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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone my name is Dallas. I am from Southeast Texas and no I am not named after the Cowboys. Yesterday I built my first forge out of an old grill a roommate said I could have and some bricks from Home Depot. I have been wanting do do this craft for several years and didn’t know how or where to start. So I thought the best way to learn is to fail so don’t hold back when correcting me. Thank you for your time and I look forward to any input so that I can forge properly and safely. Thanks Dallas
  2. Hello, I am starting to blacksmith. I currently have a hole in the ground that I want to do a side-blast coke forge with. I need coke though. I don't know where I can get some locally here in Utah. I saw that there is a place down in Spanish Fork. Christensen Brothers. They are a little far from me as I live in Tooele. I was wondering if any of you have found suppliers in Salt Lake City or thereabouts. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. I was thinking of trying to find a quarter pein with a Left quarter on one end and a Right quarter on the other. But I need it at a reasonable (if not bargain) price, lol. My financial budget for what is currently only a hobby (read as addiction) is not able to support spending a lot. I've looked for examples of this online and in the forums here, but have had no success. Any suggestions? I've even contemplated trying to forge my own... I have several pieces of 2" round axle material in 4-8" lengths. I know I don't have the resources/help to fully forge it, would have to take shortcuts like grinding the ends to shape and drilling the majority of the handle hole, only heating and forging the elongating and tapering of it. Am I insane for even thinking this?
  4. I am going to make my own belt grinder, but I need to know if a 3/4 hp motor with 1750 rpm will be sufficient? Can I connect two motors to increase load weight before shutdown?
  5. Hello all, new to this forum and I was hoping I could get some advice. I am really interested in Smithing and I would like to pick up this hobby, and I have some questions. I am going to start building my forge. I was thinking about welding two 20 pound propane tanks together. I plan on making knives and small swords/machetes and the likes. I plan on lining it with 2 inches of kaowool with firebrick on the bottom and adding a door and all that. It is going to be a propane forge. My first question is will this forge need 2 burners? Or just one? I know there are different kinds of burners. Am I going overkill on size? Should I just use one 20 pound tank? What size anvil should I be looking for? And I am aware that a belt grinder is the best tool for grinding the blades, but I'm trying to save money because I'm buying a pistol soon. Would a bench grinder suffice if I use a softer stone? Sorry for all of the questions I just want to do things right.
  6. So when i first started doing my knives using damascus steel i etched them using boiling vinnegar. Then after that i was told it didnt need to be boiling and that it could just be room temp vinnegar. And then somone suggested i might see better results by using coffee. So i decided to give it a go and here are the results. Now im happy with the etch for the most part but this etch method has left the steel with these weird colours on it, kinda gold to almost a grey blue. Is this the normal effect of a coffee etch? Also this was after 1.5 hours of etching. Over all while the coffee definately works im not quite happy with it. Il be stripping this one off and trying to etch again later with something else. Trying to track down some FC. Any other tips or house hold etch solutions are welcome.
  7. Hi everyone! Got a few random questions, I know some of them fit into other categories on the forum, but I think this is faster and less hassle..SO! 1) Is there ANY such thing as 6mm square bar in south australia? I recently found myself a supplier of steel that sells most sizes for a really good price (It's mild steel or somethin') But they don't have 6mm square, and it's ALOT of effort to square up a 6mm round bar from end to end. 2) Can I sink a piece of thin metal without the use of a swage block? I'm only just starting out and it's hard enough to find hammers in this country :P I'm thinking things like leaves and spoons, so nothing major...I've read that I can carve out a dip in a log and soak the dip in water to stop the wood burning, but it seems like alot of work for something I'm only going to do occasionally... 3) Is borax I buy from the shop 100% suitable for forge welding? Or do I need to cook it first? I've seen on here that most of the time moisture gets back into the borax anyway, so is there REALLY a point? 4) Do I really require another person when I want to make a hammer (Eventually?) Is it something that IS possible on your own? 5) Is there any other source of coke in South Aus besides Farmweld? I don't mind buying coke from there if I need to, but I live a fair way away and it's a hassle to get down there.
  8. Hey Guys: Just joined the group today and have a few questions. I am a journeyman pipe welder and have been in the metal trades off and on for 30yrs. I took a beginners course from Frank Turley down in Santa Fe in the late 90's, I consider myself an intermediate but have strayed from the flock and wish to return...I picked up a 145 lb. anvil that I am trying to identify, it has a large diamond on the side and the last 4 letters appear to be NTON. Its a good anvil but I would not consider it top quality because of the casting pock marks in various area's but especially toward the tip of the horn, it also has 2 mount holes drilled into the base. Which comes to my last question. Can I take a cast rod or even a 7018 and fill these casting marks and mount holes, or could it reduce the temper of the anvil ? I could really dress this anvil out if thats possible. I know this intro was long, but I would really appreciate some input on this...Thanks for your time...Goodeyon I
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