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  1. No,No,No, it adjusts the Smurfs head to fit the hat.
  2. If She offers to help, start sweating.............
  3. My life right now seems discombobulated. Where can I get a combobulator? Do they store well? I just might bulk buy a case of them.
  4. I am not a dog person. I had 4 of My favorite cats die in 6 months. To even things up, karma gave us 5 more. These are kittens and more playful than the others. The others were more loyal. There s nothing as good as a cat running down the side walk to give a needed greeting when getting home. Even the Wife does not do that. I understand Your pain and knowing about where You live ,know You have a certain toughness to survive. Things will get better, remember the good times.
  5. I have one or two laying around here, Humm............
  6. Silicone conveyor belts are spliced together with something, can't remember the name, but it is a hint to start looking somewhere. It's in a blue tube if it helps.
  7. Window latch hook for opening and closing windows that are too tall to reach, used one in grade school.
  8. Those are the kind of places only found in most of Ours dreams. The world has moved on although a rare gem can be found.
  9. Just remember just as One Country has used Imperial and bounced a probe off of Mars, We are also the first to visit Jupiter.
  10. Friends Wife from Kansas had a big family 13 of them. Had no money for shoes till the snow was on the ground. When it was "only" frost they walked through all the pastures on the way to school and sought out the warm cow patties to warm out their feet. 13 kids + 2 adults and only 4 beds.
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