to see people taking notes. Brian did an excellent job in presenting the info on an easy to understand basis. We all ended up with a better understanding of how metal works on a molecular scale and that made it easier to figure out how to deal with tool steel and harder stuff. The second day was heat treatment day and it was fun watching folks understand how heat travels. Discussions are already underway for next years hammer-in. Hope to see some of you folks there. We missed you this year. Seldom
  12. seldom (dick renker)

    Another tool from the Cave Man Forge

    Beware of the Pandol clips used in welded rail and higher speed apps. Some of the newer ones are now galvanized. This was submitted a year or so ago but nice to bring it up again. especially since you use a lot of rr stuff. Just a reminder to all. Thanks.
  13. seldom (dick renker)

    Horse shoes with Borium

    Charles, couldn't agree with you more. Well said. George, that was interesting, as was noted in a side note in Indiana, nobdy saying anything about snowmobile tracks and skis doing damage as well.
  14. On the weekend of April 28/29 there will be a hammer-in at the Freetown Historical Society Blacksmith Shop. The demonstrator is Bran Martens, lead instructor at the arc and Flame in Rochester , NY. Brian will be demonstrating making wood working tools and heat treating them. There will also be a green coal area for folks to try it as well. This will be run by Dick Renker, former instructor at Arc and Flame. We are also working on having blacksmith stew for Sat. nite. For those interested in camping there is room for several campers/tents. All the buildings have electric outlets and there is running water. Early arrival and set up on Friday is fine. Assonet is part of Freetown and is located just north of Fall River, Mass. Any questions contact me at [email protected] Hope to see you there. Dick
  15. seldom (dick renker)


    nice job, das