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  1. What Mark Snagel? He was from New Hope,NC

  2. Talked with Frosty, he said wire brush I used 4in wire wheel an a couple coats boiled linseed oil an 2years later no rust,an my anvil sits under a open lean 2 off my garage !!
  3. Just a thought go to good will or Salvation Army, they have boxes of knives,forks an spoons Keeper going!!
  4. I just made repairs to my anvil, used 7018 as a filler then capped it Mc kay#155 an ground about 2hrs.looked great to me. stoody rod , they are proud of it!!!
  5. Just got my first anvil today. It is a arm an hammer, no. 7 on horn end, no. 61 on square end, weight about 57.7 pounds. Does that sound about rite?
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