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  1. Good info, 781. Much appreciated. Do you know how the jacks were used?
  2. I'm think they're for tapping something like head bolts or some other high strength application. Whatever they were used for, the user was counting on all the threads taking load. Maybe holes for pressure vessel bolts?
  3. I recently acquired an old cut devil. My question is, is it a hot cut tool or a cold cut tool? How where they used and by whom? This one has a railroad stamp. What would have been it's likely use? Any comments are welcome.
  4. Don't apologize. These are exactly the kind of stories that keep me coming back to this site.
  5. Craigslist has gotten whacky lately. People are asking at least $4/lb for even the crummiest anvils. It's insane. There are a couple here in my area that have been listed at those prices for months. Not surprisingly no one has jumped on them.
  6. Just be careful working around sharps sticking up out of your stand.
  7. They're only 'misery whips' when they're dull or when the rakers are proud. Properly tuned they can be a lot of fun.
  8. I've taught myself to do a number of activities left handed including hammering, sawing, shovelling, raking, pushing broom and swinging picks/axes/sledges. It's a good idea just for the benefit of building both sides of your body symmetrically. You'll have less back issues, too. When I'm learning a new activity I will study closely the way I've been doing it right handed. Body position, arm position, hip angle, etc..... It all goes into the work. For learning to hammer there's nothing like a few boxes of nails. Start with some 8 penny nails. Drive a couple dozen every day for a few days. When you're starting to get comfortable with those then go to 16 penny nails. The 16 pennies will require harder blows and you'll start to gain power in your off-handed blow. When you're comfortable hitting nails then start swinging at things on your anvil.
  9. Just what I was going to suggest. A good doctor will understand that you need to keep some on hand. The prescription stuff may also include a pain killer - I think benzocaine. It's been a decade or so since I've used it but it works well.
  10. Tom Allyn

    foot pedal vice?

    Sweet deal! Show us some more pics when you get it.
  11. A similar device called a log dog is used in hewing timbers. The tips of a log dog are typically formed perpendicular to eachother so that each tip penetrates the wood in line with the grain. See link.
  12. You win, Boilerguy. That's the most beat up anvil that is still recognizable as once having been an anvil. What a mess!