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  1. Have any of You ever got one from "The FBI will be at Your door shortly or We could settle this over the phone now" Heard about the one that starts out Knock on door and "Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms". The Guy answered because He thought it was a delivery. One email said " the Girl was outside in My driveway right now waiting". I DID NOT look out the window.
  2. What does the digested iron turn into? Iron pellets?
  3. I would like to see one big enough to hurt a foot when dropped.
  4. I was a pipe test station inspector for a while, the things I've seen. One house had (evidentally) a toilet that was stopped up on one side of the house, so They went in the yard outside, #2's and all. The other side of the house had the kitchen and the kitchen garbage went out the window on the grass everywhere. The other side had a electric meter that was removed by the electric company and They took Their wire off of it. So the people ran their own wire off the transformer and it went inside through a window. I did not get close to anything there.
  5. Knowing when to stop improving and just call it done is also a gift.
  6. Crickets and tree frogs in the cool of the night.
  7. IronDragon, neatsfoot's go to the same place Baby's go after They get the baby oil out.
  8. Does the flux melt at the required temperature, or is it still too low?
  9. Somebody's gotta ask. Where?
  10. I am pineing away for the old days.
  11. We took a small railroad ride with an old timey coal fired engine. Everyone else sat in an enclosed dining car. I sat right behind the engine and enjoyed the aroma. Conductor thought I was nuts.
  12. Why not put a new battery in then remove the key, and disconnect the battery, trouble shoot at Your favorite time.
  13. BIL is special needs and can shovel a little snow out to the mailbox. A County snow plow came along at speed and BIL stood about 6' off the side of the road watching things. Got plastered with snow, He thought the plow would quit plowing. Got mad cause the path He just made was buried. Went into the house so the cloud of steam coming from His ears would not make a traffic hazard. Went out later to reshovel the path and the plow driver evidentially turned around and cleared the path. I hope BIL learned not to watch from close up.
  14. I have seen an old picture of 2 Guys cutting a rail with a hacksaw, blade looked about 24 inches long and the saw had about a 12" throat.
  15. A Master can fix His mistakes while people watch not even noticing what is going on right under Their noses.
  16. If She offers to help, start sweating.............
  17. My life right now seems discombobulated. Where can I get a combobulator? Do they store well? I just might bulk buy a case of them.
  18. I am not a dog person. I had 4 of My favorite cats die in 6 months. To even things up, karma gave us 5 more. These are kittens and more playful than the others. The others were more loyal. There s nothing as good as a cat running down the side walk to give a needed greeting when getting home. Even the Wife does not do that. I understand Your pain and knowing about where You live ,know You have a certain toughness to survive. Things will get better, remember the good times.
  19. I have one or two laying around here, Humm............
  20. Silicone conveyor belts are spliced together with something, can't remember the name, but it is a hint to start looking somewhere. It's in a blue tube if it helps.
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