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  1. That is one lovely blade! I am rather jealous with how that looks, from the finish to the shape, and do not have any real criticism to offer. Excellent work!
  2. When I first started in 2014, I was in a small 1.5 bedroom apartment in NJ, but I had yard access. This meant I could forge outside, but didn't have electricity. That said, this is how I got started: Books: I was suggested to get Goddard's $50 Knife Shop, which is by far one of the most useful and frustrating books I've read on the topic. There are some good ideas for tools in there, though, so it's worth checking out. The others I grabbed were mostly grabbed due to suggestions, but they really are mixed in my opinion. Forge: Started with a modified version of Goddard's soft f
  3. I can relate to that, Thomas. It's a bear to fix someone's mistakes all the time, but at the very least I have a couple of friends who are good at it and are fellow blacksmiths that are lending a hand (with the goal of turning my shop into a prime hammer-in location). Back to the topic at hand, though: any input or commentary on the blade? Just curious if anyone has any tips so I can make the next one better.
  4. Thanks! I'll have to look into it; trying to find alternatives to wood just to learn something new.
  5. I have to ask, if you are willing to share: did you already have the handle shaped via a mold, or did you shape it from a block? Just curious as it seems everyone has a different approach.
  6. I figured some of you have done the nightmare of house repairs. Our place is only about 50 years old, but the last person that owned it was a special snowflake with wiring (we found no less than 5 arcing wires, one of which was between a leaking pipe and the gas main), which is really delaying wiring the shop.
  7. Thanks! I'm trying to get the house fixed (wife pushed for a fixer-upper), then I can turn the old garage/carriage house into a shop. . .THEN the new projects begin :-D
  8. I used to say a phrase similar to that to my old students, and still use it to this date. One thing I forgot to add: I don't have any photos of the knife being used yet. I've asked, but the newlyweds have been busy with a number of things. Hopefully I'll be able to see things soon~ish.
  9. That is beautiful. The handle looks stellar, and I do love how you pulled off the integral guard with the handle design.
  10. Thanks! I feel as though I still have a long way to go, but I was just happy to be at the forge again and making some progress!
  11. I've been silent for a while due to the moves (second move this year), but I'm easing my way back into things. Sorry for not being around, but glad to be (partially) back! Before my most recent move, an old student of mine announced she was getting married. As I knew I couldn't make it to the wedding due to conflicts (buying a house is time consuming), I offered to make her a knife that she could use as a cake knife as well as a decorative (but practical) piece afterward. Her immediate reaction was to send me this, an image of Orcrist from the Lord of the Rings movies. I haven't made
  12. Thanks for the follow up, templehound! Excellent work there!
  13. Thanks for that input, Thomas and Bud! Dogsoldat, do you remember anything else about the video? Any random details to help narrow it down?
  14. Not sure on the video either (there's tons of them), but isn't there a way to attach the knife without drilling by soaking/boiling the antler? Haven't tried it yet but I did read about it (and not sure if it's valid or not).
  15. Thanks for that input, Thomas! I'll be keeping that in mind when I get around to working on projects again (rebuilding takes time).
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