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  1. He may have asked a very general question but he has gotten some outstanding responses.
  2. Well, I was going to post a picture of the knives In working on but after that beautiful piece they seem a bit dull. I did try a forced patina with mustard on one for the first time. I was pleased with the look.
  3. I think he should go with a zwiehander. Go big or go home.
  4. Thanks Thomas! That's what I've been trying to find. The easy part is done, now for the guarding, pommel, and scales.
  5. I'm trying to find good examples for the guard and hilt setup for a messer and an having very little success. Is there a solid reference that is online that will have solid examples?
  6. Finished the handle of this 8 inch chef's knife. Just used bee's wax on hickory with brass pins. I have a few touch ups to do before delivery but I'm pleased with my results and my own progression. I'm going to try pouring some epoxy scales soon but I've always preferred wood, and I have enough hickory to keep me in scales for nearly a lifetime.
  7. Don't forget to warm up before and cool down/stretch after you get done singing the hammer for the day.
  8. That's outstanding! Thanks for sharing! I was getting ready to try and duplicate the railroad spike trivet I saw that someone did here, I apologize but can't remember who, and this will help me.
  9. Harbor Freight has decent hammers to get started, sand the finish off or you may get blisters. The forum has a section on improvised anvils that is a very fun read. I kinda have jumped in with both feet but I have also spoken with an experienced Smith who recommended making S hooks because it forces you to use the four basic hammer techniques on an anvil. I've been following Black Bear Forge's videos for tips and techniques. John has a video about basic hammer techniques and also tong making and basic and advanced projects. Oh, and jumping back to the hammer, there are ways
  10. These are great tips, I haven't done much chisel work yet so this will be bookmarked so I can review again. And again... and again...
  11. The guys aren't saying don't try, they are saying don't expect it to work out beautifully. I'm trying my first sword now. I went in without a plan, minimal experience, a piece of steel less than half the length I should have had, and an undersized propane forge that I removed a brick from so I could pass the blade through the back. The challenges I have faced have all taken time and thought to get through and that was in the blade. I still have to make the guard, hilt, scabbard, finish sanding the fuller, figure out how to properly heat treat this blade, sharpen it, and keep it all st
  12. Thanks for setting my mind at ease Thomas, I know this isn't going to be a combat weapon but you never know when you'll need a good blade that means business. Buzzkill, Frosty, I hasn't planned on heating the tang before the weld but you're it wouldn't hurt and I would help with the stress. The tang is about 1/4 inch thick there, so I already have ground in the angles and I will use the trick with the welding rod stubs. Steve, my little one burner forge isn't strong enough for a forge weld. Besides I missed the equinox and I don't have any magic Flux with cat hair. Hopefullly
  13. Fuller is roughed in, as is the bevel. It's weighing in at 23 oz right now with a bit more grinding to do. I didn't like the tang so I split it and I am going to be forging an add on and stick welding it in place. Not much choice to it but I plan on peening and normalizing it to relative the stress of the welds. I still don't give myself more than a 50% chance at pulling this off but I'll keep plugging away.
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