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  1. Coal is always a problem 100 lbs 100 dollars ouch!! Lol
  2. Railroad spikes are fun to use and easy to get
  3. there is a nevada face book page for blacksmiths
  4. charismatic blacksmith, well that counts me out. LOL
  5. frozenforge good job that knife looks great !!
  6. ​wow that's great I didn't think they would go the far . I have yet to make a set of tongs guess I am chicken .I know they will be ugly .
  7. what I like about rr spikes is it helps you learn how much material you have and how far it will go, and they are dirt cheep to play around with . why was the print so small ?
  8. Nice C/L find old mobile forge in mesquite Buffalo Army Forge No. 571 http://stgeorge.craigslist.org/tls/4895419103.html
  9. Hay guys , I have been trying to stay busy and got a few things done . I finished the brake drum forge not that I need it after building the bigger one , but I like to finish what I start . And I found some 3/4 x 2 x 16" stock and I'am almost done with my first hardy hole tool , a cut off, I still need to weld it and heat treat it . And I am almost done with my very first railroad spike knife . I hope all is well with you guys !!! http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  10. Thanks for the reply , I guess I will not be trying solar . Ones mind dose wander playing what if I try "fill in the blank "
  11. this is not a fuel, but I have been wanting to try a big fresnel lenz . some I have seen can get over 2,000 deg no fuel blacksmithing with the sun its free !!! you got to love that .
  12. Cool its backup again !!! now I can learn new ways to spend money !!
  13. I keep going back looking at that swage block you have, I wish I would have thought about that one when I worked at steel eng we had a plasma with a bridge and trolley, program it on a turbo cut program, load it in the d6b and let it go, sweet !! It also had a tracing eye, paint it white and put it on a black background the eye would drop and load it on the floppy . Hind site is 20 20 I wish I would have made more cool stuff when I had the chance. Hate to see what they would charge for nice swage block . I'am sure if you have to ask it would be to much LOL . Thanks for the striker offer, I know it's a drive to vegas I think it was 97 miles from my house to echo bay "on the freeway" where I had my boat moored . I have about 10 bikes and drive lake shore all the time just for fun so I go through moapa valley quite a bit, if you need a hand on something just let me know . I am off on weekends .
  14. Nice !! a lot of cool shapes on it . That's got to be a bare to make its a keeper for sure .
  15. Yes, I have two propane cutting tips for propane and two nice aluminum tanks but I don't think my rose bud will work with propane and the welding tips are not the same I think , I don't know for sure . Hay, check this out a nice swage block on C/L 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 4 3/4" 425.00 they want a bunch for these on flee bay . http://goldcountry.craigslist.org/tls/4872101737.html Poor anvil someone cut it . http://chico.craigslist.org/tls/4878775752.html
  16. Oh , kind da like a hand cart , I guess I could just take the wheels off and just move it with the hand truck . But--- but---, that would be to easy LOL Boy yesterday was a pain , I went to use the O/A and found out I was out of oxygen . And then I looked at the bottle closer, hay that's a rental bottle . I loaned my torches to a friend at work and he ran out of oxygen, and being a nice guy he took it down to get filled "exchanged" and they gave him rental instead of an owner bottle that was a few years back . well I am screwed . So I went on CL, and found two bottles for sell whey were the 125 size not big but not small A young kid had them, he said they were his grandmothers and each one had it's own hand truck cool !! . He wanted 250.00 OBO and that's a good price but it said OBO so I offered 200.00 and we settled on 225.00 for the pair . Got them home and checked them out a bit closed they are out of date 10 of 01 but they had a + and a star so they will be good for 10 years when I get them tested . But that's ok . One bottle had 2000 LBS and the other one had 700 LBS so they will last a while . So it cost me 225 bucks to be a nice guy and lone my torches out . No good deed go's unpunished LOL
  17. It has an 1 1/4 hardy hole and it looks like someone buggered it up a little with a cutting torch , I had thought about making some type of sleeve to make it smaller so I could use a more common size square stock bar 3/4 or 1" ID Yes a striker would be nice but I don't trust my 13 year old son that much LOL I will look up slitters .thanks !!
  18. I have some 3" channel I may make a rectangle frame to move the wheels out farther and then some drop down out riggers type feet that I can pin quick . Thanks for the tip on the super quench I will try that . What is "Superquench"... ? A super fast quenchant. So fast it can be used to harden mild steel but too severe to use with a higher carbon content. 5 gallons water 5 lbs salt 28oz bottle of Dawn blue dish washing detergent 8oz bottle of JetDry or other rinse aid. As the quenchant becomes exhausted the color changes from blue to yellow/green.
  19. I have never tried the anvil without the wheels so it would be hard to say , seems to be fine and it is very handy to move around although it is very top heavy always push it never pull it it may fall over . Man, its all I can do to not take a sander to it , but I will let it go for now, and spent my time making tools for the hardy hole . I need a cut off tool, other than a chisel in the vice and I need to make a tool to punch a hole for a handle some type of tapered drift pin . I have a 1 1/2 x 3 ft pin from a loader I am going to try to make fit the hardy hole but that's a lot of steel to move around we will see . I haven't tried to make a knife yet , but I will soon I have 50 RR spikes on the way, I will beat on a few of those before I make scrap out of some good steel LOL
  20. So I took the day off and played around with the forge , this is the first time to fire it up, or any forge for that matter . And I wanted to do something cool so this is my first nail header . I know the nails dident come out very well , I need to leave more steel when I cut it off to have some for a good head . So tell me what you think .
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