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  1. I video chatted with my 12 year old nephew about smithing and gave him the basics, explaining the anvil, hammers and what I know. He lives on the east coast but next time they come to visit he wants to try making something.
  2. I worked on a couple more knives and several s hooks. I'm getting a much more even hook, better at squaring up the round stock and the amazing revelation that I should dip the ends in my slack water pot to keep the twists where I want them. Not sure why I didn't think of that before
  3. There's airways learning to swing the hammer left handed. I've been considering doing that to give my right arm a break on some of the heavier drawing out and rough shaping.
  4. I have one I'm going to be making a few axes out of. I need to get some mild steel for the body.
  5. You can make a latch for your tongs to help hold materials and experiment with handle sizes on hammers. I'm prone to tennis elbow thanks to swinging my mine detector in Iraq. I've found that making my hammer handles stickier it reduces the amount I squeeze the handle. Currently I use bee's wax and warm it over the forge to get an even coat. I also have 1 ball peen that I made a leather wrap backstop on. I also have been paying attention to my mechanics on the swing.
  6. Wow, how wide was the piece you started with for your hinges? And for the door handle that cross, did you do those as 4 individual pieces that you welded together or one piece that you split?
  7. Built a new door for the shop. Getting My tools secured is a big priority and no one is getting through that door easily. It's 2x, 6' 8" tall and 48 inches wide. Not light. The handle I have some grinding to do and the hinges fit on the old pins
  8. I live in Wisconsin. They almost hand you a beer when you enter the state. Also large German and Swedish populations.
  9. Bourbon, Makes for a good night and bad morning
  10. They're kipped out after a prolonged skawk currently.
  11. You mean shorts right? That is springtime temperatures
  12. I had a blade break when I dropped it after heat treat and before tempering. I welded it up, cycled it several times and when I was going to heat treat it again I noticed an uneven heat across a straight line. It had cracked again right along my weld. Would that had happened if I had preheated? Not sure but I've done it every time since.
  13. Pressure fit them. I am please because this was my first time trying to duplicate a pattern, even as simple as the design is.
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