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  1. I'm just waiting for twenty other people to follow in suit taking a side with a whimsical soap-box stance, telling me who I am and how I should act... Elders... What are we, Protestants? LOL? If you want this failed attempt, or any follow up information concerning the progress of this anvil restoration, please email me at sinepariforge@hotmail.com... I'm outta here... catch me elsewhere on NWBA... or other blacksmithing events in the Southeast... I have nothing more to contribute here. goodbye.
  2. I had no questions, I was presenting a piece of information for the good of the group. This rod is found throughout the forums as being a solution to the problem when in fact it is not. You're making an assumption that I'm helpless, and capitalizing on this chance situation to come off as long winded and supportive of the Smith... Please tell me how the informative presentation of information, which has been deleted by myself, could be of no use or help to the smithing community??? Your turn.
  3. I don't care if he was the first smith to touch the hot iron with a hammer. Does he really think I didn't do my research on the rod first??? This whole string of anvil repair threads is a collective group of us testing and comparing different methods of repair rumored and suggested by the forum. The end result is finding different "effective" methods, and dispelling rumored fixes... 15CrMn was rumored to be a decent repair method by 3 individuals throughout the IFI threads so far, and none of them have answered any of my emails asking how it's working out, hence the experimental thread..
  4. I honestly don't know why I attempt to contribute anything to this forum... All of you seem to know everything or can find it on GOOGLE... I'm done with the ignorance and insolence of neck-bearded keyboard jockeys... Enough said.
  5. I believe it's of european decent... I've seen them via the internet, and think that it came out of the ukraine or possibly russia....
  6. Peace. Content removed. Content Assembled Materials; 168 lbs - No-Name (German Trenton) Soft/Thin top plate; Machining/Heat damage 10 lbs. – Linclon Wearsheild 15CrMn $81.63 (Airgas) 1 ct. tempril stick 300 degrees/F 1 ct. little blue bottle of propane- $7.80 ( 2pack) Home Depot) Abrasives; 3 flap disks, three grinder wheels, needle scaler, and knotted wire brush… (had these on hand) 1) Proper cleaning and welding preparation taken. All divits, blemishes, and torch cuts wer ground down to bare metal. 2) I started my preheat in a different manner, as the individual that
  7. That is an ODD looking anvil. I'd second the notion of it being a Brooks, but in all honesty I don't haven't the fondest...
  8. Jump on it. Looks weird to me, but from the feet waist and shape, it looks like a Columbia. Their cast steel high quality anvils and that looks to be in mint condition... columbian anvils sometimes have what looks to be a top plate, but I'm pretty confident, in this case, that it's cast... I can also almost make out what looks to be a upside down triangle with a C... tell tale identification if you can verify it through the seller...
  9. lol... I have no idea why I'm posting at 4 a.m.???? I honestly don't remember posting anything above, but I'm sure it was more directed to those that find it impossible to find a good anvil at a good price (in the US).... If I were in the UK I'd be a dangerous man, I know that much for sure... I'd love to bring an influx of european makes over here, like some members and ebay individuals do.
  10. I have a confession. I am an anvil addict... I collect for the preservation of the craft and have every intention to flip them towards any "smith" that desires a good working anvil at a fair market price. Profit isn't a dirty word either. Any turned profit goes into the pot for more anvils, other blacksmith related equipment, or repair consumables... bring me two or three "in need of repair" anvils, and I'll trade ya one good usable one... Use TPAAT... my last post in that thread I attained 5 anvils in less than a month.... Since then I've added 5 more (2 months)... I'm not a brazill
  11. I know I'm late to the party, but Congratulations!!!! What an accomplishment! I can't imagine anything more uplifting than to point out into the distance and say "that's my work", and know that it will be cherished by generations to come... That's pretty special...
  12. I would seriously look into renting a booth at a weekend flea market, making a website, getting an etsy account... Use the earnings to take a few classes at a local college, art is a pretty fascinating subject if you can see past everyone else's perspectives and opinion. Your earnings could also pay the way to spend a week at a folk school or even a notable accomplished smith teaching classes...
  13. Thread bump. I hope the moderators can sticky these repair methods... :D??? Beebs did an awesome write up, I plan on using that same format for my attempt... My victim will be that Trenton, as it's confirmed soft, as a ball bearing test puts dents in the top plate... I'll be using a 10# butter layer of Lincoln Wearshield 15CrMn (work hardened 40-50Rc), with a top layer of Stoody SELF-HARDENING (as welded 52-58 Rc)... I'll be happy with anything @ 50+ **teaser
  14. I'm whole heartedly agreeing with everyones points. Maybe the VIP isn't the best course of action when it comes to building a community, however I do like the idea of donation badges... lol (we don't need no stinkin badges!!!)... In short, this thread identifies that there are a good number of willing and able... That's a good sign that IFI has a pretty strong user base... I would never wish any changing for the worser if ya'll catch my drift, just stirring the pot as always... Glenn, as a great many have already stated, please inform me when the next donation drive is... Our conversat
  15. Consider your location to be "prime" for picking up a decent anvil at a decent price... I've also noticed a sort of seasonal phenomena when it comes to anvils, as there were very few listings here in FL durring the summer months, and the market opened up around december... When the snowbirds start returning in the next month or so, you might see a gradual influx of iron, so hold fast... just a hunch...
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