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  1. I use various sizes to lightly make impressions around a hole when I am hot riveting . The rivet fills the impression that the star drill made and it prevents the rivet from spinning around
  2. Ted Are those dots on the two hooks brass inserts for decorative purposes or for some other function
  3. Have done those on the head of a railroad spike before. When finished forging just cut off to desired length and drill and tap for drawer pulls.
  4. You can also get acme threaded rod and sleeves from Mcmaster carr
  5. Who cares where the question was asked. The primary point is that the question WAS asked and WAS answered.
  6. My original response to this was deleted I just stated what I think is how the average smith goes about pricing their work. I guess the post police don't have a sense of humor That's what the smiley face was in response to.
  7. I used to make arrow head belt buckles rather frequently I used stainless steel and put the flaking texture in them cold with a cross peen.
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