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  1. Various, he's just getting into it. He's done deer and coyote so far, not sure what else.
  2. What kind of bevel did you set up on that knife?
  3. The drawback to that is he's still new at the skill and is unsure of what he wants. I may start him with an ulu since it does give good control and is used in such a role traditionally. I'll go with the 45 degree chisel grind. Been looking for a reason to make one anyway
  4. My boss asked me about making a fleshing knife for him. He's looking for a one handed blade. So far all I've been able to find here is a couple vague references and no pictures. I've learned that they tend not to be sharp, blade has a chisel grind and a 45 degree bevel, and they are curved. I'm looking at maybe an ulu style blade with that bevel or a heavily curved blade about 6 inches long. I am here, hat in hand, asking for further advice on the design and about aspects of these blades that I don't know. If I go with an ulu would I keep it thick or thin it out to normal parameters? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Unfortunately, mooching steel from Massachewsits when I'm in Wisconsin is a bit hard. I keep trying to get him to send me brass.
  6. My original plan went out the window. My 5 year old neice ended up needing the smallest ball peen hammer I had to make the bends in a S hook I started for her but she was determined to get then formed. It was adorable. My nephews ended up striking on a pair or spike knives. They and my brother ended up having so much fun that I sent them home with my railroad track aso. I gotta say I'm jealous though. He's a yard manager for a couple Schnitzer Steel yards, one of them in Attleboro. He can get all the steel he wants and with his handheld he'll know the chemistry.
  7. Ran to Harbor Freight today and bought 2 of their 2 pound blacksmith hammers and a ball peen. I put them to the grinder and made 2 diagonal peen hammers, one left handed, and a variation on a swedish cross peen with the smallest ball peen they had. My brother is coming tomorrow with his kids and we're going to make some marshmallow roasters and maybe a fire poker. They are between 5 and 10 years old with my niece being the youngest. I don't expect all three of them to stick with it until we finish tomorrow but I'm hoping they'll have some fun and remember it with their hammers made for them by their uncle. I haven't gotten to see them in over 2 years. For safety, obviously I'll be the only one handling hot metal, I won't let my brother handle it either, and to help speed the process they'll be striking and I'll be swinging the hammer to actual do the work. I'll try and get pictures of the fun.
  8. It does, not much though. Goes from a heavy 3/16ths to an 1/8th inch 3 inches shy of the tip. I'm going off eyeball on that, my tape is in the shop. I'm going to finish everything off and give the vitals after that. I just rode the wave to actually forge the pommel and get it assembled Saturday.
  9. Right at 36 ounces. I'm going to make the filters a bit wider to loose some weight
  10. I ground the fuller. The guards were inspired by a messer I saw but it's not too late to play with the curves, and I actually dulled and rounded the knuckle guard with safety in mind. Thank you for the kind words and advice George, when I started this I has no plan and minimal experience. That it came out as well as it did is thrilling for me.
  11. I have some cleanup work to do on it but I have finally assembled my short sword. RR Spike guard and knuckle bow, rr bolt pommel peened on, deer antler handle with epoxy for a good measure. Nothing is moving. It isn't the prettiest sword but it's my first competed.
  12. I'm going for a wakazashi, it's around 18 inch blade but I need to throw a tape on it. The coffee hasn't kicked in so I can't remember. Forged it from a rail anchor that showed up in my shop mysteriously.
  13. I've been trying to finish up the knives I have sitting on the shelf. All 5160, most have hickory.
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