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My Grandfather is now in Hospice


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I'm headed out to take my Mother to Arkansas to see Grandpa and assorted kinfolk.  May not be on IFI much this next week or so---indeterminate trip.

All Y'All play nice; "Don't make me stop this car and cut a switch!"   (Quote from my Mother from almost 60 years ago...)

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Back home; rough trip in some ways; Grandpa is visibly going downhill; but it was rougher getting home. Had to tell the kids living at home in their 30's not paying rent that 1 could not spend money in my mother's account as if it was hers.  (Removed her signing privileges she had from when Mom broke her wrist...got a new debit card and pin.) Told the other who was driving Dad's car and having Mom pay for gas and insurance  and it uses premium; that we were going to have to sell it.  He asked if she would give it to him---works in a restaurant and can't afford to support an elderly Lexus. I told him he needed an older Ford Escort.  These kids have been living rent free for years they should be dripping money! Mom is also getting very forgetful about everything.

When the well runs dry they will be on the street.  Mom will be able to live with me or one of my kids---we have all volunteered; but they will be cut off and have to figure out how to live on what they can make.  Currently I'm executor of the will too.

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Thomas, glad you are back and things went OK. I'm glad you and your mom were able to make your farewells to your grandfather.  He'll be waiting for you both on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Re the freeloading kids:  You may want to think about a conservatorship (financial guardian) for your mom.  I suggest you talk to an attorney specializing in elder law about the situation.  There are a number of ways to deal with this.  You can't count on the freeloaders volunteering to do anything.  They have had a sweet deal and they will be unwilling to change it without being forced to do so.  I'm sure your mother is a generous, loving person and it would be easy for the freeloaders to guilt trip her into giving them things and help, e.g. giving the car to the one who works in a restaurant because he, boo hoo, can't afford a car and will lose his job otherwise.  Boo hoo.

You may have to be the bad guy to prevent or minimize your mother from being exploited.

If you want any of my thoughts on legal options please feel free to PM me.


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Send that poor mistreated boy out here to peavine an I’ll take him car shoppin!

i can find him something in a affordable budget for a waiter!

we will find him a nice “USED” farm truck! 70s or 80 Ford or Chevy outta do! 

$5 a month insurance!

An what do you need floor boards for? Most folks I know just toss a piece of barn tin down to cover the holes! 

who needs AC when ya got wing vents! 

key? I think there’s a flathead screw driver floatin around the bed! 

don’t worry about that play in the steering column, we will stick an ol rusty nail in there an lock her down tight!

fuel consumption is only around 5 gallons to the mile!!! 

we can get him on the road today for less than some people spend on a set of new tires!:D

no guarantee he’ll make it back to NM without stoppin to fix a flat an more then likely swing in a pick up a fuel pump somewhere…

but hey! If it get ya to work what’s it matter what it looks like?

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Hey I've owned a car that cost me US$100 and came with *2* mounted spares in the trunk.  Yes you could see the road through the floor in back; no AC in fact the *heater* was an "option" and had a box screwed to the dashboard for it.  But it ran---'62 Buick Special; used it until I made enough money to buy a better vehicle and sold it for US$60...

The problem with most fixes for Mom's situation is that either I  need to make the 150 mile drive down there (each way) at least every other week; or Mom needs to move in with us---we have a room for her away from our end of the house with a bathroom across the hall just for her.  However she currently refuses to move.   Soon she will have no choice.  When the well runs dry; her house will have to be sold off and the "kids" will be on their own.    I'm going to tell them that I'm lowering the boom when she gets down to 6 months expenses as we will need to clean out and fix up the place and put it on the market.  (Her house is twice the size of mine; but her electric bill is 4 times mine!) 


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I wonder if the kids start makin adobe bricks now if they’ll have enough to build a little hut when the time comes? :huh:

if they put enough effort into it they could also add a fireplace an chimney for the winter months! :lol:

It’d probably be easier to look for a janky ol run down camper on Craigslist though,

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