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I like the guy cuttin the tree on the ladder in the tree. I watched a guy cut a limb off a tree while standing on a 6' step ladder and it didn't end well. The limb came back and knocked him off the ladder throwing the chainsaw several feet away from him and left a bruise from just below his shoulder blade to halfway down his thigh and most of the way across his back.

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3 minutes ago, Frosty said:

I like the trampoline on the 6th floor roof but it's hard to beat the guy starting the chainsaw with the bar in his crotch. I think that may be a rare non-fatal Darwin Award Winner!

Frosty The Lucky.

I agree, no hearing protection, not good :)

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One summer in High School I worked on the road crew after a hurricane hit;  those big gas powered chippers are *SCARY* and anything that will chip a 6-8" diameter hardwood log won't even slow down for a human   (and the thorns on locust trees want to bring you along for the "ride")   Note that there are two catagories shown there: Folks trying to get a job done and folks just being silly/stupid.  Of the two, the latter should be first in line for gene pool cleanup!

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