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  1. I have heard Blacksmiths used to make nails when work was slack, then when stock needed was not at hand to put Them back together again. Just doing what needs must. Your are only limited by Your imagination.
  2. Trail cam critters

    Daughter raised several possums from birth. Mom decided to look at a car tire from the bottom on a highway. They are ok pets. They get grouchy real fast when hungry. When fed they quickly go back to nice. They nip when hungry. They also have a little stronger musk smell than the average pet.
  3. Need to make 2 1/2" round easy out.

    A 2 1/2" easy out evidently is not available anywhere We have looked. It is of no consequence if the part is damaged as they are being replaced anyway. This is in a clean room no cutting, slicing, dicing or grinding. Would make it too easy and no job for Me.
  4. I need to make a big easy out for a customer 2 1/2" round x appx. 1/2" thick. What would the group recommend? I was going to heat treat with a torch so was thinking air hardening A-2 steel. The easy out would be pulled into some threads with a pull stud. The pipe flange is unknown stainless steel, the threads are shallow around 1/32" deep. The flange is in the back of a cabinet with restricted access. Back access is unlimited. It's in a clean room with no cutting or grinding allowed. I figure this would be a good place to inquire as You'all work with the different alloys.What would You recommend? Thanks, Mark.
  5. When You take an excursion on a coal fired steam train and You set in the first open car and get the full aroma of smoke (and embers) much to the not understanding looks of the Conductor and other passengers.
  6. It followed me home

    Some Guys have all the toys!
  7. A trip to the shop beats a trip into town any day.
  8. 2018 New Years Resolutions

    My resolution is to "not make any more resolutions." So far successful.
  9. Other forums' Curmudgeons!

    1/2 of this world wants the other 1/2 to be the Minions.
  10. I know enough to be dangerous, just not when.
  11. Fork spoon

    Sporks, the idea that sounds good,just don't work good.
  12. Fork spoon

    If You are really good why not make a spork?
  13. Crazy idea?

    Got 2 laying around if interested.
  14. What Did You Learn Today?

    There is 1 more way than previously thought to cut a 45° angle wrong on angle iron.
  15. Grind with vengence, putty broadly, and use thick paint. OOPS too much information.