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    North Pole, Ak
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    New to all of this intrested in getting started. 6 yrs Navy, Drafting background.
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    I enjoy a large number of things.
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  1. K. Bryan Morgan


    Making a spoon with my granddaughter
  2. I'm going to make a suggestion, that in some circles is unpopular because it goes against the grain of blacksmiths using scrap for every thing they make. Use a known steel. You will simplify your life. Using known steel eliminates several steps. You won't need to test for hardenability. You won't need to spark test. It will react to hardening and tempering in a predictable manner. Most of the knife makers I know have said this over and over again.
  3. http://www.abana.org/resources/chf.shtml 26 lessons in downloadable PDF format from The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA) Do each lesson until proficient. You will then have most of the skills of a Journeyman Blacksmith. This is part of the National Curriculum from the ABANA.
  4. downloaded and saved. Thanks for your contributions to the smithing community. You're an invaluable resource.
  5. Well the snow's all melted off now and tomorrow we have another winter advisory for about a dozen or so inches of snow. Supposed to snow for 2 or more days. We'll see. This is an early winter for us. Usually it comes about mid to late October. I've seen a bunch of wrecks and a couple of them were severe. People from Eielson AFB. One guy went clean across 2 lanes of traffic, the median, another 2 lanes of traffic and ended upside down in a ditch. And it wasn't even that bad really. The roads weren't even icy. Just slush. I do love the onset of winter here. Come May I will be well tired of it though. But that's just part of the deal with living here. I'll make sure that Santa gives everyone coal for Christmas. After all we're all blacksmiths and that means we've been naughty.
  6. I absolutely love it here. But the adult cocoa and watching the snow with the wife will have to wait till later tonight. I have to go drive in it for a while. Which, while I don't like that so much, I do because I must. But the rest I love.
  7. For me it was an easy choice. My mom's inheritance gave me the opportunity to buy the things I needed to set up a small shop. I'm strictly amateur. I do it for fun. Once in a while I sell a cowboy cook set or a camping tripod. Things like that. For a little bit I was going hard at those. I couldn't keep up. Anyway. Naomi's Forge. I got a free program and made my logo. Its my avatar. I did the whole thing from scratch using a tutorial I found online as the basis. Oh and the program I used is GIMP. If I were to do it over I would just have my wife do it for me on Photoshop. She's very good with that. But at that time it was important to me to do it myself.
  8. Rebar makes great camping tripods and cowboy cook sets.
  9. Hanging out with Frosty is some of the most fun I've had. He has a great shop and I wish I could go down and hang out with him and Deb more often. You won't go wrong and the few times I was able to go I learned so much. Thank you Jerry for your hospitality and friendship. You're a great guy and I am proud to count you among my friends.
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