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This is Kathy Sprado.  Eric asked that I post the above message.  Yesterday night he had a heart attack.  It was relatively minor and he did not suffer any loss of mobility/brain power.  However, they did later determine that he needed triple by-pass surgery.  He talks about you guys all the time and I know you mean a lot to him.  I will log on later to update you all over the next few days. 

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Knee mail sent for Eric and Kathy and the rest of the heard. The hard part will be getting Eric to slow down for the recovery time.  When my father was alive, he refused to slow down for anything, and had quite a few heart surgeries.   He  drove mom and the rest of us batty with worry, which is a short trip for me, I know.

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dear eric get well soon from this!!! and get back to your music your work (slowly) and all the things you love :) love to you and kathy, kathy i know quite a few people here who have got through this really well, thinking of you both from bethx

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Hi All,

This is Eric Sprado's wife.  Here is an update on Eric's condition.  Some of you may not know that Eric had a heart attack last Weds.  and a triple bypass Sunday morning.  They have already moved him out of ICU and to a regular room.

He is still in tremendous pain and needs to rest.  He is currently not well enough for visits and can not even talk on the phone.  He sleeps most of the time and is just eating a little bit so far.  He is very weak.  This is all normal post-op stuff.

I will keep sending updates every few days.  Thanks for all the replies, prayers, and wishes you posted after my initial notice.


Take care,

Kathy Sprado

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Thank You for keeping us posted.


I am slow at responding sometime, but not slow to care.

It is quite obvious that many people found here at I Forge Iron support Eric, yourself,

and also the people who “know and love Eric” with sincere support that is nurtured

with prayer and their best wishes.


At a time like this their prayers are indispensable.


I have experienced that “Prayer and Positive Support given from the Heart” is priceless;

and is more powerful than anything that I have the vocabulary to express.  

I believe the prayers of support were actually triggered when Eric signed onto I Forge Iron.


My experience is that it would be no accident that Eric would be directly and indirectly

associated with people who have a common interest in Forging Steel;

but in addition, that the same people would also have hearts that have already been formed

with Love for their neighbor.


I say all of that, to say this:

Even though you may get tired or concerned at times,

something greater is at work in your lives.


Hang onto that thought.


My very best for you and yours!

Ted Throckmorton

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