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Found 51 results

  1. Hello Everyone! This forum seems pretty dead. We should liven it up a bit! I'm a fledgling blacksmith. Just got my forge up and running and mounted my anvil. I have the basic tools and a full tank of propane. I'm eager to get started! I'm totally new to this but I would like to invite anyone out there who's interested in blacksmithing to learn with me! I make no claims of expertise and will in no way be teaching. I know there's a lot of people out there who are interested in blacksmithing but consider it to difficult to get into. So this is a chance to come out and try your hand at smithing. I know this is shot notice but I'm super excited to spend tomorrow with my forge and I'd love to share my excitement and enthusiasm with you! I live in south London and will just be chilling in my backyard most of the day. Send me a message if you're interested in coming by!
  2. Introducing the 'Timber Tools & Artisan Shows' coming in 2019 to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra! This new show format aims to bring artisan crafts, rare trade & traditional skills and skilled makers skills together to inspire our communities. As the name suggests, the shows will stay connected to it’s woodworking heritage of over 30 years but are evolving to include complimentary creative disciplines and crafts. We hope to inspire visitors to find a new art, learn more about it and gain the skills and tools they need to start their own journey to creativity. Our Brisbane show is the first of 2019 and will feature over 180 exhibitors. See poster attached for more information. If you are interested in being an exhibitor or demonstrator, contact our events team: [email protected] TTAS_SalesPoster_A4_Final.pdf
  3. I would like opinions for those who have used flypresses for general forging work what sizes they prefered and why. Are you all happy with your press? If not, what size would you prefer? Thanks Josh
  4. I bought this small vise at a trades day it looks like I small post vise but it doesn't have a post I was just seeing in anyone might know more about it then me. There is no name on it or any markings. Thank you
  5. Looking for somewhere I can get coal without the hassle of buying bags or shipping. Anyone have any leads? Thanks!
  6. Hey There! Thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful group. This Sunday just passed I had my first blacksmithing lesson with London Blacksmith Kevin Boys and managed to come out with this basic Viking ladies knife (I think? ), pictured below, in a little over 2 hours! I have been simply obsessed with blacksmithing for about 2 years now, but haven't been able to pursue anything... Partly to do with living in central London ( You know how hard it is to find a forge in London?!) and also with me finishing my University studies. This is the first time I have been able to put things id learnt on paper into actual physical use and nothing has ever felt better! Its so primal and elemental! I thought I would join the group so I can learn more and more every day, and that I can also keep some folks up to date with my progression in my weekly 2 hour class and my quest for a reasonably priced workshop! Thanks all and hello!
  7. So, I'm writing a paper for my English class, and I decided to write about two things I have a passion for. My question is which version of metal work is better? Who here would take blacksmithing over welding and vice versa. Why do you choose one over the other? I'd love all of your opinions and I can't wait to hear from you all.
  8. Hey I have been looking at some shop presses recently and was wondering, is ther any reasons why i couldnt use a press from harbor freight like the one in the link?
  9. Anyone adept at mold making and casting flintlock musket parts?
  10. I am not sure if this is correct place to ask, but enyhow I am going to buy a lot of SS2230/50CrV4 grade steel, but issue is is it good enough for gardening tools and also for making some blacksmith tools like hot cutters etc. I checked quite many sources and still can't figure out... Bladesmith charts says used for large knives but thats all I can get that says its good for something. Its tool graded steel with about 0,5 C amoungst some other propeties. I thank you all for answers in advance
  11. Hello! I am the Program Director for the Boy Scouts of America based in Anchorage. We are looking for help with a blacksmithing program at one of our camps this summer. We have a camp located at mile 133 of the Parks Hwy (near the Denali Princess Lodge) called the Denali High Adventure Scout Base. Each summer, Boy Scout units come to camp and participate in a week of activities, including our popular metalworking/blacksmithing program! We have struggled to find a staff member or volunteer for the weeks of July 3-July 23 who has functional knowledge and skill in blacksmithing to help teach the Scouts. Can anyone provide a recommendation of someone you know who may be interested or available? Any interested parties can contact myself at [email protected] This program focuses on teaching the metalworking merit badge ( and exposing Scouts to blacksmithing as a hobby/career. It helps them develop basic blacksmithing knowledge and skills as well. Thanks for the help! You can find out more information about our camp at our website: Post moved to Alaskan Blacksmithing group;
