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  1. I have punched a zillion holes and never use a bolster. If I'm punching a 1/2 inch hole I use the appropriate size punch, hit it until I feel anvil resistance.flip it over, look for the telltale spot that indicates the location of the soon-to be slug and hit that. slug drops out on face of the anvil. Punching holes is not hard-just relax and do it. Also- as Thomas said, using rebar is its own punishment. I have been in a pinch and made horseshoes out of the stuff. Sometimes it is great and sometimes it is not worth the price of scrap.
  2. Uhhhhh-What is your definition of a minion? I thought there was an important religious context for the word?
  3. Peter: You need to come down to my shop-just a few miles away in Deadwood Or.. John is old friend of mine-tell him Hi.. One thing you need to realize about his pedal hammers is that he makes them in an afternoon out of whatever junk he has around! No two are alike. Amazingly resourceful man and a great blacksmith. Give me a call- 541 964 3224. Eric Sprado
  4. A while back somebody posted some pictures of forged hair "pins". Can't find post. Any ideas? Eric

  5. I picked up a 140 lb. English anvil that looks like it has NEVER been struck by a hammer!! Can't find it in Postman. Pictures attached. Any help?
  6. Those are good plows. I still use one!!! you can get to the end of a row,turn around,raise one side and lower the other and go back plowing the same direction...Clear as mud???
  7. An old newspaper vending machine is going to be my new hood if and when my left hand becomes functional again.
  8. I live over an hour from town and don't have a tempil stick on hand to tell me an anvil is preheated enough. A fellow is coming over tomorrow to build up a little anvil I sold him. Somebody on here had a trick a while back of SOMETHING they put on an anvil and it burned off at around 350 degrees? Anybody remember that? Would sure be helpful! Thanks, Eric Sprado
  9. Boraxo and Twenty Mule Team Borax are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS,are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!!! We use Twenty Mule Team for flux!!!!!!!
  10. Anything you do that allows you to "get lost in it" and which does no harm to your fellow man,can be spiritual. I'm blessed to have my smithing,my fiddle, and writing. All of which allow me to "get lost in them".
  11. I make most of my hot tools out of old tire irons. Twenty five cents at garage sales and THEY ARE ALREADY STRAIGHT!! Ever try to break one while standing on it to get a lug nut loose?? Pretty tough stuff.
  12. Wow!!!! You got a LOT done!!! I'm envious!!! All wonderful projects!!!
  13. The old Cavalry shoeing instructor I learned my trade from used to put a little water on his anvil face if kids were getting too close. He'd say "You kids get back, you never know what might blow up around here". He'd then whack a hot shoe on that spot and the kids would go flying when they heard that pop!!! Fond memory.
  14. Thanks to all of you for prayers, good thoughts(ala Frank Turley,our moms sound similar!),emails,and even a few cards!!! I have had contact with a few folks here but have waited until it seemed pretty safe to say I'm on the mend to make an "official" announcement. I had a heart attack out here an hour and a quarter from hospital. Wound up with triple bypass surgery and NO damage to my heart!! Following doctors orders because I DON'T want to go back for seconds. One side effect is that they damaged the nerves controlling my left hand so fiddle playing(most important thing) writing, or swinging a hammer are out for a while. They say maybe up to a year,but I still feel blessed!!!!!!!! It has always been my wont to be a good son, husband,father and to do no unkindness to my fellow human beings or to the Earth. I have not,being human, always been successful. I feel blessed to be given a second chance to dedicate myself more to this Worlds needs! Thanks again to all of you!!!!! Eric Sprado, Deadwood,Oregon
  15. Hi Everyone, This is Kathy Sprado with an update on Eric. Had a scare last night and they took Eric back to the ICU. They will probably be putting him back in a regular room today or tomorrow. He was back in ICU for arrhythmia and heart cessation (3 minutes). But he is doing really well now. Improvements include much more lucidity, normal temperature, drop in blood sugar, better lung function, less need for pain killers. Thanks for all your messages. He still really needs a lot of rest. He got some really good sleep in the ICU because there are less interruptions in terms of nurses and staff coming in. I'll probably write again tomorrow. Love Kath