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  1. Thanks for all the feed back guys. As far as the clay in the forge goes let me tell you this thing works great after a bit of time playing with it you can truly pick where u want to heat it's working awsome. And on the blower end I'm working on rebuilding the old crank blower for now I got another hair dryer and I worked it way longer than the last one and I had a good project for a first time project. Made me a coat hanger or hat hanger or whatever you want to call it and I must say I'm quite proud of it lol its been a good day playing with fire.
  2. Hahaha. Gotta love the better halfs... You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of that set up would you?
  3. Haha nope no hamsters here. And ya I thought about a wood stove fan
  4. There are pictures of the blower on the first page of my post close to the top. Champion Lancaster geared NO. 40. I'll start doing research now and see what I can do for it. Thanks Charles, luckily enough I get paid today so I will go do a lil browsing and see what I can come up with
  5. Ouch. Hope you recover soon hate to hear your down and hurting. The power hammer sounds like a sweet deal can't wait to see pics of that bad dude..... no hurry, you get better so we can see some more of that sweet metal work you do! Until then rest up and come up with lots of glowing red ideas!
  6. No I didn't take it as rude in anyway I was just trying to be humorous. And ya I want to get the old champion going just need to get it apart and see what's clinking in it. As far as the "bird cage" as iv always heard them called, aka heater fans or bathroom type fans go I just don't know how I would house them and all that good stuff. Any examples?
  7. It was a 2 speed dryer. High and low both were heat no option of no heat. My wife's you can do high and low or high and low with the cool witch don't get hot but this little pos didn't have that option so I'm figuring it burnt up. Back to square one. Maby I'll just try and rebuild that champion blower I have And twat is this magical blower that you have sir???
  8. It's clay I dug up in the back yard. Did some forging today and it seemed to do great. But on the whole $0 spent I just lost 10 bucks on a hair dryer that burnt out today. It just quit... any better blowers out there a man could make or get cheap???
  9. Got the forge finished up. Hopefully this will help out we shall see soon as I get a blower. Gonna swing by wal mart and get a hair dryer when I pick up the lil one from school. Stay tuned. As always let's hear what you have to say!
  10. There's an event going on this Saturday the 27th I plan on attending. You should come up and join then. It will be 50 bucks and lunch is provided. I'm excited and can't wait for Saturday.
  11. Definitely staying in the family. That alone means alot more than what any of it is worth money wise. Going to grab a bunch of bricks today and gonna dig up some of this oklahoma red clay and top it off and see how that works..... gotta get a hair dryer or somthing tho the wife wasn't to happy to come out and see hers in the forge lol will post more pictures when that is done
  12. Ya I saw that this was a bit non effective, I mean it worked but was a pain. But for my first forge i think it was ok. Let's me hit some hot metal anyway. Yes that is a ball valve on the bottom. All of that was free so why not. If it clogs up I'll take it apart and clean it no biggy. I already have some other ideas rolling around to improve this or just build somthing better. But until then I'll take the advice given build my fire better and play with it until I can make something better
  13. The forge is built!!!! Seems to do ok. Will work for the learning curve anyhow. Of course I want to here your opinions on it all.
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