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    Becoming the best smith I can be.


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    I'm 17 years
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    Blacksmithing, casting metal, making things out og wood and model live steam engines
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    Still in high school

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  1. Thanks, Hans! I did get a comment on my video from someone who provides no evidence nor anything else to support his claim. I don't believe any random internet person's (rediculous) claims, unless I have good reason to believe asserted claims - for example irrefutable evidence. He said he worked in a steel mill where rebar was produced. This person claims lead is used in this process and that the rebar contains lead as well. Therefore when I forge the rebar I also expose myself to toxic lead fumes. Though to my recollection, leaded alloys (automatenstaal?) crumble when forged. Not well suited for forging. Please correct me, if I am wrong. I don't smell any fumes coming off of the rebar. I must admit, not-smelling anything does not at all mean there are no fumes! Therefore it could be, actually. And then. I don't see any blue flames/flashes from lead burning. I don't see a white residue (lead oxide or something similar) from on the rebar or anything alike near it. I also don't know why they would bother to work with lead in rebar. That doesn't mean it could actually have a use. I just don't know. I would very happily revise my vision, if anyone could confirm lead is used in rebar - if only in a particular case. Or provide evidence where and when lead is used in rebar and what functions it has. Until then the claim goes on the junk pile of similar claims. For example: Mild steel cannot be forge welded. A claim I have debunked countless times - every time I do a forge weld with mild steel, it's busted.
  2. Forging a pair of V-bit tongs. A friend of mine is directing the forging whilst I swing the sledge hammer, trying to hit my thumb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuyt26l1Xss&lc=UgzNPQAyU5z1VOSoCTx4AaABAg
  3. A video special in collaboration with the Blacksmith of the living archeological museum in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands! The museum blacksmith suggested to me to shoot a video of him replicating a roughly 125 year old "spekkendikken" tongs!
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