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RailRoad Spikes

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I saw an interesting RR spike implement somewhere on the web the other day.  The head had the usual twisted handle but the rest was split in two and drawn out into two claws.  It was a garden cultivator, something I wouldn't have thought of.

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The Dragonfly is awesome, how do you think they cut that prior to forging? If you cut down the length on 2 sides, that would be 4 pieces for the wings, but how did they get the body? Maybe cut twice down on side and then cut only 1/2 of those the other way? Hmmm, I'll have to think about that...

And what is that in the upper right?

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when I've done dragonflys I'll hacksaw down from one end at an angle, the wider end of the cut leaves more material for the wings. That wide section is then bent up out of the way of the "tail" and, after it cools off, sawn in half again to make the two sides of the wings.  I've seen guys do it with a thin hot cut chisel but I have to use the saw.


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for me, its about the perfect amount of material for making very handy small tongs !  i usually nip the head off the spike but i guess you can leave it at the end of the rein, if you want to show its origin




very useful material

​wow that's great I didn't think they would go the far . I have yet to make a set of tongs guess I am chicken .I know they will be ugly .

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An old friend of mine asked me to make a rail spike knife for him, I normally tell people that I don't make knives so this is my first. I don't have the experience and materials to make what I would consider a proper knife so I told him its more for the look. 



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Technicus, thanks for sharing that video! A local blacksmith just told me about it this past weekend, and I'm looking at attempting this when I fire up the forge this weekend (need a set that's a bit more reliable for spikes).

Frozenforge, that's a really awesome handle. Care to share how it was done for us newbies?


As for the original topic: the others already put in a lot of good details. My wife found that a number of people make hatchets and gardening tools, so she's been pestering me to get more practice in to make these things. I've seen some snakes, wall/coat hooks, and I might be using spikes to make handles for my tool stump.

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There is a video on Youtube showing how to do that twist that explains each step. 

Search " Rubix Cube twist blacksmith " will pull up a few. 

Also check out " Pineapple Twist Blacksmith" also, that one is pretty cool as well and the guy shows how to do it very clearly.

I have yet to try either one, but that is due to my complete lack of being able to hot cut anything even remotely straight, Need to work on that skill first...


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