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  1. Photobucket makes it easy, that is the best way I have found. Easy to group photos in an album for specific topics. By the way what do you want to know about your anvil?
  2. So if you use Ferous metals in the solution, will that plate a solder joint and help the color match to hide the solder?
  3. jeffro1205


    I just finished my first and second copper flower this month(Feb), I like what you have done and I would like to try to work with brass... Keep up the good work!!! and thanks for sharing the pics.
  4. 2.0 Second flower, thanks for the tips. I think this one turned out better, and she claimed this one too...
  5. Well I started messing around in the basement a few days ago and wanted to make something for Valentines Day for my wife.... I had some copper wire and some thin copper sheet metal and this is what I came up with...She loved it but she thinks everything that I make is great... So I wanted to try to get an opinion from others who make things... Let me know what you think and if you have made a flower and have pics please share them... thanks http://s1103.photobu...opper%20flower/
  6. Mike That is great! I am glad you got your big guy. It just is amazing what comes up for sale around here... It makes me wonder what is just laying around that no one thinks is worth anything... Looks to be in good shape from the pic cant wait to see it in person...
  7. I cannot disagree with anything said so far. When I started all that I had was a 1foot section of rail road track that a friend had and gave to me. Maybe not the best thing but better than a rock and a stick... I just mounted it on top of a couple of 6x6 wood blocks and it worked just fine until I found a real anvil.... Every once and a while we still use that rr track for somethings...
  8. I have a 150lb and 400lb Peter Wright. The smaller anvil has a 1" hardy and the larger has a 1.5" hardy. In an effort to keep my tools simple I am making an adaptor plate for the 1.5 so that I do not have to buy or make double tools... I am looking for a good hot cut so if you got'em for sale please let me know what you need for one... thanks
  9. For what little experince I have, so far I like Peter Wright , Hay Budden , and my Fisher. Range in weight from 80lb to my newest 400lb(Still need to build a stand for the 400) but it is all in what you get use to working on. Just dont get in a hurry and buy a bad deal.
  10. Pics are at the same photobucket link at the top of the #1
  11. Just got the camera out and there are some new pics. got the square and another oval box the square has 2 very different lids and the oval has a different lid as well. as soon as i can get my brother in law over here with his camera we can see about some how to pics but for now...I still have to clean and color them but you get the point of what i am trying to do... so please let me know what you think thanks jeff
  12. here is my anvil stand for my 150lb Peter Wright"]http://
  13. Took that anvil to the forge council meeting on sat and everyone there said they thought it is a peter wright and wanted to give my money back and then went on to say that we should be ashamed of ourselfs for taking advantage of those who do not know what they have.... I told them all thanks for the id info and I was to happy to be ashamed of anything at this point.
  14. the guy that taught me in the class, his name is Robert Taylor... He teaches some classes at a folk art school in north carolina and lives here just outside of birmingham Al. look up some of his work at "" otherwise I would be happy to share what I have learned... maybe I can post some how to pics
  15. There are several places that the AFC meet monthly, look on the web sight and there will be contact information. Hope to see ya around the fire... I meet with the Vulcan Forge Group in Tannehill State Park , behind the blacksmith shop on the 2nd sunday of each month. Look us up sometime... Jeff