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  1. Right now I’m using some bricks piled up in an old grill and a hair drier and black iron pipe for air controller. Every time I fire up I’ve tried to work on a new layout to be the most efficient and I think my last experiment worked really well. And I realized how easy it was to spend money on this stuff so I’m really trying to watch it
  2. Right now it’s on my keychain but I wanted to find some leather strips and make a necklace for it
  3. Hey Jon I have enjoyed reading this thread a lot and I just started the hobby last week. Do you any recommendations or ideas of things to avoid for a newbie like myself. I was practing tapering yesterday and made the worst ring anyone’s ever seen but I was really proud of it So far what I’ve read is s hooks is a great place to start.
  4. So a little update. I broke the charcoal into smaller pieces and it really seemed to help more. Also yesterday I was really working on trying to learn tapering and it took me 4 hours but I finally got it. And I made probably the ugliest ring anyone’s ever seen.
  5. Gentlemen.... I HAVE BENT METALL!!!!! I had a few extra hours to play around and I was trying to be very mindful of both fire management and hammer accuracy. I employed your advice about the air and I worked really well. I didn’t realize how fast I was burning through charcoal that I didn’t need to be. It was definitely a learning experience and also very rewarding. Thanks again everyone!
  6. How would I attach a foot switch if I have just a hair dryer? Or is that for a more advanced set up?
  7. Oh that’s cool, I’ll give it a go next chance I get. Thanks guys I appreciate it
  8. Hey everyone! I built my first forge ever yesterday out of some bricks in an old grill. I’m using a black iron pipe and a hair dryer with a shop vac attachment as my air source. Charcoal is the fuel. Mid anyone has any suggestions or recommendations please let me know what I need to do to forge properly and safely. Thanks Dallas
  9. Hey everyone my name is Dallas. I am from Southeast Texas and no I am not named after the Cowboys. Yesterday I built my first forge out of an old grill a roommate said I could have and some bricks from Home Depot. I have been wanting do do this craft for several years and didn’t know how or where to start. So I thought the best way to learn is to fail so don’t hold back when correcting me. Thank you for your time and I look forward to any input so that I can forge properly and safely. Thanks Dallas
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