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  1. A welded forge. There's a welder in the town where I work who b would be able to get it to stick with a stick welder.
  2. Thanks guys, Daswulf is right I don't care to have to figure out how to weld cast iron back together.
  3. Thanks, I just found a thread dealing with this. It doesn't have Clay before use cast into it so I will clay it in spring once it warms up above freezing.
  4. Just bought this today. No markings, needs some grease and I just made a belt for it out of cotton belting as a temp fix. Now to start prepping for trying to make the elusive forge weld. BTW, I was looking under the coal forge section and didn't see if I needed to put some refractory cement on this. Quick hint? Yes? No? Why didn't you read that before you got the forge?
  5. I got busy with the colder weather and a move into my house. Also, for the life of me, I couldn't get a decent handle extension forged... until today. I was goofing off making an herb chopper from a rail road spike when I realized that with minimal work it, the cap would make a great pommel end and drawing out the spike would bring it to the width and thickness I wanted. Since I was on a roll, and I have plenty of rail spikes, I started drawing another one out for the guards. So after a few months I can finally get back on this project.
  6. Yesterday I had a friend come visit and showed me how he makes epoxy blanks for pens and bottle stoppers. We made a blank for a set of scales for a knife I hadn't finished and handled yet. Finally had help getting my anvil and forge dragged from its winter resting place to the new shop and as thanks for the scales and help I fired up the forge and we made a couple railroad spike knives. He had never done metal before and had a blast.
  7. A friend gave me some scrap he had laying around. It'll take a bit to figure out what to do with the disk brake but the drum could be the start of my first coal forge. But the big part is that I now have my shop to bring stuff to. Now to layout and upgrade the electrical. I also am looking at the safety aspect. Wood and cardboard are probably not going to be the best around sparks.
  8. I've been considering the name of my shop for a while and have settled on Heavy Hand Forge. My siblings and kids always made jokes about the size of my meat mittens. On more then one occasion my kids would hold hotdogs behind my fingers and yell "I can't see the hotdog"! Always got sausage fingers, and I am banned from trying to move small pieces on game boards. It always looked like a tornado came through on Monopoly. I got to wondering about some of the names other members have for their shops and wondered what the inspiration was.
  9. Well it's not following me home but here's the shop. I close in 2 weeks. I'll get the smithy over there by Christmas. I have to fix the electric going to it but that should be quick.
  10. I was cleaning up that old ax, a carpenter's hewing ax. I found some marks on it but I can't quite make them out. I am only brushing it by hand. I found a seem from the forge weld so it's a mild body and hc bit.
  11. Looks like I'm off to look for how to how to safely restore this beauty.
  12. My gf went to an estate sale and found some stuff for me, this was thrown in as a freebie. Is it me reading too much into this or did the beard on this ax look like it's been broken off?
  13. Welcome to the beginner's club. My best advice is get a good hammer that you're comfortable with and dress it properly. I tried doing that with some Harbor Freight hammers. Didn't work well. Once I got the finish off the handles they were to small for my meat mittens and I had to squeeze too much to hang on to it causing forearm fatigue for me. I've also been using rr spikes to learn how to move metal. It's not ideal but it's working for me, I just have a pile of mangled spikes that'll have to go to the scrap yard at some point.
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