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Found 56 results

  1. What are the requirements of a forging press

    Hey I have been looking at some shop presses recently and was wondering, is ther any reasons why i couldnt use a press from harbor freight like the one in the link?
  2. Hello all, new to this forum and I was hoping I could get some advice. I am really interested in Smithing and I would like to pick up this hobby, and I have some questions. I am going to start building my forge. I was thinking about welding two 20 pound propane tanks together. I plan on making knives and small swords/machetes and the likes. I plan on lining it with 2 inches of kaowool with firebrick on the bottom and adding a door and all that. It is going to be a propane forge. My first question is will this forge need 2 burners? Or just one? I know there are different kinds of burners. Am I going overkill on size? Should I just use one 20 pound tank? What size anvil should I be looking for? And I am aware that a belt grinder is the best tool for grinding the blades, but I'm trying to save money because I'm buying a pistol soon. Would a bench grinder suffice if I use a softer stone? Sorry for all of the questions I just want to do things right.
  3. Tong alternatives

    Just wondering if anyone knows where i could get a pair of tongs for cheap in the UK or at least an equally as good alternative. Currently im using vice pliers but im not having much luck with gripping the metal due to the smaller surface area
  4. Just want to thank Ethan Harty for forging these tools for me. I would buy from him again no doubt. 5/5
  5. the beak is not much of a mystery, but what are the other things for? I don't even know how to describe them....
  6. I recently found this old belt grinder at an electrical surplus shop just sitting on the ground. I bought the thing and brought it home but cannot find any information on this thing. The guy told me at the store he thought it was a 2"x72" belt grinder but I measured the loop around all the wheels and only measured 60"-63" after you let out all the adjustment. Also the two wheels towards the back are both 1-3/4" wide wheels however the bottom wheel in the front where the platten connects is only 1-1/2" is that normal?? The only information on the cast aluminum frame states, "Sandmaster Products Los Angeles California." If anyone has any information on this thing or can answer my questions about the wheel sizes I'd really appreciate it.
  7. So, last night I received my new Grizzly Knife Grinder in the mail. I was pretty excited to see it had arrived. Upon seeing the package when I got home, my excitement turned to disappointment. One of the two boxes that it came in (the motor box) came with a huge hole in it. Also, one of the arbors (or, at least that's what I think they are called) was sticking out of the package. Inside, the cast iron assembly was broken on the buffing wheel side, with one of the small metal pieces broke off and jammed up (somehow) inside the motor. I removed the small piece of cast from inside the motor. It ran great for about 10 minutes (not assembled to the rest of the machine), but started making a barking noise. I turned it off immediately. It will not turn back on again. I guess this is one of those cases where buying tools on the cheaper end turns bad. I'm getting a replacement on Monday. Hopefully the motor will be in better shape. If I had time to order the new one this morning I would have been getting it on Saturday. All I got to do now is figure out how to send the broken one back. I know there's tons of stories like this on here - Grizzly not being all it's cracked up to be. I thought I'd add to the warnings. If you are going to go cheap (either because you are cheap, or simply can't afford a nicer machine), then be prepared. You get what you pay for. Note: ______________ The Grizzly grinder is still a great machine. I love it to death. Despite my little setback above, I'm excited to have one for myself. If I could have afforded to get the KMG or spent a long time building my own, I would have. I still recommended the Grizzly for new knife makers, hobbyists like myself, or those who aren't sure making knives is the right craft for them.
  8. un-identified object...

    I good friend of mine, dave, gave my this tool along with some much needed parts for the steamer. it looks like an od type of vice grip maybe. if anyone can shed some light on this that would be great! P.S. you are invited to come to vegreville alberta this Saturday to the fair. we will have our steam engine their along with a couple others, I will also be playing fiddle for the weekend.
  9. Hi All, I am planning to build a "beam Drill" similar to the one depicted in Peter Nicholson's Mechanic Companion. (see the attached Picture, items D, E, and F) I am trying to learn from those who have tried making one of these and many google searches haven't revealed any modern reproductions. All search terms are pretty common and turn up the hand crank "post drill" and twist drills and auger bits.... but nothing for braces and drill for metal prior to 1860. I have found a really interesting thread on another forum... ( ) that was really helpful about the bits, but nothing really about the rebuilding the brace or the beam levers. I just thought I would ask, to see if anyone has visited a historic site that has re-created something similar and has a few pictures or if anyone know of pictures of old metal drill bits.... Either way, should be working on this in the next couple weeks, I was hoping to cut down on my learning curve. Thanks in advance. Matt
  10. Making knives from old tools

    I have a collection of antique tools. I have some old ice block tongs and I was curious. If I make a k ife out of them will it harden they seem to be made of the same metal that old cotton scale balances and hooks were made of. Also I have some old monkey wrenches I want to make knives out of. I have no experience in metal working of any sort.
  11. online stores

    Hello everyone, i am starting this topic as a reference for online stores that sell blacksmithing equipment in Europe since i couldn't find a similar topic in the forum. Until now i found only Angele that has a wide variety of tools, but because of the high prices i am looking for some other stores to order some stuff needed for the forge. can everyone suggest some online stores that have tongs and other forging tools so as to look through them? if there is a similar post please tell me so i can delete this one. thanks in advance! happy august holidays to everyone!
  12. How did you get started into blacksmithing? At what point did you start making your own tools? How'd it come out? lol I've seen some videos and it looks time consuming but worthwhile.
  13. Hi All, I'm thinking about starting here ---- I've looked through the forums and am highly inundated with information. (which I presume is a good thing) For a beginner, if I wanted to purchase anvils and blacksmithing tools --- are there any particular brands that stand out? I'm looking for basics now but power tools in the next few years. Any suggestions help, thanks!
  14. Soapstone holder for iron in hat

    Nothin much, just a simple soapstone holder. FWIW the twists are a bit more even then the pic suggests. Thanks to whomever I stole this idea from. Spent the day doing the Google trying to find the original source.
  15. Hi, I'm joe, and I have it...