  12. Is a rounding hammer very usefull/nessary in blacksmithing? Is it something I should definitely have or not?
  13. Hi my name is Boedie I'm 16 and have been trying to get into blacksmithing I've forged acouple things in a forge I made out of a old grill filled with dirt, if anyone has any tips or advice I'd be glad to hear it, i live just north of Atlanta GA
  14. So my friend and I want to start blacksmithing. We have already quite a bit of experience with heated metals and we already have a forge. The question remains: what anvil do we choose? We have a budget of around 50$. We found a piece of railroad track for 30$ which is around 30-75 lbs. The only issue with this one is it doesn't have a horn or hardy hole. We also found a 20lb anvil on Ebay for 50$ it has a hardy hole and a horn. The only problem with this one is it weighs 20lbs! We don't know what to do! Does anyone have any suggestions? Our goal is to make a forged rebar bracelet and or a few knives. We also found a few Harbor Freight ones, but they are of awful quality. (A.S.Os Ya know?) Thanks! Jacob
  15. Hey guys, It's been a little while since I've been on here but I have questions. I have a half round horse rasp that I can see the letters A and R inside a picture of a horseshoe and underneath says made in U.S.A. I was wondering who makes this horse rasp? Second question is how can I save this image because I want to forge a knife from it. Thank you very much, ACforge
  16. Hello my name is Liam. I'm a college student in Ontario, Canada. I was wondering if I could possibly interview one of the blacksmiths on this website for a school project. The project is to write a profile on a topic or person. Blacksmithing is what I chose. I was hoping to interview over Skype or something like that and just ask a few questions. Some of what you say to me back be quoted in my project and it is going to be posted to a Blog I am writing for my class. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond I really appreciate it. Have a good day.
  17. Hello all, My name is Caleb, I have not started any blacksmithing yet but have been intrigued by it for a few years now, I am finally reaching a point where I have some time so will probably start getting some necessary tools here soon. In the meantime I have just been reading anything and everything i can find on the subject. I have found that there are a lot of knowledgeable people on this site and i look forward to learning more from you guys and sharing my accomplishments and failures along the way.
  18. Hi there, I have just bought an anvil, it is London style anvil that weighs in at 110.8 kg(244.27Lb) i have uncovered some markings on the side although they are very vague, i was wondering what they meant and what is is worth. the markings are as follows: YARRA...ED can anyone help, Thanks
  19. I forged this so-called "perfect handle" screwdriver for a tool swap on lumberjocks. I'm just starting to learn some blacksmithing to augment my woodworking, so it's not super clean but I'm proud of it. The blade is O1 steel that started as 3/4" diameter drill rod. I heat treated it myself in the forge and my kitchen oven. The scales are dyed maple burl. Finished with BLO and renaissance wax.
  20. I'm moving to Powell, WY and i was interested in learning from a smith over the summer while i attend college in Powell.
  21. DRoeder


    This was the main project for the Spring 2016 I.N.B.A Hammer in Hosted in Finley WA.
  22. I was on this forum a while back when I first got my Anvil looking for basic information about it. I bought it from a guy who found it in a old barn formerly owned by a oilfield business owner from the mid 90s. Anyway I paid 150 for it not knowing anything about it, but obviously now I know it was well worth it. I know it's a 321 pound Peter Wright Anvil and I'm guessing it's from the early 1900s but that is what I'm wondering about. I will never get rid of this thing as I've fallen in love with it lol but I would really like to know more about this individual model anvil and more about Peter Wright. I've done some research online but haven't found any that looked exactly like mine with the same markings and all. So if anyone knows any info on it please share. Thanks. Tyler H.
  23. Hello all! My name is Jacob, and I'm a high school student living in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. I've begun the process of designing my future workshop, and I thought I'd make an account here, since I hope to be using this site a lot in the future! I've drawn up designs for both a coal and gas forge, and have the ability to run either, but I've yet to decide which is best for me, as a beginner with shallow pockets. I do have a lovely anvil from the early 1900's already, though! Looking forward to getting started.
  24. Hello! I'm starting in on Blacksmithing as a new hobby after several attempts over the years (burned my hand in high school shop using the gas forge). I've signed up to take a beginner class with my local guild - Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland, but the class isn't until October and I'm itching to get started. Have also signed up for a beginning welding class here in Baltimore so I can assembly my forge after than - will be posting some plans in the coal forge section. Big challenge after that is going to be getting something like a starter anvil (probably some railroad track or an excavator pin) and some coal (considering I won't be buying a ton at a time I might have to buy it off a real blacksmith or truck up to The Mill at Bel Air) but hopefully the guys at the guild can give me some pointers. I live in Baltimore but have a decent backyard where I can do some outdoor smithing, so my forge is going to be designed to fold up so I can carry in into the house (also so I can transport it from the public workshop where I'll be welding it together to my home in the trunk of a four-door sedan). I've found a good local supplier for the structural steel (Boulevard Sales Corp) I'll need for the forge and can use the plasma cutter and welder at my public workshop, the Baltimore Foundry (once I take the welding class). So if anyone is looking to sell an anvil or any other random blacksmith tools, or if you have a good local scrap yard to recommend please let me know!