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  1. Coal is always a problem 100 lbs 100 dollars ouch!! Lol
  2. Railroad spikes are fun to use and easy to get
  3. there is a nevada face book page for blacksmiths
  4. charismatic blacksmith, well that counts me out. LOL
  5. frozenforge good job that knife looks great !!
  6. ​wow that's great I didn't think they would go the far . I have yet to make a set of tongs guess I am chicken .I know they will be ugly .
  7. what I like about rr spikes is it helps you learn how much material you have and how far it will go, and they are dirt cheep to play around with . why was the print so small ?
  8. Nice C/L find old mobile forge in mesquite Buffalo Army Forge No. 571 http://stgeorge.craigslist.org/tls/4895419103.html
  9. Hay guys , I have been trying to stay busy and got a few things done . I finished the brake drum forge not that I need it after building the bigger one , but I like to finish what I start . And I found some 3/4 x 2 x 16" stock and I'am almost done with my first hardy hole tool , a cut off, I still need to weld it and heat treat it . And I am almost done with my very first railroad spike knife . I hope all is well with you guys !!! http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  10. Thanks for the reply , I guess I will not be trying solar . Ones mind dose wander playing what if I try "fill in the blank "
  11. this is not a fuel, but I have been wanting to try a big fresnel lenz . some I have seen can get over 2,000 deg no fuel blacksmithing with the sun its free !!! you got to love that .
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