    Hello everyone, I hope this is not a "throwing myself to the wolves" kind of thing, but even if it is, I'm used to learning the hard way. Anyway I'll get straight to the point, all I have ever wanted is to have my own woodshop. Now don't get me wrong, I love and admire the blacksmith, the trade as well as the man, however, wood grows on trees, and metal lives in the earth. I do have one problem though, and it's got a lot to do with liking to make things. I've tried 'smithing, it is just a little too expensive and I have had trouble securing a decent anvil, and a forge, which is pretty much the whole thing in a nutshell. But before I go dig a hole in my backyard and fill it up with coal and rig up a shop - vacuum and drive the neighbors crazy, I wanted to ask if anyone would please share any experience they had making wood chisels. I know they can't be the most difficult item to forge, I just have found about zero videos of people doing it. I'm talking no bigger than 1"x6-8" most smaller than that. If I knew a smithy I would just ask him to show me or let me work in his shop. I'm just tired of buying cheap Chinese crap worthless chisels. I want my own, and I'll forge em if I have to. Any information you have on this subject would be gratefully appreciated. Ornate whittling is something my grandfather taught me but woodcarving is my next step and I've gone through some chisels in the process. That is all. JTD
  16. Two Handled Sledge Hammer

    I was recently asked to forge some chain, and I posted a pic of my progress... to which my sister, who lives in Rugby England, responded with some pictures of the Black Country Museum and one of the blacksmith shops there. In the photo there is a double handled sledge. I have heard of these... but I have never seen one in use... does anyone have a video or know more about them? I suspect that it is mostly lifted and dropped....or was it used with a master and apprentice one providing power and the other aiming... I don't know anything about it... figure someone here might... care to shed some light on the subject? Thanks Matt
  17. show me your biggest hammer!

    this is my biggest so far. its a 14 lbs postmall!
  18. show me your forge!

    Show everyone your forge, and tell us why its the best! this forge is one me and my dad help me build 2 years ago and it is set up great for me.only trouble is I can't move it...
  19. best place to find tools

    Where would a beginner (without bags of money laying around all over the place) do best in finding some hammers and tongs to get started with? ebay seems to kill you on shipping costs, due to the weight of things. Can anyone give a rough idea of what one would expect to pay for hammers in the 3lb-5lb range, and tongs? Also if there are "bare necessity" types of hammers, hardy hole tools, and tongs one should pursue to start with I'd appreciate the tips. We plan to focus on knife making and perhaps some simple projects like hooks and camping gear.
  20. ok the other thread I started about this was removed and has not yet been replaced so I have lost the replies we had, will try again. anyone interested in a course by one of Brian Brazaels International young smiths on making tools to make hammers and other tools please contact me. Alec Steele has said if we can find between 6 and 10 interested he will run a course at the national blacksmith festival in september near huntingdon in ENGLAND if you want more details there is a post from Alec on the national blacksmith event thread with a link to his website
  21. bolt flatter

    This is a flatter that I made from a large rusty bolt that was given to me.
  22. So I just got my shiny new ABANA membership for christmas and I'm looking to buy a few new toys to get my workshop a bit more efficient. I'm a decent welder, and have taken a few smithing classes so I know enough to know that good tools are very important to making a good finished product. I've got a nice little two burner gas forge, a great old mousehole anvil, a solid post vice, couple hammers, and a couple pairs of tongs. All the basics, plus a more than decent welding set up. As I shop around I notice that actual new blacksmithing tools are crazy expensive, which brings me to my question... What tools are worth buying and what should be cooked up at home? My main question now is about the guillotine, specifically, anyone use a smithin magician and is it worth it? I'd love to expand this to other tools though, like hardies, why is something that seems so simply made $60? I feel like I can heat treat and weld a cut off together pretty well. Sure it may need to be sharpened or re-treated more often but that's a lot of money saved... Making something as complex as a guillotine though, I can see where tight tolerances would come in very handy with making good clean cuts and fullers. So basically, what do you think of the "magician" and what other tools would you absolutely buy before you build?
  23. Forging a flatter

    I am planning on making a flatter this weekend. I have made a few hammers so this seems to be next in the progression. I have a piece of heavy equipment driveline, about 2.25 inches in diameter and solid. I think it is from a PTO drive. I don't believe the driveline is high carbon steel but it should be pretty tough stuff. Other than coaxing a couple of friends to act as strikers, does anyone have specific suggestions. I plan to use a short piece about 3-4 inches long (so its long enough to hang onto) then forge a square taper at one end so it will fit into the square hole in a swage block. I plan to then drive the metal into the swage block so that I end up with a piece about 1.25 inches square that I can later drift a hole into for a handle. I hope to end up with a square end (by making corrections to square as I go) opposite the tapered end suitable for a flatter, maybe 2.5-2.75 inches square and about .5 inch thick. Once I get the proper shape and dimension I can cut off any excess from the tapered end (and use it for another tool later). I can treat the flatter end with Casenite if necessary but I don't know if I need to. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.
  24. Came across this tool set on eBay. Ebay link removed Thinking they may not be any good but was wondering what you guys have to say. They state made from "ductile iron" but isn't that just basic cast iron. Do they require hardening ? Will they stand up to light duty use . My anvil has a 3/4" Hardie hole, I was thinking of getting a set in 7/8" and grinding the shank down to fit. Thks for reading and any comments/infomation.