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  1. Caution: Everything in this shop is either heavy, hot, sharp, or grumpy!
  2. I resemble that, Thomas. Semper Fi!
  3. With the sway that is showing, it's likely a wrought body with a tool steel face forge welded on. Best I can do, but I'm sure others will be along shortly to help.
  4. Take those boards lying on the bench and make a shallow box no deeper than the shortest chisel. Instead of a top, use some decorative lattice as a lid. Put a couple of pieces in each hole of the lattice, point up, so you can see which one you're grabbing without having to pull it out. Can also use keyweld fencing or any other grid-type material. Five gallon buckets work, too. Just put some sand in the bottom so that they all stand up.
  5. If you have rebar just lying around, then sure. However, if you have to go to a big box hardware store to get it, you're better off getting some "welding steel" instead of rebar. Both of the biggest hardware chains carry it, and it's not much more expensive than rebar. It's also useful for a much wider range of tools and projects, and generally much easier to forge.
  6. Took some 1/4" square stock, cut into 4" lengths. Heat, twist, form hook about 1/3 of the way from one end. Take file or sander and shine the twist corners. Quick and easy candy cane
  7. Glad I could help. I picked the Big Blu because I could drive and pick it up, honestly. I wanted to avoid shipping and also see where it came from. All that aside, I'm really happy with it. I may someday look into some of the other modern day American made companies, but that would be more out of curiosity than need.
  8. Lance, I bought the stand with the anvil. It's solid, and the 3 leg design keeps it from wobbling. The top plate matches the footprint of the anvil, so there's no odd bits sticking out. The only thing I'd change would be a rack for tools or whatnot, but that's easy enough to do with a welder.
  9. I have a Big Blu, one of the 260 lb ones. Had it for 3-4 years now, and it's been great. Good rebound, plenty of space to work. Face isn't quite as hard as some anvils I've worked on, but I have no complaints at all. What else would you like to know? I'd be happy to answer any questions
  10. I bought mine earlier this year, and I couldn't be happier with it. The face might not be as hard as a Refflinghaus, but it's nowhere near the price of one either. The face is flat and smooth, the horn is conical instead of swelled and comes out to a pretty small point, and it has a small cutting shelf off to the side. Pritchels and hardy hole go all the way through and do not taper at all. What else would you like to know?
  11. The wait is over, finally got to do some work on it. Not used to having so much space to work, or having pritchell and hardy holes. It's almost like having another hand! Very nice rebound and dead solid, too! And, have to share my first project on her, too.
  12. Yessir. They have them available on their site from time to time. I'll post more pics when she's mounted and ready to use.
  13. You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. Winston Churchill
  14. The tax man cometh, as he does every year. This time around, he was pretty good to me. All I have to do now is get the base leveled and silicone it down. Then there's the 24 hour wait for the silicone to cure... She's a Big Blu, and 260 lbs. Picked her up at the shop in Morganton, NC on Monday. I really enjoyed getting to meet the folks there. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, and I'd do business with them again in a heartbeat. No paid endorsements here, just wanting to spread the word about good people. They are having an open shop day on March 22nd if anyone is interested. Unless something goes pear-shaped, I'll be there.
  15. Derek, if you would like the use of a forge, let me know. I live in Bulls Gap, so you're not far away. I'm far from the most experienced smith, but I'm willing to lend whatever help I can. I'll be forging pattern welded rings for myself and my fiancee.
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